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Structure of beryllium chloride - Practice Questions & MCQ

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 Amongst LiCl, RbCl, BeCl_{2} \: and \: MgCl_{2}   the compounds with the greatest and the least 

ionic character, respectively are :       .


Structures of \mathrm{BeCl_{2}} in solid state, vapour phase and at very high temperature respectively are:

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Structure of BeCl2
  • All metals on heating with halogens from halides of type MX2
    \mathrm{M+X_{2} \rightarrow M X_{2}}
  • BeCl2 cannot be prepared in aqueous solution due to formation of hydrated ion [Be(H2O)4]2+.
  • BeCl2 can be prepared by heating BeO in presence of coke in a current of chlorine gas.
  • Structure of BeCl2
    • In Solid State:
    • In Liquid State: Two forms of BeCl2 exist at different temperature. Above 1200K, monomeric form exists as shown below.

      Below 1200K, dimeric form exists as shown below.

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