How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 Months?

How to Prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 MonthsHow to Prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 Months - If you don’t want to pull your hairs out in last few days leading up to JEE Main 2018, because there is so much to study and so little time, you must start your preparation without any more delay. Also, when you are preparing for JEE Main 2018, factor in the fact that every year more than 12 lakh candidates appear in the national-level exam. Such vast numbers make it imperative you don’t go about your JEE Main prepartion in a listless manner, but keep the intensity going for the entire duration of your preparation; after all you wouldn’t like to play catch-up to other contenders. Now if you add the right dose of smart preparation strategy to this thriving intensity, what you have is a winning formula. In this article we have listed some key preparation strategies so that you know how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 months or less.

Latest - JEE Main application form 2018 available. CBSE has also announced JEE Main 2018 mock test on December 13, 2017


Why JEE Main is such a crucial exam?

JEE Main Pathfinder
Know your admission chances through JEE Main

JEE Main is the gateway to top institutes like NITs, IIITs and CFTIs, with admission being done on the basis of AIR of the candidate in the entrance exam. Even if you want to take admission in an IIT, you have to first clear JEE Main 2018. That is not all as JEE Main scores are used by many other institutes for admitting students to undergraduate engineering courses. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the offline mode of JEE Main 2018 on April 8 and online mode on April 15 and 16.


How to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 months?

The tips on how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 months listed below are brought to you by Careers360, and contain preparation tips from experts and success mantras of toppers, to go with our own research. Consequently, it is a complete package designed with the sole intention of helping students going into this crucial phase of JEE Main preparation deal with everything the exam throws at them confidently.


Pick study material wisely

A common misconception among many aspirants is that preparing from a number of different books is mandatory for getting good marks. However it is far from the truth as it will only create confusion; for example one particular book may deal with a topic in a certain way, while another book will have some other way of explaining the same topic. This may create unnecessary confusion; in fact, the more the number of books, more can be the confusion. So it is better to have one main book, and a supplementary book ot two.


And when selecting books, check they cover the entire JEE Main Syllabus and are as per JEE Main exam pattern. If you need an expert suggestion, Dr. Ravi Prakash- Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Delhi University, has this to says, “Complete Mathematics by McGraw Hill Education Pvt Ltd., Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney and 103 Trigonometry Problems by Titu Andreescu & Zuming Feng are some of the good books that JEE aspirants can refer”.


Stick to a Timetable

There is less than 6 months to prepare for JEE Main 2018, sufficient time to excel, provided you are sincere and press all the right buttons. One advantage of having a time table is you will be able to identify your weak and strong areas and allot preparation time accordingly. The time table, in addition, should leave speace for solving sample papers and previous years’ question papers, and taking mock tests. Generally, mock tests are taken one or two months before the exam, but you can make it a part of your preparation early on if you think you can handle it with other stuff.


Mohan Abhyas Vabili, AIR 6 in JEE Main 2017, shedding insights on his preparation time table, says, “Since my 11th/intermediate started, I have been studying 8-12 hours a day.” Then you have Vasu Jain (AIR – 2), who has another take on his preparation strategy, “I have never studied for long hours, but personally believed in limited and focused preparation instead of a broad based and extensive coursework.”


One inference that can be drawn from the two strategeies is it is not always a good idea to follow “what's good for the goose is good for the gander” philosophy. It is because we all are made differently and our uptake capacities are also different. What is needed is to find the right balance that suites your style and capabilities.


Work on the concepts

Our tips on how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 months also makes a distinction between topics that carries more weightage and those that are less important. So, you will have to identify the important topics and pay special attention to them.


According to Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari, Director- Career Point, here are some topics that are important:


Physics: Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work Energy Power, Conservation Laws, Rotation Motion, Electrostatics, EMI, Heat and Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics and Radio Activity, Semiconductor

Chemistry: Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, GOC, P Block Elements

Mathematics: Conic Section, P&C, Probability, Quadratic Equation, Definite Integration, Differential Equation, Vector and 3D, Complex Number

Quick Tips for JEE Main Preparation

  • Prepare a list of important formulae in each chapter

  • Note the tips for quick solution of problems

  • Make daily/weekly targets and write them down

  • Revise the syllabus as per study plan

  • Make timetable and distribute time & strive to achieve that

  • Solve previous year questions as per time frame guidelines of actual exam

  • Have proper sleep and proper diet

Manage Time Smartly

Performing well in the entrance exam depends largely on strategizing the flow and proper time management. Decide in advance how much time you are going to dedicate to each subject, based on your strong and weak points. With proper time management, you will be able to complete the syllabus in time and have enough time for taking mock tests and solving problem sets.


Dr. NK Bajaj, who has taught at Delhi University and University of Maryland, USA, opines, “It’s the management of time that can make a considerable difference. With some effort and sincerity, time can be managed well by JEE aspirants”.


Solve Sample Paper and Take Mock Tests

To suceed in an entrance exam like JEE Main, solving sample papers is a must. It is because, by solving JEE Main 2018 sample papers, you will be able to accurately gauge your exam readiness. Also, it is by solving sample papers that you can access how much of what you have read, you are able to retain. Also, when you are solving a problem and get stuck, don’t get frustrated but thank your lucky stars that it happened now, and not on exam day. Go back, identify the problem and try again. With sustained practice and a never-day-attitude you can tame all devils!


Dr. N.K Bajaj, who has authored two books on JEE Preparation, says, “Solving mock tests is very important to be habitual on the day of exam. It will prevent panic situations and will give you confidence as well.”


Setting a time limit while solving sample papers will improve your speed; understanding time management during preparation will benefit you during the actual JEE Main.


As for mock tests, you can take them to get used to the touch and feel of the exam. Being simulations of the real thing, mock tests will make you stronger mentally and give you confidence to get out of tricky situations. Remember, an exam like JEE Main, despite your best efforts, may contain one or two questions that may be beyond your sphere of knowledge. Mock tests will teach you how to deal with such situations and more.


Keep Calm and Stay Fit

Keeping your mind at peace and body fit is essential for an efficient brain. Toppers suggest that going for a small walk or doing a little exercise will keep your body fit. You must also closely watch your eating habits, as falling sick so close to the exam isn’t exactly a recipe for success. Taking food with high fiber content can increase your metabolism and can help you stay fit.


Being familiar with these tips on how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 months on your fingertips, may help you take your preparation to the level that is needed to get good results.


Best of luck.


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First Published On : 04 Nov 2017 04:51 PM IST

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