What are the Best Books for GATE CSE?

What are the Best Books for GATE CSEWhat are the Best Books for GATE CSE - During the preparation for the examination of GATE, many toppers and experts emphasize the importance of books during the study process. In this article, Careers360 brings you what are the best books for GATE CSE to simplify your preparation process for the upcoming exam. Computer Science is one of the most coveted courses in the field of engineering. With the competition being tough for admissions, you will have to make sure that no stones are left unturned while studying for the GATE examination. Along with the books, some preparation tips for GATE 2018 has also been provided. GATE 2018 examination will be conducted in online mode on February 3, 4, 10 and 11, 2018. For more information about what are the best books for GATE 2018 computer science engineering (CSE), read the full article.

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Fun Facts of GATE 2018


GATE 2018 is an important examination that all M.Tech aspirants will have to qualify to be eligible for admissions into IITs, NITs and other popular institutes. Let us look at some of the facts and features of GATE 2018 to understand the examination better.

  • Conducting Institute for GATE 2018: IIT Guwahati

  • The examination of GATE is jointly monitored by the seven IITs.

  • GATE 2018 will be held for 23 papers. The duration of the examination will be 3 hours.

  • Recruitment to PSUs are also done on the basis of GATE scores.

  • The sections involved in the examination are – Concerned Subject, General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics

Tips to Prepare for GATE 2018


How to Prepare for GATE 2018 is perhaps the most frequently asked question by M.Tech aspirants. Below are some quick preparation tips which can be followed to push yourselves into full preparation mode for the upcoming examination


1. Check out the Full Syllabus


It is very important to check out the entire official GATE 2018 syllabus before studying. By knowing the syllabus, you will be able to plan out which topics have to be completed first and how much time is required to finish it.


2. Constant Revision is Important


Revision of every topic studied is important. You should make sure that constant revision is done to keep all topics afresh in your mind for the examination. Keep small notes regarding the tough concepts for revision with you.


3. Solve Mock Tests & Sample Papers


GATE 2018 mock test is available for all computer science aspirants to solve. Regular solving of sample papers and mock tests should be done to practically apply the syllabus studied. Management of time can also be learned through the tests and sample papers.


To check GATE 2018 Mock Test for Computer Science – Click Here


GATE 2018 Sample Papers for Computer Science

GATE 2017

GATE 2016

Question Paper

Answer Key

Question Paper and Answer Key

Paper 1 – Click Here

Click Here

Paper 1 – Click Here

Paper 2 – Click Here

Click Here

Paper 2 – Click Here

4. Know your Exam Pattern


It is extremely important to know the exam pattern of GATE 2018. By knowing the pattern, you will be able to get detailed information regarding the type of questions asked in the exam, mode of examination, marking scheme and more.


Recommended Best Books for GATE 2018 Computer Science


The following table provides the section wise syllabus of GATE 2018 computer science examination. Along with the syllabus, you can also refer to the important topics and the best books to help in the preparation process. All of the listed books have been highly recommended by experts and will help in giving you the information required for the examination. The important topics from the GATE 2018 syllabus are those units which are highly like to be included in the examination. However, it is advised that the entire syllabus should be properly studied to secure higher scores.


Syllabus and Best Books for GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Sections in GATE Syllabus

Important Topics

Book Name and Author’s Name

Engineering Mathematics

Matrix Determinant


Propositional Logic and Predicate Logic

Conditional Probability


Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen

Higher Engineering mathematics by B.S. Grewal

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig

Digital Logic

Combinational Circuits : Multiplexers, De-multiplexers and Decoders

Sequential Circuits : Counters

Logic Gates

Number System

Minimization of Boolean Expressions

Digital Design by Morris Mano

Digital Electronics by S. Salivahanan & S. Arivazhagan

Computer Organization and Architecture

Cache Organization


I/O Data Transfer

Addressing Modes

Number Representation

Computer Architecture – A Quantitative Approach by Hennessy and Patterson

Computer Organization and Embedded systems by Carl Hamacher

Programming and Data Structures

Recursive Programs





The C Programming language by Dennis Richie

Classic Data Structures by Debasis Samanta


Algorithm Analysis

Sorting Algorithms


Graph Algorithms

Divide and Conquer & Greedy Algorithms

Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen
Data Structures & Algorithms by R.S. Salaria


Theory of Computation


Regular Expressions

Regular Languages

Closure Properties


An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata by Peter Linz

NPTEL lectures by Kamala Krithivasan

Compiler Design

LR Parsers

LL(1) Parser

Predictive Parser

Minimum no of nodes and edges in DAG

Intermediate code Generation & its purpose

Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools by Aho & Ullman

Compiler Design in C by Allen I Holub

Operating System

Synchronization Mechanisms, Concurrency in IPC environment

Virtual Memory

CPU Scheduling Algorithms

Techniques of Memory Management

Implementation issues of File system design

Operating System Concepts by Galvin

Modern Operating System by Andrew Tanenbaum

Operating Systems by Stallings


Relational Algebra

SQL Queries




Database System Concepts by Henry. F. Korth

Normalization and indexing by Shamkant B. Navathe

Computer Networks

Sliding Window Protocol




Encryption and Decryption Algorithms

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

Data Communications and Networking by Kurose & Ross and Behrouz A. Forouzan

Computer Networks by Peterson & Davie

Finally, the best books for GATE computer science are not restricted to just the above mentioned books. Explore more and improve your basic concepts about the syllabus for GATE 2018 examination. All the best!


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