JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips by Expert – M. Umasankar, National IIT Coordinator, Sri Chaitanya
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JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips by Expert - The changes in JEE Main 2020 exam related to its conducting body and mode are the talk of the town at present. With these new changes being incorporated, the preparation strategy to follow for it must also change and who better than an expert for JEE Main preparation to explain it all? M. Umasankar, the National IIT Coordinator, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions also the Senior Faculty in Mathematics for IIT Coaching and Senior Trainer of Faculty decodes it while offering good preparation tips for JEE Main 2020. In an exclusive conversation with Careers360, Umasankar talks about the benefits for students with NTA taking over CBSE as the exam conducting body for the JEE Main. In addition to the preparation plan candidates should follow, he elaborates on the important topics and books, students must study from while explaining which attempt will be beneficial for the students to appear in. Read below to know JEE Main 2020 preparation tips by expert – M.Umasankar to be able to prepare better and perform your best in the exam.
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The authorities will declare the result of JEE Main 2020 on January 31. The provisional answer key of JEE Main 2020 January session will also be released by the authorities.

Careers360: What would you advise the students who want to start preparing for JEE Main 2020 now?
Uma Shankar: JEE Main is one of the most important mass based toughest technical exams that require a lot of hard work and a better strategy to crack the exam. Before starting JEE Main 2020 preparation, one should know every minute details regarding the exam like syllabus, pattern, number of seats, number of colleges, number of aspirants, present standards of the examination, model papers, nature of the questions etc.

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Careers360: What books should they follow now? Kindly name some books.
Uma Shankar: Below are the names of some of the important books for JEE Main





Problems in General Physics


Physics NCERT

Advanced Level Physics

Nelkon and Parke

Physics Part-I &II

Resnick and Halliday

University Physics

Sears and Zemansky

Concepts of Physics

HC Verma

Concept of Competition Physics




Hall and Knight

Modern Algebra

ML Khanna

Vector Algebra

ML Khanna


S.L.Loney part-I

Analytical Geometry


Coordinate geometry




Calculus in one variable


Statistics and Probability


Complex variables

Shanthi Nrayan


University Chemistry

Bruce H.Mahan (Addison-Wesley)

Elements of Physical Chemistry

Glasstone and

Lewies (Macmillan)

Chemistry NCERT

General Chemistry

Pauling L. Freeman (Vakils)

University Chemistry

C.N.R. Rao (Ed.) (Macmilan)

Organic Chemistry

Morrison and Boyd

Physical chemistry

kapoor volumes

Inorganic Chemistry


Careers360: What is the time table that students should follow?
Uma Shankar: It may vary from person to person, but this may be suitable to some of them

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Maths at least two hours

Physics at least two hours

Chemistry at least 2.30 Hours



At least one topic wise / Chapter wise test

At least one topic wise / Chapter wise test

At least one topic wise / Chapter wise test


Cumulative test on above covered topics as just similar to JEE Main

Cumulative test on above covered topics as just similar to JEE Main

Cumulative test on above covered topics as just similar to JEE Main

After Preparation

Expose to as many as possible number of Grand Tests In Maths, Physics and chemistry like Jee Main final test

Expose to as many as possible number of Grand Tests In Maths,Physics and chemistry like Jee Main final test

Expose to as many as possible number of Grand Tests In Maths,Physics and chemistry like Jee Main final test

Careers360: What is the best method to study according to you?
Uma Shankar: According to my point of view, in every subject and every topic ‘CONCEPTS ARE FINITE AND PROBLEMS ARE INFINITE’,

  • Make sure to get clarity and confidence in concepts. Don’t hesitate to clarify your doubts immediately with help of your lecturer when needed.
  • Identify the common strategies for solving problems and numerical. Don’t do any mistakes for solving those problems under any circumstances.
  • Prepare your own notes; it should contain your areas of weaknesses in three subjects and loopholes.
  • Make sure that at least one hour of your preparation, you have to solve nearly 15 to 20 different types of problems in that particular chapter in that particular subject.
  • Prepare ERROR book on each and every test. After solving those error questions, write a comment specifying reasons for the mistake’. Rectify them
  • Avoid mixing up different subjects.
  • After completion of every two topics try to solve as many as mixed conceptual questions in those topics. Put your concentration on solving more number of multiple and multi conceptual problems.
  • Put on a consistent effort from your part throughout the period of preparation.
  • Be sure to concentrate on all three subjects. It doesn't matter if you like a subject more or hate one. If you like a subject, be sure that it’s your strong point and try not to lose any marks there. If you hate one, be sure to concentrate your efforts there so that it doesn't turn out to be your weak spot.
  • Remember accuracy in solving question is important. A usual JEE preparing student on an average solves around 2 to 3 thousand of different conceptual oriented questions per subject on par with the standards of JEE main.
  • Last but most important forget all other distractions like Smartphone, laptop, television or a PC
  • Finally, do not ignore your health.

Careers360: Which of the topics you will suggest as important? Please mention it for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics separately.
Uma Shankar: Some of the important topics subject wise are as follows:


1) Kinematics

2) Laws of motion

3) Work power and energy

4) Rotational motion

5) Thermal properties of matter

6) Thermodynamics

7) Optics

8) Electrostatics

9) Capacitance

10) Current electricity

11) E.M.I and A.C

12) Atomic Physics


1) Ionic Equilibrium

2) Colligative Properties

3) Electro Chemistry

4) Chemical Bonding

5) p-Block elements

6) Coordination Compounds

7) General Organic Chemistry

8) Hydrocarbons

9) Phenols

10) Biomolecules

11) Chemical Equilibrium

12) Thermodynamics

13) Chemical Kinetics

14) Practical inorganic chemistry


1) Binomial Theorem

2) Matrices, Determinants and Linear Equations

3) Quadratic Equations

4) Sequences and series

5) Sets and relations

6) Circles

7) Conic Sections

8) Three Dimensional Geometry

9) Limits, Continuity and Differentiability

10) Maxima, Minima, Monotonicity and Mean Value Theorems

11) Indefinite, Definite integrations

12) Areas, Differential Equations

13) Trigonometric Equations

14) Heights and Distances

15) P&C or Probability

Careers360: If students rely on coaching material, where do you extract that from? Which books are used for the purpose
Uma Shankar: Every coaching institute have their own academic programme. Identify which institute is the best among them based on their previous results. Most of the coaching institutes are providing correspondence coaching. Enroll in any one of them and try to write their mock tests and solve their rank sure materials for getting confidence and additional practice. Soon Sri Chaitanya which is Asia’s largest Educational Institutions is going to provide online examinations to other institutional students. The above-listed books mentioned under question number 2 are all useful.

Careers360: How do you think preparation should differ for online exam being conducted twice? What strategy should students follow for preparation?
Uma Shankar: As, Ministry of Human Resource Development, MHRD had announced on July 7 that National Testing Agency, NTA would be conducting the JEE Main examination in online mode from 2019 onwards in January and April. Now, let’s see how this decision will benefit the students.

Benefits for Students

1) The exam will be conducted as a computer based test twice a year giving an adequate opportunity to the candidates to bring out their best as they will be able to use the best score from the multiple attempts during the counselling process.

2) The twice a year model for the entrance examinations would help students to pace their studies and most importantly give them an additional opportunity to appear without wasting their year.

3) The candidates will also have the option of going to the computer centres from August end to practice for the computer-based exam. NTA is an autonomous body so transparency regarding the examinations is going to improve adequately.

4) Candidates can write either one or both the examinations. Also, candidates have an option of choosing the date of the examination from the given set dates.

In this situation, students have to take wise decision. As far as my experience is concerned better concentrate more on January test only. The reason is simple, for January test you will get nearly 5 months of solid time for preparation, whereas for April you won’t get that much of continuous time. Because from January last week to March third week everybody will be busy with board exams and practicals. And after board exams hardly one can get maximum 15 to 20 days of time only depends upon their slots.

So keeping board exams in mind, first let us start your preparation for January test only. For this

Schedule for preparation





Weekend Test

Cumulative Test



Mechanics including properties of matter

Physical Chemistry

Topic wise weekend exam

Total syllabus of August month


Vectors and 3D & Trigonometry

Heat and Thermodynamics, Oscillations and Waves

Organic Chemistry – Part -1

Topic wise weekend exam

Total syllabus of September month


Coordinate Geometry


Organic Chemistry – Part -2

Topic wise weekend exam

Total syllabus of October month


Differential Calculus

Modern Physics

Inorganic Chemistry

Topic wise weekend exam

Total syllabus of November month

December 20, 2019

Integral Calculus


Exclusive Topics for Main only

Topic wise weekend exam

Total syllabus of December month

December 20 to January 5, 2020

Daily full test on entire syllabus

Daily full test on entire syllabus

Daily full test on entire syllabus

Daily full test on entire syllabus

Daily full test on entire syllabus

Even after board examinations in March, prepare schedule like the above for April JEE Main exam.

With this, I would like to wish good luck to all JEE Main 2020 candidates.

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I got 75percent in jee mains January 2020 under BC category will i apply for jee advance?

AYAN MULLA 29th Feb, 2020

since it is very difficult to predict the exact rank but we do have a backup> we have a formula to calculate the expected rank that is (100 – Total percentile) x 869010/100.So according to formula your expected rank for present percentile for January session comes out to be 217252 . Now the expected rank might change depending on the no of candidates appearing the april session. For ex if 12 lakh candidate appear the april session then just replace 869010 by 12 lakhs. But if you score above 85 percentile then you have a very decent chance of qualifying jee mains.
Well since the cutoffs are yet to be decided let us analyse using previous year cutoff
Other Backward Classes (OBC-NCL)  74.3166557
It seems you are very close to the OBC cutoff you have a minor chances of qualifying JEE mains.

But if you are curious to know that which college you might land into with your percentile then you can use the college predictor link which has following features;

JEE Main 2020 College Predictor

Know your college admission chances based on your JEE Main Percentile, Home State, Caste, Gender, etc

Including premium institutes like NITs, IIITs and CFTIs, many States/ Institutes accept admissions through JEE Main. Know your chances in states like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi

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Can English, Hindi, and PCM be taken for top 20 percentile criteria fulfilling in JEE Mains?

Manisha 29th Feb, 2020

Hello aspirant

No, you can not take two languages for top 20% criteria .  English is mandatory.

Your main  percentage will be decided by one language subject that is English and other  four subjects in which you get high scores.And remaining subjects become additional whose marks will not be added to your main percentages.

The subject you would score lowest will automatically be excluded.


Can I get admission in CS branch with 45000 rank in JEE Mains?

Rahul ke 29th Feb, 2020
Dear Aspirant, you can't get Computer Science (CS) in NIT with a rank of 45,000.
Low NIT's like NIT Srinagar and Nagaland also don't have that much lower cutoff.
For Example-you should have atleast Rank of around 20 to 25 thousand for getting Computer Science branch in NIT Srinagar.
For NIT Nagaland you should have at least rank of around 35 thousand for getting Computer Science, but for that also you have to wait for the last rounds.
But you can get a CS in some private colleges with this rank,but their Quality of Education and Labs of CS department are not that much good.
So my suggestion to you is to try for JEE MAINS April and make rank as much good rank as possible and after that search for the colleges.

Im in WB board class 12. I have English, Bengali PCM and Computer Science as extra subject. as per boards rules final marks are calculated of best 5 among these 6 subjects. And I am very less prepared in CS. But will score 85% in total in rest subjects.Which subjects will be taken for Jee 75% rule?

Aditi Amrendra Student Expert 29th Feb, 2020

The six subjected that are taken into consideration as best five for calculation of 75% for JEE mains and advance are :

One Language Paper (English)
And any other subject different from above given

I hope this helps.

I am OBC NCL GIRL PWD candidate and I have scored 80 percentile in jee Mains 2020 Jan. attempt . Can i get good branch in any of the Top NITs?

Manisha 29th Feb, 2020

Hello aspirant

Generally 80 percentile is not good enough to get admission in top NITs. But as you from OBC NCL PWD and a girl  so you have a chance for NIT.

Expected cut off are as follows

Category                            cut off.

General                                89.548849

gen ews                                78.2174869

obc                                         74.3166557

sc                                             54.0128155

st                                              44.3345172

PWD                                         0.11371730

seeing to this list you will be eligible for top NITs

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