JEE Advanced 2017 Exam Day Guidelines - What to carry to the examination hall?

JEE-Advanced-2017-Exam-Day-GuidelinesMay 21 – The big day is near for which students have been preparing anxiously for years, months and days to appear for the toughest engineering entrance exam of the country- the JEE Advanced 2017; the gateway to the prestigious IITs. This is the day that will test the limits of JEE Advanced aspirants as well as the day that may see them soar or not. Careers360 brings forth the compilation of exam day guidelines of JEE Advanced 2017 to be followed by all candidates. These guidelines have been announced by the JEE Advanced authorities and include what to carry to the examination centre in addition to rules to be followed in the exam hall. These guidelines will help all JEE Advanced candidates to be aware of the rules to be followed while writing the exam; they also emphasises on what to carry, what not to carry, what to wear and what not to wear when appearing for the JEE Advanced exam.

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Guidelines before appearing in JEE Advanced 2017


Prepare well: Nothing can help you get through admission in IITs except your hard work and dedication. In this last week of preparation for JEE Advanced 2017, FOCUS!


Keep yourself cool and calm: Its already very hot outside, try and keep yourself cool and calm otherwise it can affect your health and eventually your performance in JEE Advanced 2017.


Eat good and healthy: For these few hot days before the exam, avoid eating food from outside or junk food. You don’t want to fall sick just when you need to do your best.


Sleep well: A timely and healthy sleep pattern keeps you stress free. Remember, we need a healthy mind to be utilised on the day of exam.


Keep your things to be taken to the exam hall ready: Make your own exam kit to make things easy for yourself. Keep the admit card, black ball pen, original photo ID in there. LAST MOMENT PANIC IS DANGEROUS!


Things to carry to the examination hall- Paper 1 & Paper 2


To your rescue, there is a check-list of things that you must carry to the examination centre. In case you miss or lose on any of the things mentioned below, your entry to the examination hall will be debarred. Use the check-list given below and tick it as you move along.




Things to carry


Printed copy of the downloaded admit card


Original Photo Identity Card- Aadhaar Card, School/ College ID, Driving Licence, Passport or PAN Card


Black ball point pen with transparent body





NOTE: It is important for candidates to note that they can download their JEE Advanced 2017 Admit Card till 9 a.m on May 21, 2017. It is mandatory for candidates to carry the downloaded admit card to the examination hall. Better print it and keep it ready now. Don’t wait for the last minute to do it.


Things NOT to carry to the examination hall- Paper 1 & Paper 2


It is important to make sure that you leave all the below mentioned things outside the examination room. In case, found with anything you will be shown the way to the door outside.




Things NOT to carry


Electronic devices – mobile phones, bluetooth devices, earphones, microphones, smart phones, pen drives, electronic pen, calculators, iPAD, tabs, health band,  digital watches etc.




Slide rule


Log books


Study material of any type


Geometry box/ pouch/ scale


Written or white paper or piece of paper or writing pad


Wallet or handbag or googles


No Jewellery- Rings, bracelet, earrings, pendants, charms, nose pin, chain/ necklace, badge, brooch, hair band, hair pin.


Clothes with big buttons and full sleeves


No Veil


Shoes, closed sandals (It is advisable to wear open footwear like chappals and open sandals)

What to do on JEE Advanced Exam Day?


Be on time on your big day: Candidates will have to report at the examination centre at 7:45 am. It is advisable for candidates to reach ON TIME at the allotted centre to avoid all the unfavourable chances of being late or not finding the examination centre. Reaching before time will also help you to go through the checking process early.


JEE Advanced 2017 Exam Schedule- Paper 1 & Paper 2






May 21, 2017

Paper -1

9 am to 12pm


May 21, 2017

Paper - 2

2 pm to 5 pm

Find your examination centre- It is advisable for candidates to visit their examination centre a day prior to the exam day to know the location. This will help avoid the chance of going missing or losing your way to JEE Advanced exam centres 2017 on the examination day.


In case of scribe: If a candidate has used the scribe services, he or she will be allowed to meet the scribe one day prior the exam i.e on May 20, 2017.


Guidelines while appearing in JEE Advanced 2017


Follow the invigilator: Make sure you follow all the instructions given to you by the invigilator. They are for your benefit only.


Cooperate during verification: The anxiety must be high during the process but don't forget there are some exam formalities you have to adhere to. Not cooperating with the authorities can lead to your dismissal from the centre. The identity of the candidate will be verified by invigilators as well representatives from IITs.


Handover the admit card: YES, you will have to handover your downloaded

JEE Advanced 2017 admit card to the invigilator. The authorities will provide you the original admit card after your identity verification during the examination. Keep this original admit card safely till all the admission formalities are completed.


Time for finger prints: You will have to give your index finger print as an important part of the pre-exam procedure. Remember, the same fingerprint will be used again during JEE Advanced counselling 2017 after passing through the exam. Keep your hands clean and without oil or cream while giving your fingerprints.


Stay in the examination hall: You will not be allowed to leave the examination hall before 12 pm for Paper 1 and before 5 pm for Paper 2. Be patient even if you are done with your paper.


Paper 1 & 2 are mandatory: Make sure you don't leave the examination centre after Paper-1 because both Paper-1 & Paper-2 are compulsory. If a candidate appears in Paper-1 and not in Paper-2, he or she will be marked absent. The ORS sheet of only those candidates will be evaluated who will appear in both the papers.


No time grace: No extra time will be given to complete the exam in lieu of the time taken for completing the exam formalities. Only those candidates who will be using the services of a scribe will get one hour compensatory time i.e the ending time would be 1 pm for Paper-1 and 6 pm for Paper-2.


Don't fake it: In case a candidate gets involved in impersonation in the examination, he or she will be disqualified from JEE Advanced 2017.


Guidelines after appearing in JEE Advanced 2017


Keep calm and wait for JEE Advanced 2017 Result scheduled to be announced on June 11, 2017 at 10 am.


Follow for all updates related to JEE Advanced 2017.


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First Published On : 17 May 2017 12:42 PM IST

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