JEE Main normalisation process challenged in Supreme Court

Highest Court of India, Supreme Court, will be hearing a petition seeking a stay on Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) claiming that the ranking and normalization system adopted by CBSE and IIT Admission committee has adversely affected 100s of students seeking admission to the premier engineering institutions of India i.e. NITs, CFTIs etc.

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On Tuesday, 53 petitioners, mainly parents of aggrieved candidates, moved to the apex court with a writ petition seeking intervention of court in the admission process.  The normalization process adopted which included component of 12th boards as well for admission into IITs, NITs etc. has kept itself under scanner since the day it was introduced. Parents, students and academicians opposed the normalization process heavily because they saw it will give unfair advantage to some.

A student in Madhya Pradesh, who scored 183 in JEE Main was expecting a good rank under 20,000 but when the result came he was in state of shock. He got a rank around 42,000. He did well in Boards too. This literally shattered his chances to get into any NIT. (CLICK HERE to read more about such examples)

All across India, parents and students have opposed the newly introduced normalization process and they have also approached Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab for the same.  Social networking sites also saw huge campaign buildup against the process and students are protesting all across India by all means.


“The normalization process is complex and unscientific. Instead of authorities putting out the normalization process well in advance, they disclosed it in May, a month after the JEE-Main exam. It has affected the ranking of many and thus affected their chance to get admission in one of the top engineering schools,” Garg said. “How can you play the game and then give the rules? It does not put all school boards on an equal footing in any way.”

(CLICK HERE to read more on how board you are enrolled in can affect your chances)

CBSE on the other hand, has given no clarification and explanation for the same till date to explain their part.


Updates on Supreme Court hearing on Thursday, 11 July 2013 on JEE Main normalization process adopted by CBSE:


On the petition filed by 53 parents opposing CBSE’s JEE Main normalization formula, Supreme Court of India said that the admissions to the NITs will be subject to final verdict.

The Double bench order says that all admissions are subject to a final disposal of matter by the Supreme Court. The Apex Court refused to grant stay on the ongoing counselling of JEE Main and the government & admission board (CSAB) can go ahead with the admission process.

The petitioners in their complaint said that the process adopted by CBSE is unfair and has adversely affected many students.

First Published On : 11 Jul 2013 11:47 AM IST
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