IIT Madras offers option to upgrade to Interdisciplinary Dual Degree course

IIT-MADRAS-picFrom the academic session 2017-18, students pursuing B. Tech and Dual Degree (B.Tech + M.Tech) at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras will have an option to upgrade to an Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (ID DD) programme. The five year ID DD course will offer students a B.Tech in parent discipline and M.Tech. in an interdisciplinary area.  The upgrade option is available to those UG and DD students who score CGPA of more than eight at the beginning of the 5th semester. This is in addition to the B.Tech + M.Tech (Dual Degree programme), the institute already offers in several conventional disciplines.


Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director of IIT Madras said, “As a part of its endeavour to offer more flexibility in education, IIT Madras will be allowing its UG and DD students to gain Dual Degree in four of the highly sought-after domains of the present times: (i) Advanced Materials & Nano Technology, (ii) Biomedical Engineering, (iii) Computational Engineering, and (iv) Data Science.”


Gradually, it may expand to include more areas such as energy systems, battery technology, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and management. UG or DD students from any branch of engineering can upgrade to the Interdisciplinary Dual Degree programme, provided they meet certain academic criteria.


Elaborating on the initiative, Prof. V. Jagadeesh Kumar, Dean of Academic Courses, IIT Madras said, “It is imperative that students of IIT Madras are given opportunities to learn and work in current areas that would define the future of engineering and technology in the world”. IIT Madras regularly updates its academic courses and offers good amount of flexibility.


This initiative will not only enable students to study and earn an added qualification in the area of their choice, but will also be useful to those who may have missed out on getting their preferred discipline at the time of admission. For instance, a student pursuing B.Tech in Metallurgy may probably be able to pursue B.Tech - M.Tech (ID DD) in Data Sciences by opting for this scheme.


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Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

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Bharathi 1 day ago

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BharathiLast Seen: 1 day 10 hours agoJoined on: 15-Jul-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 12

Now ,how i am apply admission in indian institute of technology,chennai

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Chirag Kumars picture
Chirag KumarLast Seen: 1 day 2 hours agoJoined on: 23-May-2015Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 12

You have to clear jee advance to get admission to this college

All the best

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Abhishek kumar Rajs picture
Abhishek Kumar RajLast Seen: 2 days 23 hours agoJoined on: 18-May-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 10 or below

Which one better IIT Madras biological science ya kgp geophysics

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Zubin Mehta 3 days ago

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Zubin MehtaLast Seen: 11 hours 35 min agoJoined on: 13-Apr-2017Education Interest: ManagementEducation Level: Graduate & Above
KGP geophysics engineering is relatively newer and very niche and finds limited job opportunities. Average package is seen varying avery year making it less attractive. IIT Madras is strong renowned ...Read More
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Vimala 5 days ago

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VimalaLast Seen: 5 days 2 hours agoJoined on: 23-Sep-2015Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 11

I am from Chennai.If I get any seat in NIT,GFTI,IIIT,where should I go for document verification. Can I go to IIT Madras for document verifi

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Debasmita Bariks picture
Debasmita BarikLast Seen: 13 hours 17 min agoJoined on: 18-Apr-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation
Hi Vimala,Generally, for document verification you are called to the nearest institution under that board, in your case, it may be an IIT, IIIT,NIT or GFTI. So if IIT MADRAS is the nearest to your cit...Read More

DHEEPAK .S 6 days ago

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What is difference between angle projectile and horizontal projectile in space and surface of earth

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KARAN HANDA 6 days ago

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IN space an object can not undergo projectile motion so thats irrelevant siNce gravity doesn't act there also there is no datum like that on earth it is the surface that acts like a datum. so the dif...Read More

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