JEE Main 2017 Topper Interview - Chirag Jindal (AIR 34) “Speed, accuracy and confidence are crucial”

Chirag-JindalSomeone truly said, where there is a will, there is a way. This saying has come true in case of Chirag Jindal, the Hisar boy who clinched All India Rank 34 in JEE Main 2017. His success in the national level engineering entrance examination is a result of hard work, being true to yourself, passion for the subjects and perseverance. On the day of the exam it was speed and accuracy which he had put to use to crack JEE Main 2017 with good score. In a conversation with Careers360, Chirag shares what does it take to crack JEE Main. With 330 marks in the engineering entrance test, he also shares about all the factors  that contributed in his success.

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Excerpts from the interview:


Careers360: Congratulations for your outstanding performance in JEE Main 2017! What was your reaction upon knowing your rank?

CJ: Thank you. I was happy with my performance and rank, however, I had expected a better rank.


Careers360: Tell us something about yourself. Which board have you studied under? Which school have you studied in?

CJ: I have studied under CBSE Board at Campus School in Hisar, Haryana.


Careers360: What is your score in JEE Main 2017? What is your All India Rank?

CJ: I have scored 330 in JEE Main 2017 and my All India Rank is 34.


Careers360: Did you appear for the offline JEE Main 2017 exam or the online one? What is the reason behind this choice of yours?

CJ: I appeared in the offline mode, as I had to also appear in JEE Advanced 2017. This was my reason to take the offline test.


Careers360: Why do you want to study engineering? When did you decide to study engineering? Which branch would you be interested in? Any reason?

CJ: My interest in Mathematics drove me in this direction. Also, as my elder brother had taken JEE Main and most of my friends also were inclined towards Engineering, I also thought to make my career in Engineering only.


Careers360: When did you start your JEE Main preparation? Tell us something about your preparation strategy and daily routine for JEE Main?

CJ: I started preparing for JEE Main as I entered 11th standard. There was no particular strategy for preparation. I just studied hard for 2 years in 11th and 12th. I would study 6-7 hours a day and I feel that maintaining that consistency daily is the biggest contributor of my success.


My plan was to complete all books thoroughly which I had with me and to work on speed and accuracy. And I worked hard in these areas.


Careers360: Was there a difference in the preparation strategy in the last months of JEE Main considering that the board exams also are during this period? How did you manage preparation for both?

CJ: Though there was no major change in preparation strategy, however, in the last 2 months, I devoted the 1st month completely to JEE Main 2017, while the last month I kept only for my class 12th Boards.


Careers360: Did you take coaching for JEE Main and if yes from where? What are the benefits of coaching according to you?

CJ: Yes, I took coaching from Aakash. Coaching helps in discussing and understanding the concepts fundamentally, which you are not able to do on your own. This helps you further in maintaining not-giving-up spirit. I think the faculty at coaching keep on motivating you and you stay upbeat, whenever you loose hope or feel demotivated. Coaching also helps us in understanding what to study from the syllabus and what is not important. Coaching also helps us in building confidence. 


Careers360: How extensively did you practise Mock tests and sample papers? Do you think practising from the previous year papers help and how?

CJ: I only took mock tests and sample papers provided by my coaching institutes and I think mock test/sample papers are quite important to crush your fear of the actual paper. Sample papers and mock tests help you get a grip on the nature of the actual questions and the question paper.


Careers360: What were the factors which contributed the most in your success in JEE Main 2017?

CJ:  I would say hard work, honesty and the support I received from my teachers, coaching faculty and parents all are important components of my success.


Careers360: Are there any special books that you feel have helped with your JEE Main preparation? Are the school text books adequate for preparing for JEE Main and Class XII?

CJ: Physics book by HC Verma, Chemistry by VK Jaiswal and MH Chauhan and Mathematics book by Tata McGraw Hill are some of the must reads. These books are very important for JEE. 


Careers360: Did you face any problem during the JEE Main examination?  Which subject was the easiest and which was the toughest in JEE Main? What do you think is a tough thing to manage during the JEE Main exam?

CJ: As I had taken a lot of mock tests and previous years questions papers, I didn’t find any challenge in the actual exam. I knew al the problems related to questions which could come in the paper.


Mathematics was a little lengthy (but not tough), and Chemistry was the easiest.


I feel managing time effectively is the biggest challenge in the exam. If we are able to finish our paper within the limited time given, then there is no greater joy than this. 


Careers360: Who are the biggest inspiration for you and why?

CJ: For me, my teachers, parents and coaching faculty are the biggest sources of inspiration. 


Careers360: How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation? What are your hobbies? How often could you pursue them?

CJ: Sometimes after long hours of study I would watch TV only. Though I love playing Football and Cricket, I never pursued them in 11th or 12th.


Careers360: JEE Advanced 2017 is just round the corner. How differently are you preparing for it?

CJ: The only message I would like to give to the future aspirants of JEE Main 2017 is that always trust your teachers and believe in yourself. Never let demotivation bog you down.   


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First Published On : 15 May 2017 04:48 PM IST

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