Electronics Engineering - Design and Manufacturing

Electronics Engineering - Design and Manufacturing

Electronics Engineering - Design and Manufacturing

About course

A B. Tech in Electronics Engineering in Design & Manufacturing empowers students with the knowledge to design and test circuits that use resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors to achieve a particular functionality. Graduates from this stream are well-equipped with the trade of designing integrated circuits by constructing circuit schematics and layouts using Electronic Design Automation (EDA). The curriculum is designed in a way so as to give equal weight to the need to design, testing and realization of analog and digital circuits and systems, power electronics and industrial drives and control and instrumentation systems. Nowadays, computers and controllers are based on microprocessors, micro-controllers, memory and embedded systems which contain millions of transistors in a single semiconductor chip. This has escalated the need to get skilled manpower that can understand the need of the time and help an organisation stay up-to-date with the technological advances.

Core subjects

The core subjects are as follows:

  • Electromagnetic field and quantum mechanics

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Networks and System Theory & Practice

  • Electro mechanical energy conversion theory and practice

  • Control engineering theory and practice

  • Power Electronics and Industrial Drives

Further Studies

After completing B. Tech in Electronics Engineering in Design & Manufacturing, you can opt for M. Tech followed by research.

Job profiles

The job profiles of this branch are as follows:

  • Chief Engineers

  • Workshop Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Verification Engineer

  • Engineering Technologist

  • Development and Test Engineers

Top recruiters

The Electronics Engineering in Design & Manufacturing have good scope of employment in both central and state government as well as private organizations including telephone industries, civil aviation department, laboratories and so on. Some of the top companies include:

  • BSNL

  • DRDO

  • Reliance Power

  • Birla Group

  • Wipro

  • TCS

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