VITEEE Preparation FAQs 2018

VITEEE Preparation FAQsVITEEE Preparation FAQs 2018 – While preparing for VITEEE 2018 number of questions comes up in the mind of candidates – for example, important topics to start from, good books for preparation, management of time, solving sample papers, preparation of VITEEE with class XII boards and other entrance exams etc. These questions are of utmost importance to each and every aspirant of VITEEE while preparing. That is why Careers360 has compiled the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of VITEEE preparation 2018 to free candidates from such burden and help them in their preparatory days. Candidates can check all the VITEEE preparation FAQs 2018 from the article given below.


VITEEE Preparation FAQs 2018


Ques - When should I start my VITEEE preparation?

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Ans - VITEEE 2018 entrance exam is being conducted from April 4 -15. Therefore, it is important to start preparing as early as possible because only after completing the syllabus, the revision for the exam will start. It's better to plan the preparation in a way that ample amount of time is left for revision and practising sample papers.


Ques - How much of class XI and XII syllabus comes in VITEEE? Can you give me important topics from each?

Ans - The ratio of class XII syllabus is comparatively more in VITEEE question paper. However, it is important to study all the topics. Some of the important ones are given in the table below.







p,d and f – Block Elements

Probability Distribution



English Grammar and Pronunciation

Current Electricity

Atomic Structure

Vector Algebra

Cell and Molecular Biology

Comprehension Questions

Nuclear Physics

Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules

Trigonometry and Complex Numbers



Semiconductor Devices and their Application

Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives

Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions

Genetics and Evolution



Carbonyl Compounds

Matrices and their Applications

Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment


Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics

Alcohols and Ethers

Differential Calculus

Biotechnology and its Applications


Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

Isomerism in Organic Compounds

Discrete Mathematics

Human Physiology


Laws of Motion & Work, Energy and Power


Integral Calculus and its Applications

Plant Physiology


Properties of Matter

Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry

Analytical Geometry of Two Dimensions

Human Health and Diseases


Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics

Differential Equations




Ques - I am unable to prepare for VITEEE separately? Should I prepare for only JEE Main & Class 12?

Ans – The best thing about preparing for class 12, JEE Main and VITEEE is that the syllabus for all three is the same so the topics can be clubbed together to be prepared for all. However, it is advisable that in this case class 12 exams should be a priority since there is a minimum percentage required for admissions.


Ques - What are the best books to prepare for VITEEE?

Ans – The best books for VITEEE are provided in the table below:




Waves and Thermodynamics

Organic Chemistry (Khan Academy)

Objective Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2 (NCERT difficulty) by RD Sharma

Electricity and Magnetism

Inorganic Chemistry (NCERT)

VITEEE Solved Papers and Mock Tests from Arihant

Books on Mechanics – Part 1


Arihant Past Year AIEEE papers

Arihant Series by Dr. SK Goyal


Arihant Series by DC Pandey

Optics and Modern Physics



Concepts of Physics by HC Verma



MCQ Question Bank by D Mukherjee



Ques - How to prepare for VITEEE?

Ans- To prepare for VITEEE, candidates can follow the steps given below:

  • Know and complete the syllabus of VITEEE thoroughly timely.

  • Be sure of the VITEEE exam pattern to be able to divide the topics carefully and them the required time.

  • Consult good reference books.

  • Practice sample papers in abundance and note down the weak areas.

  • Work on the weak areas till perfection is attained.

  • Stay calm, determined and healthy during the preparation process.

Ques - Can I crack VITEEE if I prepare in 3 months?

Ans – Yes, VITEEE can be cracked in 3 months with knowing the complete syllabus, exam pattern and fine segregation of VITEEE syllabus. Practice of VITEEE sample papers in these 3 months on regular basis is necessary to know the important topics and to be able to work on them within the time left.


Ques - Are Class 12 books enough for VITEEE or should you refer to other books?

Ans – To start the preparation, class 12 books are important and must be completed. If required, reference books can be consulted but they must be prescribed and come with easy language to add to conceptual clarity rather than complicate it.


Ques - How to prepare for VITEEE in the last months?

Ans – To clear VITEEE in last months, follow the steps:

  • Study daily

  • Try and complete the syllabus

  • Practice sample papers daily

  • Focus on important topics

  • Keep formulae handy

  • Stay calm in the process

Ques - Is it good to take coaching for VITEEE or should I study at home?

Ans – If coaching is needed then it must be taken. It all depends on the candidate but pressuring self to prepare at home is certainly not a good idea. If required at some point or other, external help can prove to be useful.


Ques - What kind of problems come in VITEEE? How to practise for them?

Ans – It is difficult to predict the problems in the VITEEE question paper but as the questions will be objective, it will not be as intense as in class XII boards. The questions will be based on prescribed VITEEE syllabus and have to be solved quickly within the time span given. To prepare to face these problems, practise sample papers in good numbers to increase speed, efficiency and time management skills.


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Can we chose our counciling center

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How many marks required to get Automobile Engineering branch in VIT Vellor?


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I have marked Chennai in place of Vellore at the time of form feeling by mistake will I be called at Chennai or Vellore for counciling

I have marked Chennai in place of Vellore at the time of form feeling by mistake will I be called at Chennai or Vellore for counciling I wan

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