How to prepare for GATE in 1 month?

How to prepare for GATE in 1 month?How to prepare for GATE in 1 month - With just a month in hand, you would be in the process of giving the final touches to your GATE preparation. But remember, do not ignore the essentials. These essentials can make or break your score in GATE 2018. While you prepare for GATE 2018 in these last few days, just incorporate some essential elements and you will fair better in the entrance test. This article by Careers360 intends to help you learn what should not be missed in your preparation towards GATE in 1 month. How to prepare for GATE in 1 month carries detailed advisory on what all points must be followed in order to make an effective preparation strategy to secure a high score. In these last days of preparation, make sure that the basic concepts, definitions and formulas are completely clear to you. Read the article and know tips and tricks on how to prepare for GATE 2018 in 1 month.

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How to prepare for GATE in 1 month?


Know complete details about how to prepare for GATE 2018 in 1 month below. Incorporate the following points in your preparation and know the sure shot formula on how to prepare for GATE in 1 month.     

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Complete your Syllabus: It is crucial that the candidates have carefully followed the entire GATE syllabus of the chosen discipline and have completed the majorority part by now. If not, you must complete the syllabus as soon as possible. Once all the important topics are covered from the GATE syllabus, candidates must focus on revising what they have studied so far. Besides, the syllabus, you must also be aware about GATE exam pattern. Knowing the exam pattern would be advantageous for the test takers in terms of understanding the marking scheme, weightage given to topics, etc. 


Revise to Recollect: Revision is a very important aspect of GATE 2018 preparation. In this last month before the examination, you should use your short notes and formulae notebook to revise all the chapter/units of your respective stream. Without revision, you always leave a scope for failure of recollecting the formulas or forgetting the process of sloving a question. So, revision is vital for fresh uploading of the preparation course again in your mind. Do not neglect this part.  


Have Dedicated Study Hours: In this last 1 month, you should not compromise on the hours of study you put in for preparation. This time is the only chance left for you wherein you have the chance to cover up gaps in your preparation in the past. You may have missed on some important aspects in the last few months of your GATE preparation, but here is your chance to cover up for everything you missed out. So, you need to have a sitting of specific number of hours accordingly dedicated for serious studies on daily basis. The last month has been crucial for many GATE toppers over the years. In their interviews with Careers360, several GATE toppers from the previous years have revealed that most of them devoted a large amount of time for GATE preparation especially in the last one month. On an average, 8-10 hours of rigorous studies should be devoted during the one month preceding the exam.  


Rigorous Practice of Sample Papers Holds the Key: Aspiring candidates must understand that more practise means more perfection and better time management. Practice of GATE sampe papers or previous years question papers is the key to success. Candidates must solve GATE sample papers and previous years’ question papers as many as possible to be self-reliant and confident about taking the test on exam day. While you increasingly practise the model papers of GATE, you will get to know and analyse your strong and weak areas. You can work on your weak areas once you know about your chalenges. The focus should be on strengthening the weak areas in this last 1 month. 


Solve Mock Tests: Solving GATE Mock Test is an effective way of getting familiar with the online exam system and getting to know the overall design of the exam. This way, they can easily solve the actual test as it will a simulation of mock test. Candidates are advised to attempt as many mock tests as possible. 


Know the Virtual Calculator: From 2016 onwards, virtual calculator, an online calculator, has been introduced in GATE. Candidates can no longer carry a physical calculator to the examination hall. For all the calculations, the candidates will have to use the virtual calculator. However, before you start with that, you need to know how to use the GATE virtual calculator. If you perform the calculations using the virtual calculator well before the examination, then you will save a lot of time in the exam.


Work on Speed & Time Management: In the last one month, another important element of preparation for GATE 2018 is to improve your speed and effeiciency. You must focus on how to solve more number of questions in lesser time, while maintaining accuracy. The effort should be to complete the test before the allotted 3 hours. If you can manage to do that, you will have some spare time for revision too. Prepare a timetable for studying and stick to it.  


Quick Tips on How to Crack GATE in 1 Month:

  • General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics are relatively tougher but more scoring, if properly prepared. So, candidates must practice these sections rigorously in order to get a high score.

Important books for these sections-


1. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal for General Aptitude

2. Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal for Engineering Mathematics

  • Do not start any new topic at this time of preparation. This will result in wastage of time which can otherwise be used for revising already studied topics. Don’t do anything which can demotivate you. Strengthen the topics that you already know. This will boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Candidates appearing for GATE should make sure not to pressurize their minds too much with the burden of the exam. Try to relax your mind at all times and maintain a good health. To do that, eat a balanced and healthy diet during this period.

  • Listening to music, doing meditation, playing a sport, etc. for rejuvenation is a good idea. Breaks should be taken during monotony. Understand that GATE is just and exam which can be cracked with proper preparation.

Careers360 wishes all aspirants all the best for their GATE preparation efforts!


GATE is an online entrance exam which is conducted in 23 disciplines in the month of February for providing admissions to M.E./M.Tech/Ph.D in IITs/NITs/CFITs and other universities in India. GATE Score is valid for a period of three years for M.Tech admissions. Along with that, the score is also used for recruitment in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) like BHEL, GAIL, ONGC, IOCL, etc. The computer based test is jointly monitored and administered by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) on behalf of the National Coordination Board (NCB) - GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. Every year, more than 8 lakh candidates appear for the national level PG engineering entrance test.


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First Published On : 05 Jan 2017 05:06 PM IST

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Sir in CAT Xam scribble pad for rough work ( calculations ) is available or not as in GATE Xam ??


Johal Varsha 13 hours ago

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Suggest me book for GATE (Computer Science) preparation.

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Can i appear in gate 2019 after passing in 6 years pls advise me for the same

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Hi Kumar,Candidates who have backlogs (arrears/ failed subjects) in any paper of the qualifying degree or have appeared in the final year/ semester examination in 2019 should do the following either&n...Read More

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How many students of DBATU LONERE are selected for IITS for M.TECH through GATE

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This is depends upon the cutoff .

you can check ut through our career360 app.

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What is the time period of gate coaching

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Coaching requires 6 to 8months for full fundamentals clearing. Crash coursecan alsobe done in 4months for GATe Preparation. Students can also prepare without coaching but shall require substantial ...Read More

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