Campus Life at Quantum University: Experience it with Vaibhav Gupta
Vaibhav Gupta, a student at Quantum University describes his campus life, daily routine, facilities, what he loves about his college in an exclusive interaction with Careers360. Read on to know what campus life at Quantum University is like on this page.
Campus Life at Rabindranath Tagore University
The campus life of Rabindranath Tagore University seems really exciting and promising offering variety of activities. Candidates can follow the article below to know about campus life at Rabindranath Tagore University.
Campus Life at IIT Kanpur: Experience it with Vinamra Rai
Vinamra Rai, a sophomore year undergraduate student at IIT Kanpur, gives a vivid description of campus life at the institute. Learn about interesting facets like student-teacher ration and more through the words of Vinamra Rai.
Campus Life at IIT Hyderabad - Experience it with Ambuj Sinha
In this article, Ambuj Sinha, President, Student Gymkhana (3rd Year Chemical Engineering student) takes us through the life at IIT Hyderabad. Let’s know what does IIT Hyderabad offer to the students and experience Campus Life at IIT Hyderabad with Ambuj Sinha.
Campus Life at IIT Bombay: Experience it with Mohak Goyal
Experience campus life in IIT Bombay with Careers360. Mohak Goyal from the department of Electrical Engineering talks about how the life of an IIT student is in the institute. From studies to co-curricular activites, Mohak answers all the frequently asked answers for all IIT Bombay aspirants.
Experience campus life at IIT BHU with Sankalp Gupta
It is a dream of most of the aspiring engineers to study at the premier engineering institutes like IITs. Sankalp Gupta of IIT BHU, who is currently pursuing his B. Tech in chemical engineering at IIT BHU shares his experience about the campus life.
Campus Life - Let’s Explore IIT Madras with Vineesha Badabhagni
In a candid conversation with Vineesha Badabhagni (VB), Careers360 decodes many myths related to IIT Madras for aspiring students who dream to get into IIT Madras, however, are sceptical about various factors associated with the institute.
Experience Campus life at IIT Delhi with Kajal Singh
Kajal Singh, a recent alumnus of IIT Delhi in a conversation with Careers360 tells us her experiences in the college. Let’s have an insight of campus life at IIT Delhi, as shared by Kajal Singh.
Experience campus life at IIT Roorkee with Rohit Sinha
Rohit Sinha, the final year B.Tech student of IIT Roorkee shares his experience about the campus life at the institute. He talks about the infrastructure at the institute and the various extra co-curricular activities which take place in the campus.
Life at IIT Hyderabad- Experience it with IIT Hyderabad student Satya Vasanth Reddy
Get to know the inside story of Campus Life at IIT Hyderabad from Satya Vasanth Reddy, a student of Mechanical Engineering at IITKGP.


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