Mahindra Group Launches Premier Engineering College at Hyderabad

What do large MNCs want from future engineers?  Which institution would fulfil the dreams of students aiming to become global managers? Would inter-disciplinary education help students become leaders, entrepreneurs, and Innovators? These are some of the questions facing engineering aspirants of today.


The Mahindra Group, a global multinational business conglomerate, has launched a premier Engineering college - Mahindra École Centrale (MEC); in collaboration with École Centrale Paris, one of the oldest and most prestigious engineering institutions in France, and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Hyderabad.


MEC will develop New Engineers who are Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators, striving for the benefit of Human Kind, Society, Companies and Organizations.


A multi-disciplinary approach is the guarantee of the program's modernity: through this institution, students will develop the ability to adapt to change, to master the complexity of organizations, and to understand and adapt the new and emerging technologies.


With a five-year integrated curriculum (B.Tech and M.Tech dual degree) MEC offers a  program that focuses on the students’ ability to operate in complex, international multi‐disciplinary teams, with a stronger awareness of international and cultural differences in their approaches to solving engineering problems.


The inaugural batch will commence in August 2014. Selection is based on the results of the JEE Main examinations and an interview/group discussion. MEC offers specialization in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Information & Communication Technology.


Faculty members include PhDs and recognized academicians from IITs with international exposure, overseas education and work experience, in various internationally reputed universities.


MEC Edge:

  • International faculty with Deans from France

  • Accreditation by the French CTI

  • Global curriculum – best of JNTU Hyderabad and É cole Centrale Paris

  • Fellowships  / academic exchange or recommended internships abroad

  • Modern industry aligned inter-disciplinary education

  • World class infrastructure with global exposure

  • Foreign language training and cultural immersion programs

  • Educational loans and scholarships

  • Placement Assurance

MEC Curriculum aims to:

  1. Enable students to master knowledge in Fundamental Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Social and Human Sciences, together with the development of competencies, skills and abilities;

  2. Develop a system-approach of Complexity;

  3. Expose the students to Research and Companies;

  4. Help students practice case-based and problem-based learning in the framework of team projects;

  5. Enable students to experience International and inter-cultural contexts.

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