KEAM 2017 Toppers

KEAM-2017_ToppersThe wait is finally over! The Commissioner of Entrance Examinations has released the much awaited rank list of KEAM 2017. While the scores were pre-declared during the announcement of result on May 11, all of the candidates could check their ranks through the published KEAM 2017 Rank List. A total of 72440 candidates have qualified the KEAM entrance examination, however, some of them have excelled beyond others. The toppers of KEAM 2017 have secured high scores and have placed themselves among the top ranks while looking forward at a bright future in the field of engineering. Check the full article to Know KEAM 2017 Toppers.

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Careers360 talked to Shafil Maheen N, Rank 1 of KEAM 2017 (AIR 4 in JEE Advanced), as soon as the rank list was published. The state topper, who is also the district topper of Kozhikode had not checked his result and was expecting 2nd Rank since there was one person who had calculated his scores higher than Shafil. With a perfect 100% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Kerala Board, Shafil has managed to grab the top rank for admissions into the best state engineering colleges.  


State Wise Top Ten Rank Holders


Shafil Maheen NName: Shafil Maheen N

Rank: 1

Score: 587.1312

City: Kozhikode

District Topper of Kozhikode


I was expecting second rank because when I got to know my scores, there was only one guy who scored more than me. I think its my 10+2 scores that uplifted my rank.”


The only difference is that for KEAM you have to memorize a lot for Chemistry, but for JEE Advanced you can do Chemistry by thinking.”


To read his full JEE Advanced 2017 Topper Interview – Click Here




Vedant Prakash ShenoyName: Vedant Prakash Shenoy

Rank: 2

Score: 580.8150

City: Kottayam

District Topper of Kottayam




Abhilash KarName: Abhilash Kar

Rank: 3

Score: 579.6008

City: Kottayam





Anand GeorgeName: Anand George

Rank: 4

Score: 579.5312

City: Kottayam





Nandagopal MName: Nandagopal M

Rank: 5

Score: 574.7603

City: Kozhikode






 Prashant ShishodiaName: Prashant Shishodia

Rank: 6

Score: 573.5634

City: Kottayam






Aaron John SabuName: Aaron John Sabu

Rank: 7

Score: 573.5292

City: Thiruvananthapuram

District Topper of Thiruvananthapuram





Aghin Shah Alin KName: Aghin Shah Alin K

Rank: 8

Score: 572.8739

City: Malappuram

District Topper of Malappuram




NandagopanName: Nandagopan

Rank: 9

Score: 571.7571

City: Kollam

District Topper of Kollam





Satyabrata NaikName: Satyabrata Naik

Rank: 10

Score: 570.9829

City: Kottayam






Toppers from SC Category


Indrajith CName: Indrajith C

Rank: 468

Score: 506.5070

City: Malappuram






Aswin ViswanathName: Aswin Viswanath

Rank: 579

Score: 500.4303

City: Wayanad






Toppers from ST Category


Gibin GeorgeName: Gibin George

Rank: 6933

Score: 392.9647

City: Kottayam






Aswin ViswanathName: Aswin P

Rank: 7693

Score: 387.9895

City: Kasaragod






District Wise Topper of KEAM 2017


District: Pathanamthitta

Name: Jeswin Koshy Cherian

Rank: 13

Score: 569.8674


District: Alappuzha

Name: Vishnu Sajan

Rank: 48

Score: 555.6800


District: Idukki

Name: Mathews Boban

Rank: 35

Score: 559.0319


District: Ernakulam

Name: Varun Nambiar Ayillia

Rank: 12

Score: 570.5780


District: Thrissur

Name: Vishnunarayan K I

Rank: 23

Score: 562.5633


District: Palakkad

Name: Adarsh S Menon

Rank: 31

Score: 560.2388


District: Wayanad

Name: Arundathi Chandrasekh

Rank: 43

Score: 556.2629


District: Kannur

Name: Akash N

Rank: 19

Score: 564.8694


District: Kasaragod

Name: Sreyas Raghavan

Rank: 28

Score: 560.9010


Statistics of KEAM 2017


Male Candidates

Female Candidates

Total Candidates

Appeared for Examination




Qualified in the Examination




Included in the Rank List




Keep tuned to for more updates on KEAM 2017


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First Published On : 20 Jun 2017 01:08 PM IST
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