How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018?

How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018?How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018 - The pen & paper based JEE Main 2018 exam will be held on April 8. Considering that the exam is a few months away, the burning question in every aspirant's mind is - “How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018” While it is a known fact that JEE Main 2018 exam is the pathway to study at the best engineering institutes namely the NITs, IIITs and GFTIs and is also the first step towards admissions to the IITs. Therefore, a certain amount of stress is associated with the entrance examination of JEE Main. Thus the crucial question of how to prepare for JEE Main assumes paramount importance. It is also a fact that most students appear for their class XII board exams a month prior to the JEE Main exam leaving them with little time to prepare for both. It is therefore vital that the strategy for how to crack JEE should be well planned. Careers360 has brought forth this article on how to Prepare for JEE Main 2018 to provide you with various tips and methods based on expert and topper opinion through which you can crack JEE Main 2018. Read the full article to know how to prepare for JEE Main 2018

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10 tips on How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018


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JEE Main examination is conducted annually by CBSE to provide B.Tech admissions into the NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs. Those candidates who are under the top 2 lakh JEE Main qualifiers will be able to attempt JEE Advanced examination which offers admissions into IITs. Therefore, it is a much coveted and important examination for those students who wish to pursue engineering in the future. Let us now looks the top ten preparation tips on JEE Main 2018.


1. Know your Syllabus Well: Before starting on the process on how to prepare for JEE Main, there is one important step to be completed. Check on the full syllabus of JEE Main 2018 before laying out your schedule for the upcoming studies. Through a full check on the syllabus, you will be able to know which units and topics are to be studied under each subject of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for the entrance examination. A proper schedule can be created after going through the official syllabus released by the authorities of CBSE.


2. Work on a Time Table: After carefully checking the syllabus of JEE Main 2018, work towards creating a perfect timetable which will fit your schedule while leaving enough time to prepare for JEE Main within the days left. Division of subjects can be done in such a manner that it does not feel monotonous. Specific number of hours can be divided between the three subjects so that you do not feel bored studying the repeated subject for a long period of time. Make sure to add short and sweet breaks in between for some relaxation.


3. Make your Basic Concepts Strong: An essential part of how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 is to be conceptually strong. The reason is sometimes you can work out the answer just because you know the concepts behind it. While it is essential to study the topics mentioned in the official JEE Main syllabus, it is also advisable to study the basic concepts well first. By knowing the basic concepts of the units involved in the examination, you will be able to understand each topic well and in depth. This will result in a greater understanding of the topics and will make it simpler for you to study complicated concepts present in the syllabus. Your preparation for JEE Main and Advanced will be richer and stronger with this.


4. Improve your Weak Points: Stressed over some topics or formulas which you just cannot seem to understand? Give more time and focus on these topics to improve it. Keep small notes and constantly revise those concepts which have been hard to understand. By constantly studying the topics you find difficult, you will be able to be well prepared for them for the upcoming examination.


5. Write Notes and Prepare Flash Cards: A very good habit of most toppers in their JEE Main preparation strategy is the use of short notes for instant revision. This is one important tip prescribed to crack JEE Main 2018. Keeping notes greatly helps during the preparation process. Notes written in small diaries are highly accessible and you will be able to study from them anywhere anytime. By writing down those complicated theories, formula and revising them, you will be able to remember and understand them more efficiently. Similarly, create flashcards to help you with quick studies and revision.


6. Attempt Mock Test and Solve Sample Papers: Attempting mock tests and solving sample papers is perhaps the most popular strategy to prepare for any examination, and it is rightly so. CBSE has announced the JEE Main 2018 mock test on December 13, 2017. Candidates can now use mock test to prepare for the exam as it will give them an almost real experience of how the examination will be. By solving mock tests, you will be able to work on time management while at the same time understanding the question paper pattern. Similarly, sample papers will let you practically apply all of the topics you have been studying till now. Preparation using mock test and sample papers will let you know how much syllabus you have covered and where you will need to work to improve. Another point to keep in mind while honing your strategy on how to prepare for JEE Main is the use of previous years question papers to check the questions asked in the past years.


7. Revision: While studying it is important to revise those topics which has already been studied. It is advised that each day, a certain amount of time should be divided for revision purposes. By revising the previously studied topics, you will be able to keep afresh everything that has been studied till now. Revision is very important as the syllabus is quite vast and all topics have similar importance level which has to be remembered and known by you.


8. Make Sure to Take Breaks: Between the stressful studies, it is important to take short breaks to refresh the mind. Watch a short movie or go for a walk to relieve your stress. Reading books or listening to music will also help you calm and prepare yourself for the next period of studies. By taking small breaks in between, you will be able to retain what you have studied and be afresh for the studies after the break.


9. Check out Proper Books for Preparation: During the preparation period, you need to make sure that the proper books are being referred and studied from. Usually, NCERT books are considered the best for JEE Main preparation as they build your concepts. However, along with NCERT books, there are many other books too which will certainly boost your preparation process. The table below provides some of the various books to aid your JEE Main 2018 preparation.


Important Books for JEE Main 2018






  • Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma

  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker



  • Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur

  • Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis

  • Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee

  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd



  • Maths XI & XII by NCERT

  • Trigonometry by S. L. Loney

  • Co-ordinate Geometry by S. L. Loney

  • Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight

  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron

10. But most importantly, BE DETERMINED: One thing to keep in mind is that all of these tips and preparation methods will not work if you do not have a determined mindset. If you fail to show dedication towards your studies, then good results will be hard to come. While preparing for JEE Main 2018, which is a national level examination, you will have to make sure that you are fully dedicated and passionate to produce good scores and results. While being determined is fine, it is also equally important to keep yourself motivated to remain so. Believe in yourself, and dont listen or compare yourself or your JEE Main preparation strategy with anyone else.


Another important thing to remember during the preparation process for JEE Main 2018 is to be healthy. Do not give up on your sleep! Eat healthy and stay fit. A healthy mind will work more while studying and will produce better results. Hopefully this article on How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018 will give you the extra push required for the upcoming engineering entrance examination. All the best!

First Published On : 30 Aug 2017 03:13 PM IST

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12th I got 48%and 56 in JEE mains and mh.cet can I get engineering college

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Gujrati engineearing any collges

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I had done 12th from delhi & got 91539 CRL & 3437 SC rank in jee mains but got SC certificate from other state.Can anyone explain what to do

I want to take CSE, so please if someone can tell for sure that whether i can get it from either through JAC of JoSAA. Or if i should look anywhere else. Thanks in advance.

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I have got 10cgpa in 10th.88%in 12 th.13000 rank in comedk &15000 in wbjee&52000 in jee main.i want cse branch.which good college can i get

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Hi Shreya.The college that you can get for CSE actually depends on your category also. So, as I don't know that, i'll tell your chances of being a General category the case of COMEDK, your ...Read More

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I am from open cat and my mhtcet merit no is 60624, can i get college in pune for it and cs? for which cap round i will be choosen?

my university merit no is 14628,state defence merit no 982,all india merit ni is 15802in jee mains

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Hi,Based on your MHT CET score you are eligible for follwing list of colleges: CET College predictor:https:/...Read More

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I have secured 86/200 in NATA - 44 in Aptitude & Maths and 42 in Drawing and also appeared for JEE PAPER 2 and secured 188/390

140 in aptitude and 48 in Drawing, please suggest me whether i will get good colleges or not

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Yeah surely u will get good college
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