AP EAMCET Syllabus 2018

AP EAMCET SyllabusAP EAMCET Syllabus 2018 – Candidates planning to appear in the entrance exam conducted by JNTU Kakinada must follow the AP EAMCET 2018 syllabus to prepare for the exam. It is because AP EAMCET syllabus 2018 contain subject-wise topics from which questions will be set for the entrance exam. It is highly unlikely that questions will be asked outside the official syllabus of AP EAMCET 2018 released by the conducting institute. The AP EAMCET 2018 syllabus will cover all three subjects included in the exam - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidates must note that as per the AP EAMCET exam pattern 2018, Mathematics will carry the maximum weightage, equivalent to the combined weightage of Physics and Chemistry. So, along with the AP EAMCET syllabus 2018, the candidate must also consider the exam pattern, when preparing a preparation plan for AP EAMCET. The application form of AP EAMCET was available from February 28, 2018 and had to be filled in online mode. Read the full article for more information about AP EAMCET Syllabus 2018.


AP EAMCET 2018 Syllabus

The syllabus of AP EAMCET 2018 has been provided separately for each of the three subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in the tables below. It is important that the candidate not only goes through the AP EAMCET syllabus 2018 but come up with an actionable plan to tackle all the topics.

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AP EAMCET 2018 Syllabus of Mathematics






Functions, Mathematical Induction, Matrices, Complex Numbers, De Moivre’s Theorem, Quadratic Expressions, Theory of Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem


Trigonometric Ratios upto Transformations, Trigonometric Equations, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Hyperbolic Functions, Properties of Triangles

Vector Algebra

Addition of Vectors, Product of Vectors

Measures Of Dispersion And Probability

Measures of Dispersion, Probability, Random Variables and Probability Distributions


Coordinate Geometry

Locus, Transformation of Axes, The Straight Line, Pair of Straight lines, Circle, System of Circles, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperboa,

Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios, Plane


Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives, Integration, Definite Integral, Differential equations,

 AP EAMCET 2018 Syllabus of Physics




Units And Measurements, Motion in a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, and Power, System of Particles and Rotational Motion, Oscillations, Gravitation, Mechanical Properties of Solids, Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Thermal Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Waves,

Ray optics and Optical Instruments, Wave Optics, Electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance, Current Electricity, Moving Charges and Magnetism, Magnetism and Matter, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Dual Nature and Radiation of Radiation and Matter, Atoms, Nuclei, Semiconductor Electronics, Communication Systems,

AP EAMCET 2018 Syllabus of Chemistry




Atomic Structure, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, States of Matter – Gases and Liquids, Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Acids-Bases, Hydrogen abd Its compounds, The s – Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals), p -Block Elements Group 13 ( Boron Family), p-Block Elements – Group 14 (Carbon Familiy), Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques and Hydrocarbons, Solid State, Solutions, Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, General Principles of Metallugry, p-Block Elements, d and f Block Elements & Coordination Compounds, Polymers, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Haloalkanes, Organic Compounds Containing C, H and O( Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers, Aldehyde, Ketones and Carboxylic acids), Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen,

AP EAMCET Exam Pattern 2018


The exam pattern of AP EAMCET 2018 contains details like the total and subject-wise number of questions asked, types of questions asked, the exam duration and the language of the exam. With the AP EAMCET 2018 exam pattern in front of them, candidates would have a clear goal in mind and can develop a plan around it.


As per the AP EAMCET 2018 exam pattern:

  • AP EAMCET 2018 was conducted in both English and Telugu from April 22 to 25.

  • There were three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

  • 40 questions were asked each of Physics and Chemistry, while Mathematics included 80 questions

  • Each question carried 1 mark, and there was no negative marking.

  • Total test time was 3 hours

  • Objective MCQs were asked


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Laddagirinagamuni BhavithaLast Seen: 1 day 5 hours agoJoined on: 02-Aug-2015Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

I wrote my AP EAMCET exam in 2015. I dont know the registration details other than my DOB, mobile number and email-id. let me know my rank

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Madhurika Dhoot 23 hours ago

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To know your rank., We should know your unique Id. That is essential.

Pravallika 16 days ago

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Is AP eamcet 2018 consider d for filling students in bhms or bams course

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Manisha Gupta 16 days ago

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BHMS & BAMS programme & other Ayush programme admission will be through NEET Entrance Exam only. There is no any state level entrance Exam now for medical programme.

Good Luck!


Satish 16 days ago

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Will the ap eamcet conducted in 2019 ? Please tell anyone ?

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Manisha Gupta 16 days ago

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AP EAMCET Entrance Exam will be conducted in 2019 as per the official, You can stay tuned with the official website to get the updated information.

Good Luck!


Preethi rani 17 days ago

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Sir I got 7746 rank in AP eamcet....is there any chance of getting b pharma seats under oc category???can u tell me dates for 2nd counseling

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Keshav Sahani 14 days ago

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You may not be able to get the B.Pharma seats but you can still try with the second. Dates will be there on the official site.


Keshav Sahani

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Sir I got 6000rank in AP eamcet 2018 bipc.can I get bpharmacy in sv university tirupathi in 2 nd counsling of bpharmacy

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K Sravani 25 days ago

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There are chances as per the previous year scenario. Do try attending the 2nd counselling for sure. 

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