IIT Hyderabad to launch new courses on Minor in Design, Engineering Mathematics

IIT_HyderabadThe Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Hyderabad will launch two new B. Tech courses on Minor in Design and Engineering Mathematics from the academic year 2017-18. These courses are being introduced following the interest from students as well as recruiters who are increasingly looking for these skills.

Commenting about the launch of two new courses, Prof. U.B. Desai, Director of IIT Hyderabad said, “Multi-disciplinary areas are constantly emerging not just within the academic world but also within the industry. These areas require new ways of thinking and new skills. These new courses aim to fulfill such emergent requirements.”


The Head of Department of Mathematics, IIT-Hyderabad, Prof. D. Sukumar said, “The B.Tech. (Engineering Mathematics) will enable students to pursue higher studies in Math, such as a Ph.D. in world class universities. It will also help students to take up Research and Development work in national as well as international laboratories. There are also many Industry and MNC jobs which require Math analytical skills. The intake for the course is 10 students.”


Students pursuing B. Tech. (Engineering Mathematics) in IIT-Hyderabad will be exposed from the first semester to the foundations and fundamentals required for higher mathematics. Students can tailor their course according to their orientation and specialisation of Mathematics through the fractal academic system. They will be trained to solve problems and project based learning from the preceding years, which will help students to see links between different areas of mathematics.


At present, Prof. Sukumar says other IITs to offer similar courses include IIT-Guwahati and IIT-Delhi who offer B.Tech Mathematics and Computing. There are also Integrated Dual Degrees offered by IIT Kanpur and IIT (BHU) Varanasi.


Similarly, speaking about the other new course that is B.Tech. (Minor in Design), Prof. Neelkantan, Assistant Professor, Department of Design, IIT Hyderabad said,  “Creative thinking, lateral and non-linear thinking, innovative spirit, experiencing technology and entrepreneurial components – these are some of the highlights of design thinking. The advantage of the Minor in Design Course is not just about employability but also supporting the students to be creative thinkers and begin initiatives of their own.”


The intake will be between 15 and 20. These courses are meant to introduce a 'design-spine' within the larger engineering environment as visualised by Design Manifesto 2014. Design departments that are part of IITs have the advantage of collaborating across disciplines in sciences and engineering. The canvas of collaborative work is vast and exciting and potential for incubation is manifold.

The minor courses that will be offered include Creative Product Design, Principles of Animation and moving images, Digital Heritage, Visual Communication and digital imaging, Built-environment/ Urban space Design, Special Topics on Design, Introduction to Ergonomics and design, Word and image Immersion, Movement Art, Technology and Environmental installations and Performances.


Prof. Neelkantan further added that the course structure was oriented such that the students are encouraged right from the first semester itself to think independently, which crystallises in the independent projects they conceive. The lectures and courses are oriented such that they feed in and support the project work. The response to the existing courses has been amazing and the candidates experience tough competition to get admitted to the design program.


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Sandhya Rani 4 days ago

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How much rank members get seat in iit hydrebad

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For a broader idea go check out this link

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Which college should i prefer for chemical engineering BHU or IIT Hyderabad?And how difficult it is to change branches in these iits?

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Dont think of branch change in iits. Due to a large competition it becomes difficult to change branch. Choose your branch related to interests and not due to packages. Coming to your question IIT BH...Read More
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Which college is better among iit hyderabad and iiit gachibowli

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Hello Khalid, IIIT Hyderabad is better in terms of placement. Though faculty, campus and infra is good of both. IIIT Hyderabad - The placements of this college is the prime reason it is beco...Read More