GATE qualified? Multiple options for you!

GATE-qualified-multiple-optionsWhat after GATE? - Every year, GATE concludes by the second week of February. Around 10 lakh students appear for this national entrance test that is conducted for 23 papers. With the advent of PSU recruitment through GATE, a whole new set of options and opportunities have opened up to students. While GATE primarily was for M.Tech admissions prior to 2012, it has now opened up other venues since then. So if you are GATE qualified – there are multiple options for you. What after GATE - Should you pursue post-graduation, go for a job in a PSU, study abroad?  In this article, we try to decipher the multiple options if you are GATE qualified. We also look at each option in depth so that you make a uniformed decision based on your interests and ambitions. The information presented in this article is based on an analysis of the trends in the past years. They are meant to give students a perspective of each option and the benefits that may come with it.


What after GATE?

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Now that one big hurdle is cleared which is qualifying in an exam that reportedly has a pass percentage of 13 % plus. Pat yourself on your back for that achievement and sit back to analyse the multiple options available to GATE qualified candidates. The various options are given below.

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GATE qualified? Multiple options for you!

Option 1: Pursuing Post Graduation

Various factors play a role when looking at post-graduation. The right institute, specialization, placements after completion of course etc are some factors that you must take a look at.

Choosing an institute

While majority of students choose M.Tech, there are other programmes that can be pursued from IISc, IITs, NITs.MS by research is one upcoming programme that is being pursued by some. However which institute you may get admissions into will largely depend upon your GATE scores, choice of specialization. We have broadly classified the admissions into Institute wise. What must be kept in mind is that this is a generalization. For each individual institute, you might need to check the cutoff for the same to get a clear idea about your admissions.

IIT admissions are now through COAP where you first register with the IITs and apply for the courses. Next you register in COAP and check the seats allotted to you. You pay the fees at the institute if you wish to confirm your admissions.

NIT M.Tech admissions are through CCMT which is the common counselling process. You have to register, pay the application fee and then indicate your choice of NITs and courses as per your eligibility.

Most states offering M.Tech courses offer preference of admissions to GATE qualified candidates or allot a certain percentage of seats. So if a state university or institute is offering the M.Tech course that you are interested in, you could opt for that too.

Many private universities do take the GATE scores into consideration. While some offer direct admissions, some take the GATE Scores in to account while computing their result and admission criteria.


Institutions you may get into with your GATE score

Some Institutes

General Rule for applying*

IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur

GATE scores of  500 to 800

IISc Bangalore,

GATE scores of 700 to 1000 for most courses.

IIT Kharagpur

GATE Score 400 to 800

IIT Guwahati

GATE 300 to 800

IIT Roorkee

GATE Marks 28 to 70


GATE Score of 400 to 600


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Government Engineering Colleges

Up to AIR 2500

Private Engineering Colleges

Above AIR 2500

2. Choosing a Specialization

GATE applicants for five disciplines are very large in numbers. This is because they are most sought out. These disciplines are Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering. The reason is that these disciplines are perceived to have better job opportunities.  However, choosing the specialization has been always based on the career prospects. The trend may vary and depend upon what is gaining prominence in the engineering employment world. Over the past years, it has been seen that Manufacturing Engineering has gained prominence on account of more companies setting up high-end manufacturing base in India.

Some very popular specializations are

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Other Niche Engineering specializations

  • Control system and automation

  • Reliability engineering

3. Job opportunities

Most of the jobs are in technology and management. However programmes like MS or MS by research are more research oriented. Candidate who complete these programmes join the research departments in the industry or academic institutions. Such candidates can also end up pursuing a PhD to make progress in their chosen field of interest.

Option 2: PSU Jobs

The year 2012 saw the start of the trend of PSU recruitment through GATE and took on in a big way such that every year around 40 plus PSUs announce recruitment through GATE. In 2017, the largest direct recruitment through GATE was announced by BSNL for 2510 Junior Engineers solely on the basis of their GATE scores making it by far the largest recruitment on this front. Oil companies like ONGC, IOCL, and HPCL etc are regular recruiters. Pay packages starting from 7 lakhs to 11 lakhs per annum ensure that the jobs are on par with the industry standards and match the private ones. However the icing on the cake for most students is the perks and job security. This is the reason why GATE sees a large number of applicants who more or so apply to go for a PSU job. So if you have qualified in GATE with a good score, your path to a PSU job becomes a reality.  While shortlisting is done on the basis of the GATE scores, some even hold a group discussion and a personal interview before finalizing candidates.


PSU Recruitment through GATE

Name of PSU




Mechanical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication , Civil Engineering , Computer Science and Information Technology

Click here for more details

NTPC Limited

Mechanical, Production, Industrial, Thermal, Mechanical and Automation, Power, Electrical, Electrical and Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control, Power System and High Voltage, Power Electronics, Mining, Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunication, Electronics and Power, Electronics and Instrumentation

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Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Electrical, Material Science

Click here for more details



Mechanical, Mechanical & Industrial, Mechanical & Production, Production , Production & Management, Production & Industrial, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation

Click here for more details


Chemical, Petrochemical, Civil, Computer Science & Information Technology, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electronic& Communication, Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical,

Click here for more details



Industrial and Production, Industrial, Mechanical Production and Tool, Production Technology, Manufacturing (NIFFT Ranchi), Mechatronics, Manufacturing Process and Automation, Power Plant Production, Production and Industrial, Thermal, Manufacturing Technology, Power, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, High Voltage Power Systems & High Voltage, Electrical Machine,Electronics & Power, Power Electronics, Power Plant, Energy, Power

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Chemical, Petrochemical, Chemical Technology, Petrochemical Technology, Mechanical, Production, Production & Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical & Automobile, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical & Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Telecommunication, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Telecommunication

Click here for more details


Mechanical, Mechanical & Production, Civil, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics , Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Applied Electronics, Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Electronics, Instrumentation & Process Control, Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical, Petroleum Refining

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Mechanical, Mechanical & Industrial, Mechanical and Production, Civil, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Control, Instrumentation & Electronics, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication



Mechanical Engineering. Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Electronics & Communication engineering, computer Science, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering

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Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics (Combined), Power Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Electronics & Communication




To be notified

Click here for more details

Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India

Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Telecommunication, Electronics




Mechanical, Petroleum, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, E&T, PG in Physics with Electronics, Instrumentation, Chemical, Applied Petroleum, PG in Geo-Physics, PG in Mathematics, PG in Petroleum Technology, PG in Chemistry, PG in Geology, PG in Petroleum, Geo-Science, PG in Geological Technology, Auto, Computer, Information Technology, MCA, “B’Level Diploma as per Dept of Electronics, GO

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Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Chemical, Electronics & Communication, Civil Engineering

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Option 3: Studying abroad

A substantial number of students wish to go abroad to study further. Some countries like Singapore and Germany allow admissions to Postgraduate engineering courses on the basis of GATE scores.

Foreign universities accepting GATE score:




GATE score (required average)


National University of Singapore (NUS)



90 percentile


Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

90 percentile


Technical University of Germany


90 percentile



Not available

Some specializations that accept GATE score in Germany come under the following

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering and Surveying

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

  • Geophysics

  • Automotive Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Metallurgical Engineering

  • Physics

  • Software Systems Engineering

As can be seen,  GATE qualified candidates do have good options that they can take up. All they have to do is see the area where their interests lie and move in that direction.

First Published On : 09 Feb 2018 04:20 PM IST

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