What am I going to do after B.Tech?

What-am-I-going-to-do-after-BTechWhat am I going to do after B.Tech: With the approaching end of a semester, you i.e., the soon-to-be graduate will be faced with another difficult question “What am I going to do after B.Tech?”. After undergoing the grueling path of JEE and other engineering entrance examinations, you are yet again placed on a crossroad. Each individual has different plans and aspirations and the selection of what they aspire to be in the future should be done accordingly. This will be the time when you will be deciding where you want to be in the future. Careers360 has compiled 11 things you can follow after completing your B.Tech degree to provide you a clearer picture of how things will be. Look them up before you decide about “What am I going to do after B.Tech”, and then get going in full swing.

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Top 11 Things You can Aim to Do After B.Tech


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Campus Placement1. Campus Placement: This is the best option if you have no interest in pursuing further studies. Campus Placements is a common phenomenon in most good engineering institutes. Apply for the placement offers that are available in the campus and more important prepare well for them. Try to stick to those jobs which interest you while keeping in mind the field of engineering you would later on want to make your mark in. Campus placements for engineering students are on the rise every year with high packages being offered to those candidates with above average performance during their college days.


Plan Out Your Further Studies by Specializing ie. M.Tech2. Plan Out Your Further Studies by Specializing ie. M.Tech: Pursuing your further studies is another option to choose after completing your B.Tech studies. M.Tech is the next step that allows you to select your field of expertise and excel in it. Specialization in a particular field is provided to the students which later on will provide an edge during job interviews. To pursue M.Tech studies in the top engineering institutes such as IITs. NITs and CFTIs, the undergraduate students will have to attempt and qualify Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). The examination of GATE is held annually for admissions into the M.Tech courses offered by the top engineering institutes of India. Ofcourse, thre are private universities as well as some states that offer post-graduation through their own engineering entrance exams.


Shift over to the Business Side3. Shift over to the Business Side i.e., MBA: Have you ever felt that engineering was never your true call? It is never too late to switch over to what you feel is the right path for you. Alternately you could be one of those people who feel that management knowledge will equip you better  in your chosen career path. If management and business has ever been interesting then you should consider pursuing MBA. Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is also a largely pursued course in India and has a lot of scope. Fields such as HR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, International Relations, Sales and more are some of the well-known and preferred specializations. CAT (Common Admission Test) is the entrance exam that the students will have to qualify for admissions into IIMs and other leading institutes. Other examinations are XAT (Xavier's), NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, TISS, IRMA and more.


Diploma Courses4. Diploma Courses: Pursuing diploma courses is another alternative which will be available for B.Tech graduates. If a full M.Tech course is not your cup of tea, then you can always opt for short term courses or diplomas to add some specialized educational qualification to your resume. Courses such as embedded technology, VLSI, robotics, ethical hacking, protocol testing, machine designing and more are some specialized courses to name a few. These short term courses and diplomas are usually job oriented and will be helpful while applying for jobs in different industries.


Study Abroad5. Study Abroad: It is no secret that facilities provided by the foreign Universities are better than those that are available here. If your wish is to explore and experience an entirely new culture while studying then going abroad is the best option for you. Along with studies, you can also check the various fellowships in research and development category available abroad. There are many scholarships provided for full or half funding of the education too. Apply for all available scholarships. For admission abroad, you will be required to have qualified some examinations like GRE, TOEFL and more.


Be your Own Boss - Entrepreneurship6. Be your Own Boss - Entrepreneurship: Starting off your own business is also a great option after completing your B.Tech. This option lets you have the freedom to express your creativity and ideas. However, this path is not all sunshine and rainbows. Starting your own business will require a lot of hard work. There will be frequent challenges as well as ups and downs to overcome. There are 50-50 chances of either succeeding or failing in your own business. Moreover it will require a certain amount of financial backup. Check the pros and cons before you plunge into this option.


Crack the Civil Service Examination7. Crack the Civil Service Examination: One of the toughest examination of our country, the Civil Service Exam falls under the category of the most attempted examinations. For engineering graduates, there is the IES in addition to the civil services one. If you feel that a government job will provide you with much better facilities and a safeguarded future, then start preparing for the civil service examinations. You will face a tough competition ahead but with a hardworking mindset, the job can be done. After the examination, an interview will be conducted which you will have to qualify before proceeding for training.


Serve your country8. Serve your country: Always been the patriotic one? Take this opportunity to join the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force or any other wing. Apply for AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) which can land you up as a technical staff in the defense wing. The facilities provided for defense staff are good and the pay scale too while fulfilling your passion to serve the country.   


8. Keep Options Open –If you feel that neither M.Tech nor MBA is your calling then there are always more options open that can be pursued. There are many options open in the field of Research if you are full of innovative and practical ideas. Check out the programmes for these and find out what it is that you actually want to pursue and which will benefit you greatly in your future. Switching courses after graduation can be quite hectic but is not impossible. If you truly feel that your heart and mind lies with another option then you should pursue it.


Bring a Change to the World9. Bring a Change to the World: If you feel that just mindlessly pursuing a course is not what you want from life and wish to bring a change, then start working for a Non-Governmental Institute (NGO). By working or starting out your own NGO, you will be able to provide a change to all the underprivileged people in this country. Through this option, you will be able to apply your technical theories and skills to innovate the lives of the underprivileged masses.


Follow your Dreams10. Follow your Dreams: If none of the options given above attract you then it is time to abandon everything and to follow your dreams. Take the challenge and try to combine your profession with your passion. Music, dance, photography, painting or any other talent or passion of yours can be grown and changed into your profession. There will be some challenges faced by you if you follow this path, however, you will be left with no regrets about pursuing something you love to do.


These are just some few options you will be able to select from after completing your graduation in B.Tech. This will be a huge decision in your life so remember to decide carefully before taking the next step. Follow your dreams and make the best of the bright future ahead of you. All the best!


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First Published On : 04 Aug 2017 09:49 AM IST

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