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Elasticity - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Given below are two statements: one is labelled as Assertion A and the other is labelled as Reason
Assertion A : Steel is used in the construction of buildings and bridges.
Reason R : Steel is more elastic and its elastic limit is high.
In the light of above statements, choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below

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  • The property of matter by virtue of which a body tends to regain its original shape and size after the removal of deforming force is called elasticity.

  • Reason of elasticity : In solids, atoms and molecules are arranged in such a way that each molecule is acted upon by the forces due to neighbouring molecules which keep molecules in the position of stable equilibrium. These forces are known as intermolecular forces. When a solid is deformed, the atoms or molecules are displaced from their equilibrium positions causing a change in the interatomic (or intermolecular) distances. When the deforming force is removed, the interatomic forces tend to drive them back to their original positions. Thus the body regains its original shape and size. The restoring mechanism can be visualised by taking a model of spring-ball system.  Here the balls represent atoms and springs represent interatomic forces. If you displace any ball from its equilibrium position, the spring system tries to restore the ball back to its original position.

Fig:- Spring-ball model for the illustration of elastic behaviour of solids.

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