Lateral Entry to IIT for Outstanding NIT Students!

The Anil Kakodkar committee in its April 2011 report " Taking IITs to Excellence & Greater Relevance" suggested the scheme of lateral entry to outstanding undergraduate students of NITs to the IITs. The scheme outlines the grooming of such student for further doctoral programmes thus ensuring the uitilization of the IIT resources as well as increasing the presence of quality students in the higher education sector.

As per the recommendations, students studying at any of the NITs with a consistent outstanding academic performance for the first three years of their  engineering course shall be eligible for the scheme subject to the recommendations of their teachers and their performance at an evaluation interview. Selected students will be able to complete their final year in an IIT. They will have the chance to carry their education further with a Ph.D at the same IIT. The degree awarded in such a case will be by the NIT where the student originally studied in and the Ph.D in due course by the IIT.

This proposal will be placed in front of the meeting of the Standing Committee headed by the HRD minister M.M.Pallam Raju on January 7, 2013. The board of directors have already given the nod to the proposal. If the scheme is passed by the Standing Committee, it would alter the existing scenario of higher education  and allow deserving students access to the best of the facilites. On the other hand, the scheme would also encourage reasearch and doctoral programmes which are lagging somewhat behind in the country.

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