What are the Best Books for GATE ME?
Saakshi Lama, 01 Sep 2018, #GATE

What are the Best Books for GATE ME? - One of the most essential parts during the preparation of any examination are books. Checking and referring to the correct books will give more leverage to the candidates as they will have more in-depth knowledge about the concepts and topics that had to be studied for GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) examination. Careers360 has compiled the list of what are the best books for GATE ME to give the candidates a boosted advantage. Along with the best books for GATE ME, the important chapters and topics have also been provided. Candidates can also check the GATE preparation process. Read the full article to know more information about What are the best books for GATE ME.

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Preparation Tips for GATE ME


Before commencing their preparation for GATE 2019, it is important to start off on a good note. The candidates should plan out their study pattern while keeping in mind all the important things that should be noted. With a good planning, the candidates will be able to smoothly process with the preparation and have higher chances of scoring well in the examination.

  • Check your Syllabus – One of the first things the candidates are advised to do is to check the syllabus of GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME). By knowing the syllabus, the candidates will be able to refer to all the topics and chapters which has to be studied for the examination. This will allow the candidates to separate and prepare accordingly.

  • Create a Perfect Schedule – After checking the syllabus, the candidates are advised to create a schedule to match their preparation. The topics and chapters have to be proportionally divided while keeping aside time for revision and mock tests. Some amount of time also has to be given for breaks.

  • Revision is the Key to Success – One of the most important things to do during preparation is to revise. Through revision, the candidates will be able to remember all of the important things that have to be studied. This will also refresh the candidates about the concepts and chapters they had earlier studied.

  • Attempt and Solve Mock Tests and Sample Papers – This is perhaps one of the most commonly used yet effective method of preparation. By solving GATE mock tests and sample papers, the candidates will be able to apply their studied concepts practically. This will also allow the candidates to learn from their errors and time management.

What are the Best Books for GATE ME?


During preparation, one of the essential things to do is to refer to various books to learn more. By checking out more books, the candidates will be able to strengthen their preparation process. The following table provides the candidates with the important topics, sections and books to refer.


Best Books for GATE Mechanical Engineering 



Concepts to Emphasize On



Design of Machine Elements

Design For Static And Dynamic Loading; Failure Theories; Fatigue Strength And The S-N Diagram; Principles Of The Design Of Machine Elements Such As Bolted, Riveted And Welded Joints, Shafts, Spur Gears, Rolling And Sliding Contact Bearings, Brakes And Clutches.

Machine design - V.B. Bhandari


Engineering Mechanics

Resolving Forces, Equilibrium, Equilibrium And Truss

Engineering Mechanics by Bhavikatti

Engineering Mechanics by Beer and Johnston,

Engineering Mechanics by R K Rajput


Fluid Mechanics

Simple & Differential Piezometer, Pressure Column Height Calculation, Reynold’s No. Calculation, Hydraulic Power, Nozzle Velocity Etc. Of Turbines, Bernoulli’s Law (Simple Problems), Tapered Sections, Pump Parameters (Speed, Power, Discharge), Force Calculation,

Fluid Mechanics by R K Bansal

Fluid & Hydraulics- Modi and seth


Heat Transfer

Convection, Conduction, Radiation, Efficiency Calculation, Heat Exchanger (Parallel & Counter Flow) Outlet Temp. Calculation, Biot Number, Prandtl Number, LMTD, Heat Transfer Through Slabs, Shells, Cylinders, Condenser,

Heat and Mass Transfer by J P Hollman and R C Sachdeva

Heat Transfer by Cengel and Holman


Industrial Engineering

Forecasting Model, CPM, PERT, Work Study And Measurement, Scheduling And Johnson's Rule Time Study, EOQ, Standard Time, Demand, Poisson’s Arrivals & Departures , LPP Problems (Graphical Queuing Model, Break Even Analysis

Industrial Engineering by O P Khanna, Buffa and Sarin


Manufacturing Engineering

Machining (Milling, Drilling, EDM, ECM) Tool Geometry, Punching, Blanking, Force; Conceptual & Theoretical Questions; Orthogonal Machining , Heat & Power Required In Welding, Transformations (Rotations, Scaling Etc.), Solidification Time, CNC Machine G Codes And M Codes , Sheet Metal, Various Types Of Fits,

Production Technology: Manufacturing Processes, Technology and Automation by R.K. Jain


Strength of Materials

Principe stress and strain

BMD and SFD , Macaulay’s theorem (slope & deflection), Thin Pressure Vessels, Problems On  Various Theories Of Failure , Torques, And Bending Moment Calculation,

Strength of Materials - Gere & Timoshenko


Strength of Materials

Concepts, Generally Theories Of Failure, Mohr's Circle

Strength of Materials by Gere and Timoshenko, B C Unamia, Sadhu Singh, Ramamrutham


Thermal Science

Rankine Cycle, Brayton Cycle, Regeneration in steam cycles, and other cycles, T-S diagrams, P-V diagrams, enthalpy calculations, C.O.P. parameters of I.C. Engine, DBT, WBT, Relations (Otto ,Diesel Cycles), Exit Temperature In Various Stages Of Cycles , Pressure  Of Nozzle, Compressor Work Calculations, Work Done,

Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag


Thermo Dynamics

Cycles, Turbines, Refrigeration, Work & Heat

First Law Of Thermodynamics,

Second Law Of Thermodynamics,

Entropy, Properties Of Pure Substances

Engineering Thermodynamics by P K Nag and Rajput

Thermodynamics by Cengel.


Theory of Machines

Mechanism, Gear train, Flywheel, Linear Vibration Analysis of Mechanical systems (Goodman or Soderberg or Gerber Criteria), , torsion, strain energy, S-N curve, Degrees Of Freedom, Instantaneous Centre Method, Clutch Power, Brake Power, Belt Drive, D.O.F. Of Mechanisms, Simple Gearing Ratio Spur Gears, Type Of Mechanism Simple Spur Gear Main, Quick Return Mechanism, Mobility

Theory of machines by Ratan



Single D.O.F , Finding Natural Frequencies (Underdamped, Critically Damped, Overdamped)

Mechanical Vibration by Grover

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