How to Prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously!

How to Prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board ExamsHow to Prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously: With the exam season coming closer, many students are on the edge regarding their future prospects and education. Engineering is one domain where many students wish to study, however, JEE Main, which is the major engineering exam, is deemed as tough and a shell that is hard to crack. In addition to preparing for the JEE Main, the students have to study for their 12th standard board exams. The stress of qualifying both examinations does have an effect on the preparation method of the students which may not result into the expected results that they wished for. If you are also stressed out about giving both JEE Main and Class 12th Board examination together, then you can be rest assured. Just remember the quote “Where there is will, there is a way”. The preparation tips for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams are given in this article for making your study process a bit easier and structured so that you can achieve your expected results. Have a look at how to prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th board exams simultaneously in the article below.

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What is the Difference Between JEE Main and Class 12th Board Examination Pattern?


The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main and Class 12th Board Examination are both held by the same conducting authority, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The importance of both prestigious examinations in the life of an aspiring engineering is great, however, both exams fall only a month apart which makes the process much more difficult. Let us look at what the major difference is between the exam pattern of both the examinations to know how the preparation should go about.


Difference between JEE Main and 12th Board Examination



JEE Main

12th Board Examination


Type of Questions





11th and 12th standard syllabus

Only 12th standard syllabus


Difficulty Level

Very Difficult. Meant for removing the average students from the admission process

Moderate. Average students are also given a chance to score more.


Negative Marking 

Yes. 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer

No negative marking

How to Prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously!

Both JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams are slowing approaching and bringing stress and worries to all applicants in the nation and the question revolving on everyone’s mind is how to prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th board exams simultaneously. With the correct preparation strategy, you can achieve the results that you want in both the examinations. However, dedication and hard work is the key word during this preparation time. If you fail to bring both these aspects in your studies then it will be hard for you to score well in the examinations. Keeping this in mind, let us look at a few know-hows to help prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams together.


Tip 1 – Know Your Syllabus


Before sitting down for studies, it is absolutely essential that you know what topics you have to cover for the examination. Board exams covers only 12th standard syllabus whereas JEE Main 2017 covers both 11th and 12th standard syllabus. Therefore, you should know what topics and subjects are likely to appear for the examinations. Knowing your syllabus in detail will help in the later stages, as you will be informed about the main content of the examination. NCERT books are known for being the best while preparing for JEE Main and 12th board exams. After gaining the knowledge of your upcoming examination syllabus, the next step is to divide it accordingly.


Tip 2 – Create a Timetable


Making a timetable is perhaps the best way for maintaining your study routine. Divide your syllabus and allot specific timings per day for a subject. It is best advised to divide the timings in such a way that at least some topics of each subject are covered per day. This helps in breaking the monotony of studying the same subject and will also let you complete some part of each subject per day. Since JEE Main also consists of 11th standard syllabus, make some time in the evening or morning for the topics related to 11th standard. Timetables will help you stay on track to complete the syllabus.


Tip 3 – Develop Daily Targets


Ensure that you complete some amount of syllabus every day. Developing some kind of daily target is a good way of knowing when you will be able to complete all of your syllabus. Make your daily targets in such a way that the entire syllabus will be completed well before time so that enough days are left for revision. The main focus should be on completing 12th standard syllabus for the board examinations. You can complete the 11th standard syllabus well before time or after the board exams is conducted. However, it is advised that some part of the syllabus is completed in the daily targets along with the 12th standard syllabus.


Tip 4 – Revise 11th Standard Syllabus with 12th Standard


While preparing for JEE Main and 12th board exams, ensure that you give time for the 11th standard syllabus too. A few hours per day for the chapters related to the 11th standard should be enough. However, aim to complete the syllabus too. There will be some time left after the boards are conducted which can be used to completely revise 11th standard chapters. Constant revision will be needed for 12th standard syllabus.


Tip 5 – Dedicate Yourself


The most important preparation tip for studying both JEE Main and 12th board exams is dedication. If you do not show any dedication towards your preparation, then good results will be hard to come. Nothing comes easy and everything is a result of hard work and pure dedication. This preparation is much more harder as you will be sitting for two prestigious examinations within a close range. While studying, you will have to dedicate yourselves to the preparation and this will result in good scores later on when your examinations are concluded.


Tip 6 – Sample Papers, Question Bank and Mock Test


Along with studying the syllabus, practical studying is also a good option while preparing for JEE Main and 12th board exams. Sample papers and questions banks will help you know how the exam pattern will be. Types of questions, the division of marks and syllabus will be known through sample papers. It is advised that some sample papers should be solved each day. Solving sample papers will let you know the areas where the mistakes are being made and rectification can be done so that it does not repeat in the final examination. Similarly, the mock test can also be solved for the same purpose. However, the mock test will also help you in time management. It is essential that both the examination is time based and solving mock test every day will allow you to know how to divide your allotted time between sections and solve them.


Tip 7 – Practice MCQ Questions


Multiple Choice Questions will be present in the JEE Main examination. Solving MCQ’s per day will allow you revise constantly will also providing a base for the extensive descriptive answers of class 12th board examinations. Keep solving a few MCQ questions every day for better preparation.


Tip 8 – Make Notes


While studying, you will come across many terms and concepts which might be unfamiliar or hard to grasp. Writing these terms and concepts in a small notebook along with their explanation will make it easier for you to go back and revise it. Flash cards can also be created for quick revision anytime and anywhere.


Tip 9 – Stress Busters


While dedication and hard work is needed for preparation, a little bit of enjoyment will also not do much harm to you. These are called stress busters. Watching a short movie in between studies or taking a walk or listening to music and more will help you calm your mind and refresh you. Studying after a small break filled with something you enjoy will help you retain what you have studied more and help you complete your target within the allotted time.


Hopefully, this "How to Prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously" will help you to achieve the results that you wanted. Remember to be healthy and well fed. Sleep is also very important while studying. An unhealthy body will automatically lead to less retention and the brain will stop understanding what you are studying. Dedicate yourself to your studies and both the JEE Main exam and Class 12th board exams will be an easy walk towards success for you.


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