How to prepare for SRMJEEE 2018?

How-to_prepare-for-SRMJEEEngineering aspirants applying to SRM University often ask a question which is “How to prepare for SRMJEEE 2018 “. Considering that is an online exam and candidates are generally used to an offline exam, often students are confused about how to prepare for SRMJEEE along with their Class XII board exams.  An effective preparation plan for SRMJEEE is the need of the hour to help the candidates come out in flying colours. The first step while preparing for SRMJEEE 2018 is to devise the right strategy and ensure its correct execution. Since the SRMJEEE 2018 entrance exam is conducted tentatively in April 2018, it is imperative that candidates start preparing at the earliest to ensure their success in the SRMJEEE exam.  Careers360 has compiled opinions from previous test takers, experts and students on a good strategy on how to prepare for SRMJEEE 2018. The guidelines prescribed include a good study of the syllabus, checking of sample papers if available, time and speed management.

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SRM University will open the SRMJEEE 2018 slot booking tentatively in the third week of March 2018. Slots for SRMJEEE 2018 are awarded on first come first serve basis therefore candidates must ensure they book their slots accordingly. Candidates may note that the SRMJEEE 2018 Hall Ticket will be available for download after the slot booking of SRMJEEE 2018 is completed.


“Success is the culmination of small steps taken in the right direction”.  For SRMJEEE 2018 preparation, candidates must take the small steps starting with a doable plan, an achievable target and finally the will to succeed. 


How to prepare for SRMJEEE 2018


Tip 1- Be Thorough with the Syllabus of SRMJEEE 2018


The first step in the preparation for SRMJEEE 2018 is to know which topics will be asked and that can be known from the prescribed SRMJEEE syllabus 2018.  Candidates must check the topics for all the subjects to draw a good plan and schedule their studies accordingly. It is important to work smart so experts suggest correlating the syllabus of SRMJEEE 2018 with their class XII syllabus so that two goals are achieved at one shot and it is easier for students. While perusing the syllabus, candidates can also know which topics they are confident in and which need more work. This will also allow them to save time spent otherwise.


Tip 2- Know the SRMJEEE Exam Pattern well


It is easier to tackle an exam or any situation once we are familiar with the environment. In this context, the SRMJEEE 2018 exam pattern comes to the aid in familiarizing students with the types of questions asked, duration of the exam. The one plus point of the SRMJEEE exam is that there is no negative marking so the fear of being penalized for any wrong answer doesn’t exist here. 


Salient points of the SRMJEEE Test Pattern:

  • All questions are multiple choice questions.

  • For every question, candidates will have to choose from the four options that are given to them.

  • Candidates will have 2.30 hours to complete the test.

  • The marking scheme is given below

Details of SRMJEEE Exam Pattern



Total Number of questions


Total Marks



















Tip 3- Reference Books for SRMJEEE 2018 Preparation


The school text books are good enough for preparing for the board exams and understanding the concepts. For an entrance test, experts suggest that students also refer to some good books that cater exclusively for the entrance tests and help prepare better. Some books have been compiled for the benefit of the SRMJEEE 2018 aspirants in the list given below.


SRMJEEE Reference Books



Name of the book & Author



Physics-objective book by DC Pandey,HC Verrma



  • Inorganic Chemistry- OP Tandon

  • Organic Chemistry- Himanshu Pandey

  • Physical Chemistry-  P Bhadur

  • NCERT Chemistry books



  • Any CET Book

  • Mathematics book by  Amit M Agarwal

Tip 4- Begin Your Preparation Early

  • “The early bird gets the worm”. A very old saying that has been proven time and time again. Candidates must strive to begin their preparation for SRMJEEE 2018 early. The first reason is the fear of the exam starts to abate once preparation is ongoing. Secondly, the topics to study can be completed well on time leaving sometime for revision which is a very important and crucial aspect of preparation.

  • Develop Conceptual Clarity

With good preparation, conceptual clarity comes in good doses. Candidates can take advantage of the fact that they can solve questions better if they understand the underlying concepts behind them. Rote learning is lessened and it will be easier to learn and apply the concepts to solve the questions asked in the SRMJEEE 2018 exam.

  • Prepare Flash Cards & Short Notes

One suggestion by many toppers and experts while listing the steps on for “How to prepare for SRMJEEE 2018” is the preparation of flash cards and short notes. While studying each topic in detail, make flash card to devise revision strategies.Short notes can be for the formulae and some examples. It is a fact that the last days of preparation before the SRMJEEE 2018 exam will be stressful with the ongoing board exams and the upcoming entrance exams not to mention little time for anything. This is when the flash cards will come handy and save a lot of time in revision thus ensuring that candidates are on track.


Tip 5- Practice with Sample papers of SRMJEEE


Self-assessment is an important aspect of the plan on how to prepare for SRMJEEE. Candidates are advised to put their learning to test by attempting the SRMJEEE 2018 sample papers. This exercise serves two purposes. First, it allows candidates to know where they stand in terms of their preparation. Second, candidates can know the weightage of the topics to be studied. Moreover, the old saying – Practice makes a person perfect holds true. Constant practice will give candidates familiarity with the exam pattern along with ideas on improving their speed and time management.


Tip 6- Make sure you revise well


Revision is a very important part of the “How to prepare for SRMJEEE 2018?” plan. Every 10 to 15 days, it is mandatory that candidates revise the topics they have completed studying. Revision is important to ensure that candidates don’t forget what they have studied.   If they don’t touch the topics they have studied earlier, there is every chance of forgetting most of it. 


Tip 7 - Other Vital Points


Some important advice offered by experts and teachers to be incorporated in the strategy for how to prepare  for SRMJEEE 2018 have nothing to do with studies. However they are equally important and should not be neglected.

  • Keep healthy- Candidates must take care of their health. To do that, they must eat well, not skip meals and take care of themselves. Ill health will add to the woes and cause loss of preparation time. Therefore it is imperative that all care must be taken of the self.

  • Sleep Well- Some students compromise on their sleep while preparing for the entrance exam. This is not a good practice as even the brain needs rest else it will grow weary thus affecting the preparation schedules. The number of hours that a candidate should sleep is dependent upon the candidate itself. No two students are the same and so is their sleep pattern. At the end of the day, candidates must ensure they are well rested to tackle another day full of preparation and study.

  • Take Breaks- In order to break the monotony, candidates are advised to take short breaks while they are preparing for the SRMJEEE exam.This will help them to freshen up and they will be able to return to their preparation with new vigour.

  • De-stressing through Hobbies: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The fact is that too much of only study will be stressful. So candidates must pursue some hobby or distressing activity after a day of hard preparation. This allows them to keep themselves grounded and relaxed as activities like walking, listening to music, talking to friends etc have been known to be therapeutic for students. However candidates must ensure they don’t speen a lot of time on these.

  • No Social media- It is mostly been said that social media is distracting and addictive. Therefore most toppers have been known to keep away from them. This should be enforced for a limited period of time as the success that comes with a seat in one of the leading universities overweighs all such sacrifices.

SRMJEEE 2018 Retake Chance

SRM University has introduced a second attempt chance from 2017 onwards where candidates who feel they could have done better can re-apply for a retake of the SRMJEEE exam. Such a chance will be available tentatively in May or June 2018.


We hope that the tips and guidelines on “How to prepare for SRMJEEE 2018” are helpful to crack the exam with flying colours. If you have any queries regarding your SRMJEEE 2018 preparation, feel free to write to us. All the best!


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First Published On : 02 Sep 2017 04:33 PM IST

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I have secured 68.8% marks in class 12th from CBSE board with 56 in maths, 63 in chem and 67 in physics. Am I eligible for SRM university?

I have obtained 68.8% marks in class 12th from CBSE board with 56 in maths, 63 in chem and 67 marksin physics and I am giving improvement e

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To be on the safer side u should score above 75% in all three subjects PCM
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Don't have registration no. Of class 12

I don't have registration no. of class 12. It is not written on result or TC or any certificate provided by the school.

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Hey,In SRMJEE Examination form, the candidate is required to fill Roll No. of 12th Class provided by Board, so your roll no. will be your registration number to be filled in the SRMJEE form. Here...Read More
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There is no negative marking in SRMJEE exam.  You can check the exam pattern of SRMJEE exam below Time duration of the exam- 2 hours 30 minutesTotal number of questions- 105Section wise...Read More

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