IIT Ropar organises its third Industry Meet

IIT-Ropar-organizesThe Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar organised its third Industry Meet on May 25, 2017 with the objective to bring the industry and academia on the same platform to discuss issues related to industrial expectations from the institute, solve live industrial problems through projects, boost local industry in the region and to explore the possibility of setting up industry sponsored labs at the institute. The meeting chaired by Prof. Sarit Kumar Das, Director, IIT Ropar was attended by renowned industry leaders and representatives. As many as 19 members from Industrial Associates of IIT Ropar and about 25 members from other industries were present at the event.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Das said, “The current stage of industry‐academia linkages in India  is still quite nascent. We have to look out that a more sustaining and long term structural plan for continuous development that would serve to be mutually beneficial for the industrial sector as well as the academic research driven sector of India. The objective of this conclave is to emphasise the significance of enhancing academia-industry collaboration for augmenting research, innovation, employability and greater productivity through various measures.”


The meeting included discussion on various topics like recognition of industrial projects at par with published papers, research grants, additional funding and industrial participation. The discussions also revolved around how each department should encourage participation through industrial visits to campus, industrial workshops, meetings, lecture series etc. which will reduce the gap between industry and academia. The meeting addressed issues of how industry and academia can collaborate and come up with policies and work towards solutions to existing issues. An industrial policy draft will be presented by the institute as an outcome of this meeting. The meeting touched upon the importance of ‘Make in India’ and how industry and academia can collaborate and contribute to this national policy of the Government of India (GoI).


The conclave concluded with a formal launch of Council of Industrial Associates of IIT Ropar with an aim from the institute to increase the strength of its Industrial Associates from 19 to 25 within this year. The institute also declared its vision for the year 2020 which are to have 50 active industries as part of the Industrial Associates of IIT Ropar, having at least 15 good projects ongoing with industry, promoting at least 30 invited lectures per year solely from industry and visits from top leadership of industry.


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