Life at NIT Warangal- Explore NIT Warangal Campus with Aakash Mishra


As a part of its exciting Campus Life Series, Careers360 brings a new & refreshing Campus Life Story from NIT Warangal. Located in Andhra Pradesh, NIT Warangal is the foreground of future for engineering students studying here. NIT Warangal Campus offers an amazing environment in terms of studies, infrastructure, and last but not the least, fun & enjoyment too.

Get to know more about Campus Life at NIT Warangal from its 2nd year student of Civil Engineering- Aakash Mishra, who is also the Branch Representative of the college. Have a closer look at NIT Warangal Campus Life through his descriptions, fun-facts and photographs.

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Careers360: Please describe your life at NIT Warangal in few sentences. What do you like the most?

Aakash: Life at NITW is so much exciting. Although, it is a bit stressful during exams but before it, we are the kings of our own world. The Class schedule is well-managed that keeps us away from boredom. We are provided with very good hostels and mess facilities; that’s what I like the most about NITW.

NIT-WarangalCareers360: How do you divide your weekly time between your studies and other activities?

Aakash: The way the professor teaches in class, if one concentrates properly in class, then 2 hours study a day is sufficient to cover the topics discussed in a particular day. So apart from revising the class notes, I engage myself in other club related activities. There is not much study pressure except during exams. Since I am the BR (Branch Representative) of 2nd year Civil Engineering, I spend my time in branch related works like interaction with teacher about the welfare of students, internships, various projects, etc.

Careers360: How do you get to know about the latest happenings in the college? Is there any in-house magazine or something else for that?
Aakash: There is no such in-house magazine that lets us know about the latest happenings in the institute. Instead, we have NITW student council group on Facebook, headed by the college president and a panel of students, which keeps on posting about various events in the institute. Also, the information regarding any event is sent to the branch representatives (member of student council NITW) and they convey the same information to their respective branch mates. Not only that, posters related to the events are also posted at various public places like library, department, messes, etc.


“It is really good for any student to be a member of the club and association in which one is interested. Apart from focusing on academics, we should involve ourselves in the clubs and association events.”


Careers360: What are the various clubs and societies in college? Are you part of any? Do you think they are beneficial for the students?

Aakash: Various clubs in the institute are: Painting Club, Dance n Dramatics, Music Club, Nature Club, Center for Value Education, Forum of International Student’s Affairs, Science and Hobbies Club, Literary and Debating Club to name a few.

I am working as:-

  1. BR (Branch Representative) Civil Engineering at Student Council NITW

  2. Executive Member of CEA (Civil Engineering Association)

  3. Executive Member of FISA (Forum of International Students Affairs)

  4. Executive Member of CVE Club (Center for Value Education)

It is really good for any student to be a member of the club and association in which one is interested. Apart from focusing on academics, we should involve ourselves in the clubs and association events. I strongly believe that participating in such activities enhances our potential, confidence, public speaking skills, teaches us the way of interaction with various people, builds up the team leading spirit in us, and so on.


“We have “Techno Zion “(South India’s 2nd biggest Tech Fest) and “Spring Spree” (cultural fest of our institute), which involve participation of students from various institutions throughout the country.”


Careers360: Are there any regular events or functions that take place in your campus? How is the participation of students on such occasions?

Aakash: The various clubs in our institute keep on organizing different events on a weekly basis. In almost all the events, there is huge participation of students. The events are well-managed and organized. The conduction of such events is well-supported by our respected director and deans. The most active clubs of our institute- DND and Music Club organize Audi Nite and Music Nite on a monthly basis, which involve major participation of students. Moreover, we have “Techno Zion “(South India’s 2nd biggest Tech Fest) and “Spring Spree” (cultural fest of our institute), which involve participation of students from various institutions throughout the country.

Careers360: What are the best hangout spots at NIT Warangal? What, according to you, are the most-visited places nearby the campus?

Aakash: Some of the best hangout spots of our institute include: -TS (Time Square) Area, Canteens, CDX and NESCAFE. Among them, I prefer TS Area the most because it is the heart of NITW from where one can observe the best view of institute.

The most visited places nearby campus are: - NYPFC, Seasons Restaurant, Warangal Fort, Bhadrakali Temple, etc.

NIT_WarangalCareers360: What is your opinion about the infrastructure of the institution? How are faculty members, laboratories, mess, and everything else?

Aakash: We have a very good infrastructure though our institute is the first NIT in the country (established in 1959). The department buildings, administrative building as well as other buildings are well-maintained. The major hostels (Ultra Mega and Mega) are the best hostels constructed in any institute. Moreover, we have high internet speeds and Wi-Fi connection throughout the campus.

I am student of CE (Civil Engineering) out here at NITW. I can proudly say that CE at NITW is the best in the whole country. It is a great achievement for any student studying CE at NITW to be taught by such talented and student-friendly professors.

Careers360: How do you like to spend your leisure time? What are the most prominent activities in your campus?

Aakash: Most of my leisure time is spent in using internet. I spent my time in chatting with my friends, playing cricket, reading magazines, research papers, etc.

The most prominent activities in our campus include coding competition, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, music and DJ Nite, and other club related activities.

Careers360: What else fun-thing makes your campus unique and interesting?

Aakash: NITW is like a garden, which consists of students not only from India but from various other corners of the world. We get chance to interact with the students from different countries, sharing their culture, lifestyles, and so on. Trying to talk in Telugu (local language of Warangal) by the students from outside Andhra Pradesh is one of the funniest things done here.

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