Careers360 Quick Guide to Electronics and Communication Engineering

Careers360 Quick Guide to Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Electronics and Communication Engineering deals with the study, application and utilization of science and mathematics to address practical problems that exist or occur in the field of communications. This branch of engineering involves research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems.


To know more in detail about Electronics and Communication Engineering, download this quick guide from here.

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  • Shrinidhi Patted
    By: Shrinidhi Patted on 9th July, 2017
  • Neetesh
    By: Neetesh on 10th June, 2017
    good going notes of career360
  • Harshavardhanreddy Putta
    By: Harshavardhanreddy Putta on 9th June, 2017
    jaffa book
    By: TECHNO MIK on 8th June, 2017
    it helped me a lot to take a quick over view of ec engineering criteria, syllabus and scopes after degree specifically topic wise .
  • Deepthi
    By: Deepthi on 23rd February, 2017