Careers360 quick guide to Computer Science and Engineering

Careers360 quick guide to Computer Science and Engineering

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Computer Science Engineering is the most sought-after branch of engineering that deals with computation and its applications. The branch of engineering is the systematic study of algorithms that underlies the acquisition, processing, representation, communication, storage of, and access to information.


Download this quick guide to have more details about Computer Science Engineering.

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  • Bhuvnesh Giri
    By: Bhuvnesh Giri on 22nd March, 2018
    Good book but you should also add all details such as fees, course duration, ratings for all colleges and universities explained in this book.
  • Santosh vishwakarma
    By: Santosh vishwakarma on 18th March, 2018
  • hemanth reddy
    By: hemanth reddy on 12th December, 2017
  • Govind singh
    By: Govind singh on 26th October, 2017
    This ebook provide me the best knowledge for shaping my future in the field of engineering. Thanks alot.
  • Nitin Kumar
    By: Nitin Kumar on 20th August, 2017
  • Pandlanitish
    By: Pandlanitish on 4th July, 2017
  • Ganesh Achar
    By: Ganesh Achar on 1st July, 2017
  • sneha patil
    By: sneha patil on 29th June, 2017
  • Yatharth Bhavsar
    By: Yatharth Bhavsar on 18th June, 2017
  • Harshil Rajodiya
    By: Harshil Rajodiya on 11th June, 2017