UPES, Grasim Industries initiate academic collaboration

College of Engineering Studies, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

UPES, Grasim Industries initiate academic collaboration

UPES-GrasimUniversity of Petroleum & Energy Sciences (UPES) announced collaboration with Grasim Industries Limited (Pulp and Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group) on May 17, 2017 to introduce cellulosic material research programmes for students.

Grasim R&D will provide opportunity to selected UPES Dehradun students for working at their research facilities as part of UPES graduate research programmes. Technical experts and scientists from Grasim R&D will support UPES design curriculum for the programmes, for example through visits of select faculty of the University to get exposure to industrial process and problems solving. Such facilitation of imparting up to date technical knowledge in cellulosic materials and technologies will help further the relevance of academic education to industrial practice. 


On behalf of Grasim Industries Ltd, Sh. Dilip Gaur, Managing Director said, “This is a right step directed towards developing a unique educational model where industry and academia collaborate to identify, educate and groom highly skilled technical talent. And our industry benefits from fresh thoughts of young minds that will spend a good part of their curriculum with our R&D”.


Dr. Aspi Patel, CTO, Pulp & Fibre business, said “Aditya Birla Group’s Pulp & Fibre business derives its competitive edge from its integrated business model, which spans the entire value chain from wood to fiber to garments. Cellulosic materials are growing rapidly in industrial applications as a green alternative to synthetic polymers and materials.


He also added, “In our industry there is a growing requirement of suitable technical talent to take up new and interesting challenges. We appreciate and support the UPES initiative of encouraging students for working in this important field. This enables better integration of academic research with solving industrial problems in cellulosic applications. We believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial, helping students get an exposure to industrial research, and providing an expanding pool of future talent to support the growth of Indian textile industry.”


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