How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018?

How to prepare for JEE AdvancedHow to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018? As candidates who are preparing to appear in JEE Advanced 2018 for the first time, many areas of the preparation part, as well as that of the exam, would be unexplored. You may have doubts and concerns related to the strategy part or to the study material part. You may also worry a great deal thinking which books are the best to prepare for JEE Advanced or how does the preparation change at different levels month after month. To address these concerns and put your mind at ease, Careers360 brings to you all critical elements required to ensure “How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018?”. As per the experience of past years’ toppers of JEE Advanced, it’s not hard work alone which ensures a breakthrough in the IIT entrance exam, but also the smart planning and effective execution which ensures higher probability of cracking the test.

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Check out the tips below on How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018?


Determination and Commitment to Accomplish the Target


While you set your sight on the national level engineering entrance examination for IIT admission, it’s quite imperative that you do not loose in the way until it happens. In other words, you may be very enthusiastic as you are about to begin your preparation for JEE Advanced 2018, however, you may not be able to maintain a consistent rhythm as you go along with your preparation with passing time. This is where the defeat begins from when you are not able to maintain that same tempo and preparation rhythm. You need to stay focussed, maintaining the daily routine of dedication and commitment recalling your aim. 


Know the Syllabus


Once you are firmly determined to get through the test, check the entire syllabus of JEE Advanced. After you get a grip of the syllabus, you can start you planning part, as now you know the clear picture of the important topics and chapters you must study. Without knowing the syllabus you can not move ahead with clarity. If you do not know the syllabus, then to begin with the preparation is quite a challenge as you would feel pressurised and confused as to where to begin your study from, which all topics to study and which all to avoid. Check JEE Advanced important topics from the table below.


JEE Advanced Important Topics


Physics (Important Topics)

Chemistry (Important Topics)

Mathematics (Important Topics)



Physical chemistry




Inorganic chemistry



Thermal physics

Organic chemistry

Analytical Geometry


Electricity and magnetism






Differential calculus


Modern physics


Integral calculus





Study Hard in Sync with Smart Preparation


Many of you would boast about your hard work, but in case of JEE Advanced, hard work does pay better if it’s in sync with a smart plan/preparation. Smart preparation includes managing your time well on day to day basis, polishing and strengthening your fundamentals, month by month reviewing your preparation status and the syllabus to cover, developing strategy for revision, etc.  You must divide your preparation as per months in a way that you finish all your syllabus well in time, leaving good space for revision and to go through your notes. 


JEE Advanced 2017 Topper Suraj Yadav (AIR-5) says, “I didn't prepare separately for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The preparation for JEE Main and Advanced was a simultaneous process with the fact that for JEE Advanced, one needs more conceptual clarity and deeper understanding of the topics.”


He further adds, “One must concentrate while studying. It's not the number of hours that you are giving while studying for the exam; it's the concentration with which you study that will make a difference.”


Selection of the Best Study Material


While it comes to “How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018?”,anelement which you must pay attention to is the selection of the best study material and books. One is that the NCERT syllabus is quite helpful for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Secondly, choosing the best books would be an added advantage. Preparing from the best books for JEE Advanced ensures that your preparation has a little scope of errors.  Physics by HC Verma, Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins and OP Tandon, Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee,Objective Mathematics By R.D. Sharma, Problems in Calculus Of One Variable by I.A.Maron, etc are some of the popular and good books to refer. These books are also recommended by the previous years toppers.


JEE Advanced Important Books (Physics)


Physics Important Books


Concepts of Physics by HC Verma (Vol-1 and Vol-2)


IIT JEE Physics by Arihant (35 years Chapterwise Solved Papers 2013-1979)


Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday/Resnick/Walker


Physics by G.Tiwani (Pearson)


Galaxy Physics

Chemistry Important Books for JEE Advanced


Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry


P.W. Atkins

O.P. Tandon Organic Chemistry

J.D Lee


OP Tandon

Paula Bruice Yurkanis

O P Tandon


Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee

M.S. Chuahan




Morrison & Boyd


JEE Advanced Important Books (Mathematics)


Mathematics Important Books


Objective Mathematics By R.D. Sharma


Plane Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry (Two Books) by S.L Loney


Problems in Calculus Of One Variable by I.A.Maron


Hall and Knight Higher Algebra


Integral Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)


Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit M Agarwal (By Arihant Publications)


A Text Book of Algebra For JEE Main & Advanced by Dr. SK Goyal (Arihant Publications)


Mathematics by G.Tiwani (Pearson)

Rote Learning Doesn’t Come to Rescue


Learning which is theoretical in nature and lacks in basic fundamental clarity of concepts is not something which is required for cracking JEE Advanced. If so far, you have a habit of rote learning, then you need to change your track to concept-based learning wherein your learning can help you find solutions to the daily life’s challenges. This is what the JEE Advanced paper is designed to check your ability and skills in practical, concept-based learning.



Manage Time Well to Have Fruitful Results


In the process of preparing towards JEE Advanced 2018, you must bear in mind not to waste your time, rather must think of how you can utilize every moment for learning and polishing. You need to reduce the time where you waste it, reminding yourself of your goal every now and then. While we talk about managing time, various factors contribute to it. For instance, with the strategy you would have developed for JEE Advanced preparation, you must learn and analyse in the process if you are working on your weak areas and mastering those. This is when with increasing practise, you increase your speed to solve the questions ((especially the ones where we are weak). It further helps you in completing your JEE Advanced paper on the actual exam day.


Monitor your preparation with Previous Years question Papers and Mock tests


According to previous years toppers of JEE Advanced and coaching experts, the candidates who practise sample papers, previous years question papers and take mock tests increasingly, carry higher probability of cracking the test. This happens because of the fact that candidates having practised sample papers have a complete grip over the type and nature of the questions expected to appear in the test, marking scheme and time allotted for completing the paper. Though so far, JEE Advanced would be held in offline (Pen & Paper based mode), however, from 2018-19 academic year onwards, the IIT-JEE Paper would be held in online mode. As per reports, IIT Kanpur, which is the exam conducting authority of JEE Advanced 2018, is expected to release JEE Advanced mock test a week before the test. Thus, candidates must keep a track of that and ensure that they all take the mock test so as to have the actual feel and experience of how the paper would be on the examination day. Candidates who would have taken JEE Advanced mock tests, would know everything about how to use the computer and how to proceed with every step of the online test, leaving a little scope for confusion or panic.


As you keep on taking mock tests and practising previous years question papers of JEE Advanced, you must analyse how is your preparation improving with the mock tests and sample papers.


Sharing his views on “JEE Advanced Preparation Tips”, Akshat Chugh, JEE Advanced 2017 AIR 2 says, “I solved the question papers all throughout the year while preparing for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced.  Solving sample papers help you to analyze your weak areas. It is important to solve the mock question papers throughout your preparation.”


Learn from the Previous Years’ Toppers


Candidates appearing in JEE Advanced 2018 must also read through the experiences and tips of the toppers who had cracked JEE Advanced in the past. Doing this will help them learn the tricks, strategy and important contributing factors of having a breakthrough in the national level entrance examination. They can also figure out the common preparation factors which these toppers had incorporated in their preparation towards JEE Advanced.


Use the Effective Test Taking Strategy


Once all is said and done, it’s the exam day which finally reflects how your preparation has been so far. The execution of the preparation in the test is critical – how well do you handle the questions, how effectively can you deal with them, how much time do you consume in attempting the questions, are a few factors you must be careful about in the test.


JEE Advanced 2017 AIR 6 Saurav Yadav states, “I think accuracy is the most important thing to be kept in mind while giving the exam.”


Guidelines for exam day:

  • Reach well in advance so as to complete all the formalities and start your test in time.

  • Do not forget to carry your admit card and one photo identity card

  • Leave all your possessions like electronic devices, electronic watch, calculator, log books, any booklet, wallet, handbag, jewellery, rings, shoes, big-buttoned and full sleeves shirt, etc to the exam hall.

  • Sleep well the day before the examination so that you stay alert and attentive during the test

  • Eat healthy food and stay calm and composed.

Stay tuned to for more news and updates on How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018?


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First Published On : 02 Sep 2017 09:45 AM IST

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