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How to Prepare for GATE 2024 - Tips & Tricks to Crack Exam

How to Prepare for GATE 2024 - Tips & Tricks to Crack Exam

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How to Prepare for GATE 2024 - The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, commonly known as GATE is a national level engineering entrance examination and a number of students participate in M.Tech admissions or PSU recruitment. The competition level is high and candidates should know how to prepare for the GATE exam 2024. Therefore, Careers360 has compiled a list of strategies that the candidates can adapt to prepare for GATE. The first step to successfully qualify for the exam is to become familiar with the Exam Pattern and Syllabus and determine the strengths and weaknesses. The candidates should prepare an effective Study Timetable to maximise their study hours.

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By following a few tips and strategies on how to prepare for GATE in 2 months, the candidates can definitely boost their confidence and perform well in the entrance examination. If the candidates are sincere about their studies, then the candidates will be able to bring good results in the GATE without coaching. Read the full article to know more about the preparation strategies for the GATE exam 2024.

How to Prepare for GATE 2024

Candidates are often confused about how to study for the gate exam. Therefore, aspirants who are going to appear for the entrance test can refer to the following points to know how to prepare for GATE 2024-

Early Start is the Best

It is important to take the first step at the earliest for candidates wondering how to prepare for GATE without coaching. By starting your preparation for GATE 2024 early, you will have enough time to prepare the schedule, check the GATE syllabus, and take things at a pace at which you are comfortable. Another advantage of starting the preparation early is that you will be able to allow much time for your studies and just focus on revision during the final few months so that you are at the top of your condition during the examination. Therefore, try to start early and don’t put off things for tomorrow.

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Know your Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Being fully prepared for what you are about to face is very important. Thinking of how can I prepare for the GATE exam 2024 as a war you will soon be battling. To win, you will need to know everything about your opponent. The basic syllabus and exam pattern of GATE 2024 are the important elements that you need to be familiar with while starting off your preparation. While the GATE 2024 exam pattern will give you an idea about how the exam will be conducted, GATE 2024 syllabus will allow you to know what are the topics and units which have to be studied. This will help in coordinating the schedule for the entire preparation period.

GATE 2024 Exam Pattern



Examination Mode

Computer Based Test (Online)


3 Hours

Number of Papers in GATE 2024

30 Papers


  • General Aptitude (GA)

  • Candidate Selected Subject

Type of Questions

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • Multiple Select Questions (MSQs)

  • Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

Design of Questions

The questions are designed to test the listed abilities

  • Application

  • Analysis

  • Comprehension

  • Recall

  • Synthesis

Number of Questions

65 Questions (including 10 questions from General Aptitude)

Distribution of Questions in all Papers except AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, and XL

Engineering Mathematics - 13 Marks

Subject Questions - 72 Marks

General Aptitude - 15 Marks

Distribution of Questions in AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH, and XL

Questions from Subject Concerned - 85 Marks

General Aptitude - 15 Marks

Total Marks

100 Marks

Marking Scheme

All of the questions will be worth 1 or 2 marks

Negative Marking

Two types of MCQs:

  • MCQs - 1 mark for each correct answer; 1/3 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.

  • MCQs - 2 marks for each correct answer; 2/3 mark will be deducted for every incorrect response. There are no negative marking for Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions

  • NO negative marking for MSQ & NAT.

Which Topic has more Weightage?

After knowing the syllabus, the next step in GATE preparation is to understand the topic weightage of GATE 2024. Some of the topics in the GATE syllabus often have more weightage in the question paper and this might help you to score more if allot more focus on the same. To know the weightage, you can check the previous GATE question papers to see how the topics and syllabus are divided. By shortlisting the topics with more weightage, you can give more time to them in order to have the upper hand during the examination. However, other topics should not be ignored.

Fix a Study Schedule

Next, you should strategize a study schedule for how to prepare for GATE. A personalized study schedule according to your aptitude should be created in which the various topics and units have to be divided as per your preference. By having a proper study schedule ready, you will be able to track your progress and know what is to be studied and when. This will lessen the chances of you diverting from the preparation. Make a daily schedule for GATE preparation and revisions.

While preparing the daily schedule for GATE preparation, try to keep daily and weekly targets to track your progress. The division of subjects and units should be done in such a manner that it is not monotonous and more time is allotted to those topics which you find difficult. Revision and mock tests should also be given some slots in the schedule. Make sure that your study schedule is not overwhelming and fits your standards.

Pick the Relevant Reference Materials

During preparation for GATE 2024, you can refer to your undergraduate textbooks since the syllabus for the exam might be similar. However, along with the textbooks, extra books for reference are also highly recommended. By referring to extra books, you will be able to gain a wider spectrum of knowledge which will be helpful during the examination. Along with the best books for the GATE exam 2024, you can also watch online lectures and refer to previous GATE toppers’ interviews to know their source of studies. Students can also create short notes which they can refer to from time to time.

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GATE 2024 Preparation Books

Check the list of GATE 2024 preparation books below

GATE Paper & Code

Link to check

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Best books for GATE ME

Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology (CS)

Best book for GATE CS

Electronics & Communication (EC)

Best book for EC

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Best book for GATE EE

Civil Engineering (CE)

Best book for GATE CE

Know your Strengths

It is best to understand what will be your strong points during the preparation and focus on them. Make sure that the topics in which you have confidence are studied properly so that you can get more chances of scoring well in them. You can also focus on scoring more marks in the two compulsory sections of GATE 2024 - Engineering Mathematics and Aptitude Test which will consist of basic topics. Newspapers and past papers of competitive exams can be checked to prepare for these two sections. For Engineering Mathematics, books by Kenneth Rosen, BS Garewal, and Erwin Kreyszig can also be referred to.

Consult to Clear Confusion

During the GATE exam preparation process, if you get stuck at any point in your studies, then the best way to resolve it is to communicate. Talk with your fellow students and teachers and have healthy discussions with them. This will let you know the progress of your friends and also motivate you to study and complete GATE preparation on time. Clearing out concepts and topics with friends or teachers will always be beneficial. Try to also join various online groups dedicated to GATE exam preparation since there will be many chances of learning new things. GATE 2024 preparation online can help to interact with expert faculty and make learning fun.

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Revision is Important

One of the most important factors in how to prepare for the GATE exam is revision. You must give yourself enough time to revise various topics and chapters so that everything stays fresh in the mind. Allot a few hours in your daily study schedule for revision since it will help you understand the topics more and help you with your progress. This will also allow you to know how much of the topics and chapters that you have studied have been retained. Revision should be done frequently and should be included in the GATE preparation strategy.

Learn to Manage Time

Since the examination is three hours long, the GATE preparation should include an understanding of how to manage their time. If the time is not managed properly, then there is a higher chance of all the questions not being answered by the time the exam ends. The best way to learn time management is to solve the GATE 2024 mock test while following the time constraint. This will allow you to practice completing the exam within the time duration of the exam. By practicing time management, you will ensure that this does not come in between your chances of scoring well in the exam.

Keep your Mind and Body Healthy

While it is important to focus on your studies, it is also equally important to keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically. If you are sick and not well then no matter how hard you have studied you will not be able to do well during the exam. Therefore, make sure you eat healthy food, get enough sleep, and also take breaks in between study sessions. You can always indulge in extracurricular activities to refresh yourself during the breaks.

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GATE Topper Interviews - Previous Year's

Candidates can also check some GATE previous year topper interviews to gain some motivation and inspiration

GATE Topper Interviews



Interview Link

Rajat Gupta

Mechanical Engineering

GATE topper Rajat Gupta interview

Navneet Gangwar

Computer Science Engineering

GATE topper Navneet Gangwar interview

Yatish Naman Asthana

Architecture and Planning

GATE topper Yatish Naman Asthana

Ajay Singhal

Civil Engineering

GATE topper Ajay Singhal interview

Abhash Rai

Electrical Engineering

GATE topper Abhash Rai interview

Gaurav Kumar

Petroleum Engineering

GATE topper Gaurav interview

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. When is GATE 2024 exam?

GATE 2024 exam was conducted on February 3, 4, 10 and 11.

2. Where should I start to prepare for GATE exam?

To begin with, candidates are advised to understand the GATE 2024 syllabus and exam pattern to plan an effective preparation strategy. 

3. When can I apply for GATE 2024?

The online GATE 2024 registration portal was opened on August 24. 

4. What is the mode of GATE 2024 exam?

GATE 2024 will be conducted as a computer based test. 


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Questions related to GATE

Have a question related to GATE ?

In most cases, leaving a 5-year integrated M.Tech program after the B.Tech portion (usually after 4 years) to pursue an M.Tech elsewhere through GATE is not possible.

Integrated programs are designed as a complete package, with the B.Tech portion leading seamlessly into the M.Tech specialization. Exiting after the B.Tech portion might disrupt the curriculum and might not grant you a standalone B.Tech degree.

Universities often have regulations that don't allow students to exit integrated programs midway.

Carefully review the regulations or brochures related to the 5-year integrated M.Tech program at NIT Patna. Look for sections on program structure, exit options, or award of degrees. Reach out to the admissions office or program coordinator at NIT Patna. They can give you the most accurate information about leaving the program after the B.Tech portion.

I hope it helps!

Yes, you can definitely prepare for the GATE exam in Civil Engineering even though you are a Biotechnology graduate. There are no restrictions on educational background for appearing in the GATE exam, you can choose any stream you're interested in. However, it will be a challenging path  because the GATE Civil Engineering syllabus covers subjects very different from Biotechnology.

The GATE Civil Engineering syllabus includes subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Geotechnical Engineering , which you likely haven't studied in detail during your Biotechnology degree.

You need to dedicate significant time and effort to grasp these new concepts and practice solving related problems.

Utilize resources like standard Civil Engineering textbooks, online courses, or coaching institutes to build a strong foundation in these core subjects. Practice solving problems from previous years' GATE Civil Engineering exams to get familiar with the question format and difficulty level.

Create a study schedule that allocates sufficient time for understanding new concepts, practicing problems, and revising.

I hope it helps!

Yes, clearing the GATE SC/ST cutoff with a valid scorecard makes you eligible for certain benefits, though it might differ slightly from the General category.

You are eligible for admission to M.Tech programs offered by many Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs) through the GATE score. However, some institutes might have additional cutoffs or weightages specifically for SC/ST candidates within their allotted seats.

A few universities might consider GATE scores for M.Sc. programs in science streams as well. Check with the specific universities you are interested in.

I hope it helps!

Hello aspirant,

Candidates must finish the online registration process in order to be eligible to take the GATE in 2025. The GATE application form can be completed by those who have graduated or are in their last year of a qualifying degree. The GATE 2025 syllabus and exam format must be followed by candidates in order to prepare for the entrance exam. On the official website, the GATE exam date will be revealed shortly. The GATE 2025 will be administered by the authority online for 30 papers.

For more information you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you

Yes, you can appear for GATE 2025 even if you have a supply in your 3rd year 5th semester (assuming you are currently in June 2024) as per the latest GATE eligibility criteria.

Candidates in the final year of their Bachelor's degree in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Science/Arts/Commerce (minimum duration of 3 years) are eligible to appear for GATE.

Having a supply in a subject doesn't necessarily disqualify you from appearing for GATE.

So, you fulfill the eligibility criteria for GATE 2025 based on the current information available (June 2024).

I hope it helps!

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