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Pseudo First Order Reaction - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Rate of reaction, \mathrm{ A+2 B \rightarrow Product~ is =k[B]^2[A]} . If B is taken in large excess, then the order of reaction is:

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Pseudo Order Reaction

If one reactant is present in large excess a 2nd order reaction is converted to 1st order reaction. This is called a pseudo first order reaction.

acid catalysed hydrolysis of ester

C_{3}H_{6}O_{2}+H_{2}O\rightarrow CH_{3}COOH+CH_{3}OH

This reaction is first order with respect to ester. The 2nd order reaction with respect to that reactant which has been taken in more amount. For example:

r=k[CH_{3}CO_{2}CH_{3}][H_{2}O] =k^{'}[CH_{3}CO_{2}CH_{3}]


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Pseudo Order Reaction

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