CUSAT CAT Syllabus 2018

CUSAT CAT SyllabusCUSAT CAT Syllabus 2018: All candidates should know the CUSAT CAT 2018 Syllabus to prepare for the upcoming entrance examination. Cochin University of Science and Technology does not release the official syllabus of CUSAT CAT 2018. For the entrance examination, the CUSAT CAT syllabus 2018 will be based on 10th and 12th state board syllabus. It is important for all candidates to check the syllabus of CUSAT CAT 2018 to prepare for the examination. All of the sections and topics from which the examination questions will be created will be present in CUSAT CAT syllabus 2018. If the candidates are well versed with the syllabus of CUSAT CAT 2018, then he/she will be able to know which topics have to be studied and given more importance. Only after the syllabus is checked, the candidates can move on to refer to the exam pattern to know the rest of the required information of CUSAT CAT examination. Read the full article to know more about CUSAT CAT Syllabus 2018.


CUSAT CAT 2018 Syllabus for Physics

  • Units And Measurement

  • Motion In A Plane

  • Laws Of Motion

  • Motion In A Straight Line

  • Work, Energy And Power

  • Motion In A Straight Line

  • System Of Particles And Rotational Motion

  • Gravitation

  • Mechanical Properties Of Fluids

  • Thermal Properties Of Matter

  • Mechanical Properties Of Solids

  • Thermodynamics

  • Oscillations

  • Waves

  • Kinetic Theory

  • Electric Charges And Fields

  • Current Electricity

  • Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance

  • Moving Charges And Magnetism

  • Electromagnetic Induction

  • Alternating Current

  • Magnetism And Matter

  • Electromagnetic Waves

  • Wave Optics

  • Ray Optics And Optical Instruments

  • Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter

  • Atoms

  • Nuclei

  • Communication Systems

CUSAT CAT Syllabus 2018 for Chemistry

  • Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry

  • Structure Of Atom

  • Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure

  • Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties

  • States Of Matter

  • Thermodynamics

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Redox Reactions

  • Hydrogen

  • Equilibrium

  • The S-Block Elements

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • The Solid State

  • Surface Chemistry

  • General Principles And Process Of Isolation Of Elements

  • The P - Block Elements

  • The D And F Block Elements

  • Electro-chemistry

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Coordination Compounds

  • Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers

  • Haloalkanes And Haloarenes

  • Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids

  • Amines

  • Polymers

  • Chemistry In Everyday Life

  • Biomolecules

CUSAT CAT 2018 Syllabus for Mathematics

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Linear Inequalities

  • Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations

  • Principle Of Mathematical Induction

  • Permutations And Combinations

  • Binomial Theorem

  • Sequences And Series

  • Straight Lines

  • Conic Sections

  • Limits And Derivatives

  • Mathematical Reasoning

  • Statistics

  • Introduction To Three Dimensional Geometry

  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Matrices

  • Determinants

  • Linear Programming

  • Relations And Functions

  • Continuity And Differentiability

  • Application Of Derivatives

  • Integrals

  • Differential Equations

  • Vector Algebra

  • Three Dimensional Geometry

  • Application Of Integrals

  • Probability

CUSAT CAT Exam Pattern 2018 


After checking the exam pattern of CUSAT CAT 2018, the candidates can check the exam pattern to know how the subjects are divided into sections and the number of questions asked. The marking scheme of CUSAT CAT 2018 can also be known through the exam pattern.


CUSAT CAT 2018 Exam Pattern





Duration of Examination

  • Paper I – 120 Minutes

  • Paper II – 120 Minutes



  • Paper I – Mathematics

  • Paper II – Physics and Chemistry


Number of Questions

  • Paper I – 125 Questions

  • Paper II – Physics: 75 Questions

    Chemistry: 50 Questions


Marking Scheme

3 marks will be awarded for each correct answer


Negative Marking

1 mark will be deducted for every wrong response.


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Snazzing SK ArunLast Seen: 1 week 3 days agoJoined on: 28-Feb-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 12

Colleges about manipal, CUSAT, JNTU, chennais amrita

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Shefali 12 days ago

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Dear Arun,Can you please clarify your doubt? According, to careers 360 Manipal and Amrita has AAAA+ ratings which means outstanding and CUSAT and JNTU has AAAA ratings which means very good.Ratin...Read More

Vijay 14 days ago

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How can i change address in my cat application

how can i change exam centre

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Majid Ahmad 14 days ago

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Majid AhmadLast Seen: 5 hours 20 min agoJoined on: 19-Feb-2018Education Interest: Degree ProgrammesEducation Level: Graduate & Above
Hello Vijay , You can make correction in your submitted application form by following a simple set of steps : 1. go to the official website of CAT .2.  A login page will appear on the screen...Read More
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I fill up cusat form but form not approved form what am i do

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Contact them by e-mail or phone call.

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Is this exam topics & question numbers , absolutely right ?

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Hello Mohammed Shibily! I am not able to understand what your question is. Can you please reframe it and add a little bit of description about what you want to know so that I can help you in a better ...Read More
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Km Shafi 27 days ago

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Is your exam patterns are right?

about (phy,che,maths) details you given there are absolutely clear?

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Surbhi Mehtani 27 days ago

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Surbhi MehtaniLast Seen: 11 hours 53 min agoJoined on: 02-Mar-2017Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 12
Hi The exam pattern provided in the CUSAT CAT exam pattern article is official and authentic. You can refer to it.Sharing the link with you. More

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