JEE Advanced 2017 Topper Interview - Rachit Bansal (AIR 9) “Conceptual understanding is essential to crack the exam”

Rachit-BansalRachit Bansal, is on the path to fulfill his dream to study computer science, after he successfully cracked JEE Advanced 2017 with an All India Rank of 9. Having decided to crack the exam when he was in class 9, his intense preparation for the past two years has paid off. A student of Bhupindra International Public School, Patiala, Rachit credits his family and teachers for being his pillars of strength. His preparation mantras include conceptual clarity in the subjects, proper practice with mock tests and an analysis of the question papers of JEE Advanced from previous years. An avid football player, Rachit maintains that while intense preparation does help, it is also vital to take time off to de-stress. Here, he talks to Careers360 about his preparation, inspiration and shares vital tips for budding engineers likely to attempt JEE Advanced in the coming years.

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Careers360: Congratulations for your outstanding performance in JEE Advanced 2017! What was your reaction upon knowing your rank?

Rachit Bansal: I was very happy to know my result. I celebrated my success with my family and teachers.


Careers360:Tell us something about yourself. Which board have you studied under? Which school have you studied in?

Rachit Bansal: I studied in Bhupindra International Public School, Patiala and my board was CBSE.


Careers360: What is your score in JEE Advanced 2017? What is your all India rank and category rank? What are the marks that you scored in each subject?

Rachit Bansal: My JEE Advanced score was 327 and my All India Rank in JEE Advanced 2017 is 9. The marks scored by me in the subjects of JEE Advanced are given below:

  • Mathematics -119

  • Physics-105

  • Chemistry -103

Careers360: Why do you want to study engineering? When did you decide to study engineering? Which branch would you be interested in? Any reason?

Rachit Bansal: I was always interested in Physics and had made up my mind to pursue engineering in Class 9.  I would like to take up computer science. I am inspired by my brother who has pursued computer science at BITS, Pilani.


Careers360: When did you start your JEE Advanced preparation? Tell us something about your preparation strategy and daily routine for JEE Advanced?

Rachit Bansal: I started preparing for the JEE exam when I was in my class 11. After attending my school and coaching classes, I used to devote six to seven hours for self-study.


Careers360: How was the preparation for JEE Advanced different from JEE Main?

Rachit Bansal:  From the very beginning I was focussing on JEE Advanced. While studying for JEE Advanced, I used to also study for JEE Main.  My complete focus during the initial days of my preparation was on JEE Advanced.


Careers360:Since there was just a month after the JEE Main, elaborate on your preparation strategy for JEE Advanced?

Rachit Bansal: During the last month before the JEE Advanced 2017 exam, I simply revised the syllabus and practised the mock tests.


Careers360: Did you take coaching for JEE and if yes from where? What are the benefits of coaching according to you?

Rachit Bansal:  When I was in Class XI, I had taken coaching from IQUEST, Patiala. When I was in class XII, I took coaching from Allen Kota, Chandigarh. I feel coaching institutes help in providing information in a concise manner. The tests that are conducted by them are also extremely helpful.


Careers360: Mock tests and sample papers – how extensively did you practise with the help of these? Do you think practising from the previous year papers help and how?

Rachit Bansal: I used to take up the mock tests that were conducted by the coaching institutes. They are very important. It is also essential to practise from the question papers of previous years as one tends to get an idea about the kind of questions that can be asked.


Careers360: Are there any special books that you feel have helped with your JEE Advanced preparation?

Rachit Bansal:  I thoroughly studied from the NCERT books and the notes that were provided by the coaching institutes. As far as Mathematics is concerned, I practised a lot of questions from various books so there is no specific book as such that I can recommend.

  • Physics-IRODV

  • Chemistry- Organic Chemistry- Book by Solomon

Careers360: Did you face any problem during the JEE Advanced examination?  Which subject was the easiest and which was the toughest in JEE Advanced? What do you think is a tough thing to manage during the JEE Advanced exam? What is the difference between Paper 1and Paper 2 of JEE Advanced 2017?

Rachit Bansal: I did not face any problem during the JEE Advanced exam. Mathematics was the easiest while Physics and Chemistry were moderately difficult. One should try to maintain accuracy in the JEE Advanced exam. JEE Advanced Paper 1 was easy, while paper 2 was tough.


Careers360: The answer keys revealed bonus marks for 5 questions. Did you answer those questions? What was your reaction while answering them and after the answer key announced the bonus marks?

Rachit Bansal: Yes, I had answered the questions for which the bonus marks were awarded. While answering these questions, I was slightly confused and found them a bit ambiguous. However, I chose the answer, which I though was most appropriate.


Careers360: What do you think are the key factors behind your stupendous success in JEE Advanced?

Rachit Bansal: My family and teachers at the coaching institute were a big source of strength for me. The other most important factor is conceptual clarity. I had worked hard for this and it paid off.


Careers360: How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation? What are your hobbies? How often could you pursue them?

Rachit Bansal: My hobbies included playing and talking to my friends. In order to de-stress myself, I used to play football with my friends almost every day.


Careers360: Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why?

Rachit Bansal: My elder brother and my family are my biggest inspirations. They supported me extensively during the course of my preparation.


Careers360: You know you are an inspiration to thousands of students across the country. Do you have any message for future aspirants on tackling the JEE Advanced exam?

Rachit Bansal: My advice to the future aspirants is to understand the concepts extremely well. You can answer the questions if you are clear about the subject.


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First Published On : 12 Jun 2017 02:44 PM IST
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