KEAM 2017 Topper Interview - Arundathi Chandrasekh (Rank 43) “Pursue your passion, success will follow”

Arundhathi-ChandrasekhThe dream to become an engineer at the young age of nine years inspired Arundathi Chandrasekh to follow her passion and accomplish it.  Arundathi, who secured the 43rd rank in KEAM 2017 exam, is all set to study electrical engineering. She has topped in her district Wayanad. Arundathi referred to the NCERT books and her coaching institute materials for her KEAM preparation. Every day for the past two years, she diligently revised whatever was taught at the coaching institute. Her KEAM preparation did not deter her from pursuing her hobbies of reading books and listening to music.  This acted as a big stress buster for her while she was engrossed in her preparation for the KEAM exam held on april 24 & 25. She judiciously managed her time between preparation for the board exams and the KEAM entrance exam. She has a word of advice for future aspirants, “Follow your passion and you are bound to succeed.” In an interview with Careers360,  Arundathi Chandrasekh shares her experience about preparing for the KEAM exam and provides some tips to the budding engineers.

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Careers360: Congratulations for your outstanding performance in KEAM 2017! What was your reaction upon knowing your rank?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: I was very happy as I did not expect to score such a good rank in the KEAM 2017 exam.


Careers360: Tell us something about yourself. Which board have you studied under? Which school have you studied in?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: I studied at Vijayagiri Public School and it is affiliated to CBSE board.


Careers360: What is your score in KEAM 2017? What is your all state rank and category rank?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: My normalised score is 556. 26 and my KEAM 2017 exam score is 858. My state rank is 43 in KEAM 2017 and there is no category rank.


Careers360: Why do you want to study engineering? When did you decide to study engineering? Which branch would you be interested in? Which college do you wish to apply for?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: My father is also an engineer and I always wanted to emulate him. I decided to pursue engineering as a career when I was in class 4.  I would like to study electrical engineering. I would like to apply to IIT Madras. My JEE Advanced rank is 5199.


Careers360: When did you start your KEAM preparation? Tell us something about your preparation strategy and daily routine for KEAM?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: I started preparing for KEAM entrance exam when I was in class XI. I studied for the KEAM exam along with the syllabus of class XII. I used to revise every day what was taught in the class as well as at the coaching institute.


Careers360:  Was there a difference in the preparation strategy in the last months of KEAM considering that the board exams also are during this period? How did you manage preparation for both?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: I focussed on the board exams first and then I turned my eye on the KEAM entrance exam.The syllabus is the same for both of them. When I was in Class XI, I focussed more on preparing for the KEAM 2017 entrance exam, while in Class XII, I differed in my preparation. I started preparing simultaneously for both the exams.


Careers360: Did you take coaching for KEAM and if yes from where? What are the benefits of coaching according to you?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: Yes, I did take coaching at Professor PC Thomas Classes. The advantage of taking coaching is that they put you in the right direction for the entrance exam. Before joining the coaching classes, I had no clue on how to go about preparing for the KEAM 2017 exam. They guided me at every step.


Careers360: Mock tests and sample papers – how extensively did you practise with the help of these? Do you think practising from the previous year papers help and how?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: Mock tests were conducted every weekend and they gave us sample papers to solve. This helped me immensely. It is pertinent to solve the question papers of previous years of KEAM as it helps to know the difficulty level of the exam and the topics on which we need to focus more. 


Careers360: Are there any special books that you feel have helped with your KEAM preparation? Are the school text books adequate for preparing for KEAM and Class XII?  

Arundathi Chandrasekh:  I simply studied from the NCERT books and there are no other books which I consulted.


Careers360: Did you face any problem during the KEAM examination?  Which subject was the easiest and which was the toughest in KEAM? What do you think is a tough thing to manage during the KEAM exam?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: I did not face any problem while writing the KEAM exam. I found the Maths section easy, while Physics was kind of difficult for me.


Careers360: What do you think are the key factors behind your stupendous success in KEAM?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: My parents, teachers and friends, all of them supported me during the course of the KEAM preparation and I would like to thank all of them for it. They are the people who are mainly responsible for my success.


Careers360: How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation? What are your hobbies? How often could you pursue them?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: I used to destress myself by reading novels and listening to music.  These are my hobbies also and I used to almost read every day as well as listen to music.


Careers360: Who is your ideal or biggest inspiration in life and why?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: There are a lot of people who have inspired me. It is difficult to think of just one person, who I could give the credit to.


Careers360: You know you are an inspiration to thousands of students across the country. Do you have any message for future aspirants on tackling the KEAM exam?

Arundathi Chandrasekh: My message to the future aspirants is to follow your passion. Do what you really want to do in life. You must do or pursue only that thing which you want to do and it makes you happy and you love to do it. Do not do anything simply because others want you to do it.


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First Published On : 20 Jun 2017 04:52 PM IST
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