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WBJEE 2024 Preparation Tips - Know How to Prepare for WBJEE Exam

WBJEE 2024 Preparation Tips - Know How to Prepare for WBJEE Exam

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WBJEE 2024 Preparation Tips – Aspirants can check the WBJEE preparation tips for 2024 on this page. Students need to do smart study to achieve success in the exam. is a competitive state-level exam with more than a lakh students appearing for the test. WBJEEB will conduct the WBJEE exam on April 28, 2024. As the WBJEE 2024 exam dates are out, it becomes important to focus on the best preparation tips for the WB Joint Entrance Exam 2024. In this article, candidates will get various preparation tips for WBJEE 2024. While developing the WBJEE 2024 preparation strategies, candidates should review the WBJEE exam pattern and the subject-by-subject course material. will be held on April 28, 2024.

Candidates must plan their approach for WBJEE 2024, if they want to perform better than their competitors. Developing a plan will enable aspirant candidates to stand out from the competition and succeed in the WBJEE 2024. Candidates will learn about time management, important books, sample papers, mock exams, curriculum, and exam format from the WBJEE preparation tips. WBJEE 2024 is a state-level exam for B.Tech admissions into the WBJEE 2024 participating institutes. Check the full article for detailed information about the Preparation Tips of WBJEE 2024 and more information regarding the exam.

WBJEE 2024 Facts



Name of the Examination

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE)

Commonly Known As


Conducting Authority

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board (WBJEEB)

Level of Examination

State Level

Category of Exam


Mode of Application


Number of Registrations

Over 1.27 Lakh

Mode of Examination

Offline i.e., OMR Based

Duration of Exam

4 Hours

Number of Offered Programmes


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Amity University, Noida B.Tech Admissions 2024

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WBJEE 2024 Preparation Tips

Create a Study Plan

If you are looking for how to crack WBJEE, then the first thing to do while planning out your preparation is to create a study schedule. By creating a study plan, you will be able to allot and distribute time for each subject or topic accordingly. This will make your studies more planned and consistent. One of the most important things to remember while preparing the study plan is to mix up the subjects in between to break the monotony. Give yourself ample time for revision and mock tests. Along with all of the studying, remember to allow some time for relaxation and extra-curricular activities.

Be Familiar with your Syllabus

Another work that has to be done during the early stages of preparation is to check and understand the entire official syllabus of WBJEE 2024. Through the syllabus, you will be able to know which topics are going to be asked in the examination and this will help you to plan out your studies. By concentrating on these topics, you will be able to know which concepts or questions may probably be asked during the examination. By being familiar with the syllabus, you may secure a huge advantage.

Learn to Manage Time

Time management is an important skill to be obtained for any examination. Most of the students usually complain about lack of time during examinations. Since only 2 hours are provided for each paper, you are required to be quick and smart while managing time to answer. Practicing time management can greatly help you and will be advantageous since it is always positive if the entire paper is complete before the time is over. This will give you time for a quick revision of whatever you have answered. To learn the management of time, attempt mock tests and follow the official timing of the examination. This will let you know and practice how to attempt the paper while remaining within the time limit.

Solve Previous Year Question and Sample Papers

One of the methods that all toppers have admitted to using is to solve the previous year's WBJEE question paper and mock test. Knowledge about the exam pattern, type of questions and more can be known through the previous year questions and WBJEE 2024 sample papers. By attempting these papers, you will be able to practically apply all that you have studied and reflect on whatever has been done wrong. Agreeing with this sentiment, Dedipya Ray (Rank 2 in WBJEE 2018) names solving sample papers and previous year question papers as his key to success.

Prepare Notes and Flash Cards

One great tip to follow when you are preparing for any examination is to keep writing short notes or flashcards. Whenever you get stuck on a concept or something that is not registered in your mind, just create a small note and keep checking it continuously until you understand it. By creating small notes and flashcards, you will be able to access your studying material anytime anywhere.

Revise, Revise, & Revise

It is important to make sure revision is included in your weekly study schedule. One of the best ways to revisit and refresh whatever you had previously studied is to revise everything that was done in the past week. This will allow you to constantly remember all of the studied topics and chapters which will help in WBJEE 2024. Mr. Tapas Kumar Koley, senior faculty of Adamas Career confirms that revision should be done regularly and the formulas should be at the fingertips of the aspirants.

Health is the key to success

While the focus during these times should be on studying, taking care of your health is also equally important. Make sure you do not break your sleep pattern and get enough rest. Eat well and give short breaks to yourself in between your study sessions. Try to keep your stress levels low and you are good to go for the examination.

Wbjee Preparation Tips for Subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

As we know the WBJEE question paper will be based on topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Mathematics as compared to others has a higher weightage. There will be a total of 75 questions in Mathematics, with 40 questions in Physics & Chemistry. It is important to focus equally on each paper. Here we have provided the WBJEE preparation tips for the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths).

WBJEE Preparation Tips for Physics

Before starting with WBJEE preparation for Physics, candidates should make notes of the topics as per the syllabus. Then after, identify the most important topics. For this candidates can refer to the previous year's WBJEE analysis or question papers. Some of the high-weightage topics from Physics are such as Current electricity, Heat and thermodynamics, Wave Motions, Laws of Motion, Semiconductors, and much more. The questions in Physics are based on theory and formulas, so students must focus on the theory part and clear basic understanding of each topic before moving forward. If your concepts are clear then you can easily solve the question. Moreover, make a handy note for formulas so that you can make quick revisions or go through them whenever you like. Do not forget to solve the previous year question.

WBJEE Preparation Tips for Chemistry

Chemistry is considered to be an easy subject compared to Physics and Mathematics. The paper is based on theory. However, you might have to mug up. Candidates can refer NCERT book while preparing for the WBJEE Chemistry. Before starting the preparation check the WBJEE Chemistry syllabus. Hereafter, look for the most weightage topics in Chemistry. While preparation focus on the weak topics then move forward to the topics that you found easy to understand. Clear all the doubts that you come across while preparing. Some of the high-weightage topics for WBJEE Chemistry are as follows - Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Bonding, S/P block elements, redox reaction, chemical thermodynamics, and many more. Solve WBJEE sample paper regularly to check the level of preparations.

WBJEE Preparation Tips for Mathematics

Mathematics is a paper that is based on formulas. Moreover, the paper is also considered to be lengthy due number of calculative questions. Students should remember the formulas and also know how to use them. While preparing for WBJEE Maths students should number of questions. Candidates can use the WBJEE previous year question paper, question banks, and mock tests to prepare for the exam. During the preparation, candidates must focus on the topics such as vectors, limit, 3D, complex numbers, probability, and much more. To know the high-weightage topics check the table below.

WBJEE 2024 Important Topics

Some of the important topics of WBJEE 2024 are listed in the table given below. These are the topics that may be of higher value in the question paper or be repeated consistently. However, this does not mean that you study only these topics. It is best if you study the full WBJEE 2024 syllabus and stay on the safer side.

Subject-wise WBJEE Important Topics 2024






WBJEE 2024 Best Books

The table below provides basic books for WBJEE 2024. Candidates must check out WBJEE 2024 best books to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts and higher chances of securing the desired scores.




  • NCERT Textbook for Physics 11th and 12th Standard
  • Concept of Physics by H.C. Verma
  • Understanding Physics series by D.C. Pandey


  • NCERT Textbook for Chemistry 11th and 12th Standard
  • Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon
  • Concepts of Organic Chemistry by O.P Tandon


  • NCERT Textbook for Mathematics 11th and 12th Standard
  • Mathematics by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is pyq enough for WBJEE?

No, students should prepare for the exam as per the WBJEE syllabus. After covering the entire topics of the syllabus solve the WBJEE pyq to test the understanding of the topics and identity which section requires more attention. 

2. Is JEE Main preparation enough for wbjee?

WBJEE syllabus is also based on classes 11 & 12. Most of the WBJEE topics are similar to the JEE Main. So if the students have prepared for the JEE Main then it becomes easy to crack the WBJEE. 

3. Is WBJEE easy to crack?

Yes, only if you have prepared well for the exam and your concepts of class 11 & 12 Maths, Physics, and Chemistry are outstanding else you have to go miles before appearing for the test. 

4. How to crack WBJEE?

Clearing an entrance exam is easy all you need to know your strengths and what topics to study.Read our preparation tips article to crack WBJEE.

5. When will WBJEE 2024 start?

The authority has announced the WBJEE 2024 exam date online. WBJEE 2024 will be held on April 28, 2024. 


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No you can't take admission in kolkata in government college because there cutoff is very high and your rank is

There can be complications if you accept a JoSAA seat and then decide to go for Jadavpur University (JU) after getting selected through WBJEE counselling.

Accepting a seat in JoSAA and paying the acceptance fee indicates your commitment to that particular college/institute. JoSAA might impose a seat wastage penalty if you decide to withdraw later. The specific penalty amount can vary. Colleges generally don't seize original documents. They might keep attested copies for verification purposes during the admission process.

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There might be a chance to rectify your OBC category mistake during WBJEE, but it's difficult to say for certain without referring to the official WBJEE information.

Carefully review the WBJEE information bulletin, particularly the section on application form corrections or discrepancies. This document outlines the official procedures for handling mistakes in applications. You can find it on the WBJEE website.
The WBJEE helpline is likely the best way to get a definitive answer. They can clarify if there is  a window for rectifying category mistakes and the process involved. You can find the helpline number on the WBJEE website.

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Hello aspirant,

The syllabus for the WBJEE entrance exam covers key topics essential for West Bengal's entrance examination preparation. Based on the class 11 and 12 syllabi, the WBJEE 2024 syllabus dictates the questions that will be asked in the exam. To enhance their preparation strategy, candidates gearing up for WBJEE 2024 should thoroughly review the West Bengal JEE syllabus.

To know the complete syllabus you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

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