IIT JEE Preparation 2019

1As soon as a student decides to become an engineer, cracking IIT JEE is the first thought he has in his mind. Passing IIT JEE with the flying colors is a dream of every engineering aspirant but the way to the final destination of this dream is a tough row to hoe. The journey is full of obstacles and the one who crosses those hurdles is the ultimate winner to reach the destination. To prepare for IIT JEE 2019, a student will have to go that extra mile to ensure thorough preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. To buckle up IIT JEE Preparation one should start his/her preparation as early as possible. Being familiar with the exam syllabus and exam pattern will act as an icing on the cake of IIT JEE Preparation 2019. When confidence and positive attitude combines with hard work and determination, the struggle becomes much easier and opens the doors for success. To ease the burden and stress of the students some tips for IIT JEE Preparation 2019 are penned down for help and guidance.

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Know about JEE Main and JEE Advanced


Combined efforts made by you in both the exams will increase your chances of getting admission into one of the IITs, the most prestigious engineering institutes of India. JEE Main 2019 will tentatively be held in the month of April and will act as an eligibility test for JEE Advanced supposedly scheduled for May. IIT JEE Preparation 2019 will have to be a combined effort for both the exams to ensure a seat in one of the IITs.


Start as early as possible


An early bird catches a worm - this proverb clearly indicates that an early start to preparation will give better results. Start your preparation as early as possible to make sure that every topic is covered thoroughly. Join a trusted coaching institute if you feel there is a need for further guidance or you find it difficult to cope up on your own. Starting an early preparation of IIT JEE 2019 will reduce the stress on the eleventh hour.


IIT JEE Exam Syllabus and Pattern


IIT JEE preparation includes briefing yourselves with the exam syllabus and exam pattern. Go through the JEE Main exam syllabus and JEE Advanced exam syllabus to get information about the topics. Check what the difference is and plan studying those topics separately. Study the common subjects with an eye on both these exams. Emphasize more on the important topics but do not leave any topic uncovered.


JEE Main exam pattern will differ to a large extent from the JEE Advanced exam pattern. It is well your worth to be versed with both to will give you an idea about the types of questions asked, number of questions asked and their marking scheme.


Concentration at its peak


Attending classes will not be worthy if you have a lack of concentration. To grab all the information you receive in your classes, mental presence is necessary along with the physical presence. Increase your concentration levels to achieve better results. Your IIT JEE preparation 2019 will be in full flow with good concentration.


Self-study, notes and revision


For IIT JEE 2019 preparation, class study is not enough. Make self-study a daily habit because that will enhance your preparation levels. Revise everything on a frequent basis to help your brain remember everything that you have studied. Make notes accordingly for quick revision.


Practice makes a man perfect


JEE Main question papers show you the way to understand the topics that by and large are asked most times in the exam. Such will be the case if you analyse the JEE Advanced question papers too. Practising previous year question papers of both the exams will let you analyse your preparation levels. You can figure out your strengths and weaknesses and work on them to polish your JEE preparation level. The number of questions practiced will be directly proportional to your accuracy, speed and efficiency. Not just that, your speed will improve with your understanding of the nuances of time management that is required for exams of this kind. Familiarity with the exam will eliminate all fear from your mind leaving you on the exam days to tackle the question papers in a calm and clear manner.


IIT JEE Preparation – Which books are good for you?


Books are considered good friends as they give knowledge. While the text books are good to get the concepts right, an in-depth knowledge is necessary to gain that edge over the other students. Some books that will help in this during IIT JEE preparation are listed below.


Mathematics Important Books for IIT JEE Preparation




S.L. Loney

Higher Algebra

Hall & Knight

Objective Mathematics

R.D. Sharma

Maths 11 & 12


Co-ordinate Geometry

S.L. Loney

Problems in Calculus of One Variable

I.A. Maron

Physics important books for IIT JEE Preparation



Problems in General Physics

I.E. Irodov

Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday, Resnick & Walker

Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and 2

H.C. Verma

IIT JEE Physics (35 years Chapterwise solved papers)




Chemistry important books for IIT JEE Preparation



Organic Chemistry

Paula Bruice Yurkanis

Organic Chemistry

Morrison & Boyd

Inorganic Chemistry

J.D Lee

Numerical Chemistry


Time Management is the key


To make your IIT JEE 2019 preparation strategy more effective allot time to all the subjects so that no subjected is left neglected. Time management is also crucial in the exam hall. Studying is important but taking out time for leisure to relax mind is also necessary. Time management plays a key role in creating a balance between studies and rest. Allocation of the right amount of time to each and every stage and aspect of preparation for IIT JEE is crucial to ensure success.


Resolve all doubts and queries


The more you study, more you get acquainted with the doubts. Clear them and make sure that no doubt or query is left unresolved. Ask your teachers, friends or any other knowledgeable trustworthy person. Take help of the internet if required as internet is a hub for tutorials and information.


Topper’s Speak

  • According to Bhogi Suraj Krishna, JEE Main topper, 2018 (AIR 1) clearing concepts is very important and time management is the most challenging factor.

  • JEE Advanced 2017 topper Sarvesh Mehtani (AIR 1) advices engineering aspirants that mock tests are crucial. It is very important to orient yourselves towards the different patterns that the exam can have says he.

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Topper  Kushal Patil (AIR 14) says, “Consistency and exam temperament are pillars of success”

  • Parth Satish Laturia, topper of JEE Main 2018 (AIR 3) gives a word of advice to remain positive, eat well, work hard and remain consistent


What you reap is what you sow


Leave no stone unturned in the preparation of IIT JEE 2019 because the more you work hard while preparing, better results you will achieve. It is rightly said that what you reap is what you sow. You have to face the consequences of your actions.It is a long journey towards success and to reach the top successfully you need to work hard starting from the preparation level.


Motivate yourself


Hard work is not always filled with pleasure. Times might come when you will feel demotivated or stressed. Motivate yourself and do not exert yourself crossing your own limits. Try to relax your body and mind frequently to recharge it with energy and motivation. Study hard, work dedicatedly but make sure that you don’t skip breaks in between.

First Published On : 14 Jun 2018 03:30 PM IST

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How we concentrate on study or mn nhi lagta

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Ayushi Sharma 9 hours ago

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A.Start the with the subject you are proficient in :If you are starting the day with a subject you find interesting or are proficient in , you are filled with enthusiasm and that gives you happiness ,...Read More
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Will jee mains become easy if jee advance will be scrapped?

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Jayesh Makhijani 10 hours ago

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Hey dear it would become more difficult but from this year as per Education ministe it would be conducted twice In one year so it would be beneficial. and yes difficult level would increase if ad...Read More

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Ratan Hembram 20 hours ago

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I am vocational STUDENT can I apply jee advance exam

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Yes students with PCM category and having anyone additional vocational subject in class12th with minimum 75% aggregate marks are eligible for Jee Advanced. Secondly you need to ckear Jee Mains cutof...Read More

Yash Paliwal 22 hours ago

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Yash PaliwalLast Seen: 19 hours 13 min agoJoined on: 04-Aug-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 12

How many marks should I score in Jee advanced to get cse in IIT Madras.I am a general pwd candidate.

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Richa Kapoor 21 hours ago

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Dear Yash, It would be nice if you could please check the link that is given below to know the JEE Advanced cutoff for Computer Science. This will help you to get an idea about the minimum qualif...Read More

Tharun Ganapathi 23 hours ago

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Sir,If I cracked jee main and joined NIT college.Can i try to crack jee advanced to join IIT?and continue my remaining courses that i left

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Aditi Amrendra 22 hours ago

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Hello Aspirant,

But if you will take admission in NIT then you have to submit all your documebts

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