Do’s and Don’ts for JEE Advanced 2017

Dos-and-Donts-for-JEE_AdvancedThe countdown for JEE Advanced 2017 has begun. May 21 – the D Day when it is the time for your efforts to culminate and turn that IIT dream into reality! You have already crossed one hurdle - JEE Main 2017.  The past months have been pretty hectic with the board exams, JEE Main other entrance exams and now the JEE Advanced with most of you burning the midnight oil trying to give your best efforts so that you emerge out in flying colours. This time however, the stakes are too high and you can’t afford to make any error as you write JEE Advanced. Every minute, every action counts in JEE Advanced – one of the toughest engineering entrance exams at the undergraduate level. It is imperative that all that planning done for the past years, months and days be carried forward into the exam hall so that things go smoothly as planned. It is a tough competition and everyone must be preparing to give it their best shot. It is imperative that you should be equipped with a strategy for the exam that includes a knowhow of Dos and Don’ts during JEE Advanced 2017. We at Careers360 have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts for JEE advanced 2017 that should not just help you know all rules and guidelines but also help you execute a good exam plan.

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JEE Advanced 2017, will be conducted offline by IIT, Madras on May 21, 2017. The exam has two papers and candidates have to appear for both. The exam will however be held on the same day in two shifts – one for each paper.


JEE Advanced Exam Day Schedule





Paper 1

9: 00- 12: 00 p.m


Paper 2

2: 00- 5:00 p.m

DO’s before the JEE Advanced 2017 exam

Know your JEE Advanced Exam Centre- Visit your designated exam centre for JEE Advanced a day or two in advance so you know its exact location. It will allow you to have an idea of the time it takes to reach the centre from your home as well as the time when you should start on the exam day.


Exam Day Check List- Make a check list and use it to assemble your exam day kit. Ensure you carry your JEE Advanced Admit card 2017, original Photo ID, black ball pen with a transparent body on the day of the exam. Keep this ready a day before the exam so that you don’t forget anything.


Report well on time at the exam centre- Reach the test centre of JEE Advanced 2017 before 7:45 a.m. Late comers will not be allowed to write the exam and you don’t want that to happen.


What are you allowed to carry to the exam hall? Take a black ball point transparent pen, a pencil and eraser. There are the only stationery items that will be allowed into the exam hall.


What are you allowed to wear to the exam? Wear open footwear like sandals or slippers to the examination hall. Wear half sleeved clothes


Keep your finger clean – Since your fingerprints will be taken before the exam to be matched during admissions, make sure they are clean, non-greasy or sticky.


DON’TS before JEE Advanced 2017 exam

Do not impersonate – Impersonation will result in immediate disqualification so avoid it.


Don’t carry the following items- Know what items will get you disqualified and leave them at home.

Electronic and other gadgets

Stationery Items

Jewellery and clothing

Sundry stuff

Mobile phone

Log books







Smart Phone

Slide rule



Digital watches

Written or blank white paper/ piece of paper




Geometry or pencil box

No high heels or shoes

Big buttons on clothes


Any type of study material


Long sleeved clothes

Blue tooth devices



Henna on hands



Nose Ring


Health band


Hair Pin




Hair Band


Don’t wear- clothes with big buttons, long sleeved clothes, shoes or high heels.


Dos and Don’ts during JEE Advanced 2017 exam


Do’s for JEE Advanced 2017

  • Do arrive at the examination centre before 7:45 a.m 

  • Do keep your admit card on your desk

  • Do listen to the instructions given in the examination hall carefully

  • Do read the instructions which are given on the test booklet carefully

  • Do read the instructions given on the answer sheet carefully

  • Do fill the details such as your roll number correctly on the answer sheet

  • Do match the test booklet code with that of the answer booklet code

  • Do bring to the notice of authorities any discrepancy in the code of answer booklet and test booklet

  • Do check the number of pages in the test booklet, whether it is the same as mentioned on top. If not, then inform the authorities

  • Do check if all the pages  of the test booklet are printed and are not blank

  • Do read all the questions carefully

  • Do remain in the examination hall during both the papers

  • Do sign the attendance sheet at the correct place

  • Use only black ball point pen with transparent body while answering on the optical response sheet (ORS)

  • Darken the circles on the first page of the ORS sheet only

  • Do carry a pencil eraser

  • Do clear your doubts if any

  • Do cooperate with the authorities, while they frisk you before you enter the examination hall

  • Do remember to collect you JEE Advanced admit card once the exam is over.

Don’ts during JEE Advanced 2017 exam

  • Don’t rush through the guidelines that are given on the test booklet and the answer sheet

  • Do not use any other ball pen except black ball pen to colour the circles in the OMR sheet

  • Do not indulge in any unfair practice in the exam hall

  • Do not misbehave with the invigilator at point of time

  • Do not darken more than circle on the ORS sheet for one question

  • Do not hurry while answering the questions

  • Do not disturb other candidates

  •  Do not separate the alignment of the two page ORS sheet, since the answers have to be marked on the first page of the ORS sheet.

  • Don’t answer in a hurry. On the other hand don’t waste time also

  • Don’t spare more than the required amount of time on any answer.

  • Don’t answer questions simply as you could lose marks if you answer negatively marked questions.

What happens at the JEE Advanced Centre?

  • You will be frisked and your admit card along with photo ID will be checked.

  • After your get into the exam hall, your fingerprints will be recorded for admission purposes.

  • It is imperative that you be alert and ensure every formality is completed.

Note-If the invigilators have any doubt about your identity then you may not be allowed to write the exam. Since this is completely at the discretion of the authorities concerned, they may provisionally allow you to write the exam on completion of certain formalities.


Relax and give your best shot for JEE Advanced 2017! All the Best

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First Published On : 18 May 2017 10:07 AM IST

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In jeeadvance how minimum marks require fr iit

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Hello, It can't be judged on the basis of marks as total marks changes every year in jee advanced papers...Although if you could score more than 50% of the total marks in jee advanced then you would h...Read More

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U hv 2 get a rank within 2 lakh and 20,000.

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JEE Advanced 2018 conducting authority is IIT Kanpur. 


To know in detail you can also refer below link


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Jee advance2017 general category cut off

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You can check the cut off from the given below link

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