JEE Advanced Exam Preparation FAQs 2018

JEE Advanced Preparation FAQsJEE Advanced Preparation FAQs 2018: If aspirants want to give momentum to their exam preparation, they may go through the JEE Advanced Preparation FAQs 2018. Be it reference material, time management, importance of taking notes and solving papers, the JEE Advanced 2018 Preparation FAQs will clear all the doubts the candidate may have. Candidates frequently have questions regarding the important topics for the exam, as well as how to juggle between exams -JEE Main, JEE Advanced and board exams. JEE Advanced Exam Preparation FAQs 2018 not only provides answers to these questions but also has a realistic take on some of them. Go through the complete lists of questions covered in JEE Advanced Preparation FAQs 2018, to better understand about the exam and how to go about your preparation.

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JEE Advanced Preparation FAQs 2018


Q. When should I start my JEE Advanced preparation?

Ans: There are no shortcuts to a B.Tech seat at any of the IITs, and the candidate needs to start his or her preparation early. In fact, considering the JEE Advanced syllabus includes questions from both Classes XI and XII, it is a good idea to start preparing for the examination in the XI standard itself. This way the candidates will have enough time to prepare all the topics, and can also tweak their preparation if things go off track. In case the candidate starts late, say with 6-months or so left for the exam, it might still be possible to crack the exam. But in that case the candidate has to be totally focused and put aside all distractions. Time-management and following the daily routine rigorously would also play a vital role how the candidate fares. It must be noted that solving sample papers and previous years questions papers should be an essential part of the preparation package.


Q. How much of class XI and XII syllabus comes in JEE Advanced? Can you give me important topics from each?

Ans: The exam conducting authority doesn’t give out any details regarding the weightage carried by Class XI or Class XII. Therefore it is a good idea that the candidate prepares for all the topics listed in the JEE Advanced 2018 syllabus without any discrimination. Also, there is no way to determine the important topics from the less important ones. It is because the exam pattern of the examination is different every year. What is more, there may be new topics in the current session that may contribute more questions than they did earlier, which other sections may lose out.


Q. Is there a difference in JEE Main & JEE Advanced Preparation?

Ans: There are certain topics in the JEE Advanced syllabus that are not included in the JEE Main syllabus; likewise some chapters included in JEE Main 2018 are not part of JEE Advanced 2018. So, when preparing for the respective exams, the candidate needs to ensure that they are following the correct syllabus. Once the syllabus is taken care of, the candidate must draw up a preparation strategy.


As to whether there is any difference in preparation for the two exams, it entirely depends on the candidate. For example, the candidate may combine the preparation for the two exams, or draw up a separate preparation strategy for each. Whatever preparation strategy the candidate chooses, it is recommended that the candidate first focus on building concepts – NCERT books are a good bet for the purpose. It is because these books explain all the concepts in a simple language with images and illustrations, contain minimum errors, and there are ample problem sets to clear and fortify concepts. Once the NCERT books are dealt with, the candidate needs to move on to more advanced books. Another thing to note is JEE Main is more about speed and accuracy; while JEE Advanced is about testing the conceptual ability of the candidate. To build on these fronts, the candidate must start solving sample and question papers. Taking mock test is also an integral part of the preparation package for these exams.


Q. I am unable to prepare for JEE Advanced? Should I prepare for only JEE Main & Class 12?

Ans: If you are unable to prepare for JEE Advanced, find out the reasons why it is so. Is it because your concepts are weak, your preparation lacks the required depth, or is it because you lack a support system? Once you do a proper diagnosis, finding a solution is easier. Also, if you are good enough for JEE Main, there is no reason why you can’t handle JEE Advanced. All you need to do is put in a little bit of additional effort. Remember, JEE Advanced will have concept-based questions, so if you build on your concepts, solve lots of sample papers and take enough mock tests, you could be in with a fighting chance. Another mantra is always to stay positive.


Q. What are the best books to prepare for JEE Advanced?

Ans: To check out the subject-wise books to prepare for the entrance exam – Click Here


Q. How to prepare for JEE Advanced?

Ans: If one looks at the syllabus of JEE Advanced 2018, it covers the syllabus of both class XI and XII, making it a sensible decision to start one’s preparation early. For one, with enough time in hand, the candidate will be able to tackle all the aspects related to the exam in detail and not just scratch the surface. Second, even if preparation goes off track, the candidate can pull it back and get going again, without getting all worked up about an impending exam.

Here are some tips that the candidate may refer to prepare for the exam:



  • Don’t make half-hearted attempts

  • Get familiar with the syllabus

  • Put in place an actionable study plan

  • Pick study material carefully:

  • Instead of rote learning, try to understand underlying concepts

  • Time management

  • Solve sample and previous years question papers

  • Take mock tests

Q. Which are the important topics for Maths, Physics and Chemistry for JEE Advanced?

Ans: To get a good score in the entrance examination, the candidate mustn’t ignore any topics, especially considering there is no set pattern of the entrance exam. Also, from the new session onwards the entrance exam will be conducted in completely computer-based mode, making it difficult to predict which topics are important and which are not. There are also chances the exam conducting body may come up with new plans, including marking scheme and which topics to give more weightage, etc.


Q. Can I crack JEE Advanced if I prepare in 3 months?

Ans: It is generally recommended that the candidate starts his/her preparation well in advanced so that the last few are left for focuing on solving JEE Advanced sample papers, taking mock tests and plugging gaps. Also considering the vastness of JEE Advanced syllabus, preparing for the exam in three months could be an uphill battle, though not impossible. To succeed then the candidate needs to at least know basics of the three subjects, because it will otherwise eat into an already limited time. If the candidate knows the basics, he/she must:

  1. Start building on the concepts:

  2. Follow the syllabus and exam patter of the exam

  3. Make most of the available time

  4. Take notes

  5. Do timely revision

  6. Solve sample papers

  7. Take mock tests

  8. Finally, if a topic is too hard to handle, leave it

Q. Are NCERT books enough for JEE Advanced or should you refer to other books?

Ans: JEE Advanced includes many questions that are outside the NCERT syllabus, so the candidate must study other (more-advanced) books as well. For example, for Physics the candidate may read Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday/Resnick/Walker and so on.


Q. How to prepare for JEE Advanced in the last months? How to match studies for class 12 and JEE Main as well as Advanced?

Ans: Candidates preparing for the entrance exam need to put the finishing touches without any hiccup. It is because running out of gas at the fag end of exam preparation can throw the preparation off track. Here are some tips to avoid running out of steam and to keep the preparation going in full steam in the last few months:

  • Stay confident and away from negativity

  • Do timely revision

  • Solve sample and previous years question papers

  • Eat and Stay healthy

It is not only the syllabi of the three exams that are different, but also the purpose of the exam. For example, while JEE Main tests the speed and accuracy of the candidate, JEE Advanced tests the candidate’s concept-based learning. If the candidate is preparing for all the three exams, one thing the candidate may do is separate the syllabus for the exams, and make a priority. For example, if the candidate wants to focus on JEE Advanced, then the preparation strategy would revolve around it; however, if the candidate wants to focus on 12th exam, it will get preference. Once the priority is set, a preparation strategy has to be set. The candidate must note that JEE Advanced preparation would more or less cover preparation for 12th class, while 12th class preparation is not enough to crack JEE Advanced, something the candidate has to take into account.


The candidate must make it a point to read NCERT books, because they are for all seasons, and sufficient for 12th class. In case of the other two exams, the candidate can use them for basic concept-building before reading more advanced books. Also, while sample papers and mock tests are not essential for 12th class exam, they are almost mandatory to get a good score in JEE Main and JEE Advanced.


Q. Is it good to take coaching for JEE Advanced or should I study at home?

Ans: If one goes by the strike rate, it does look like candidates who take coaching have an upper hand. But having said that there is no reason why a candidate doing self-study can’t succeed. But to succeed the candidate will have to have belief, the drive and also put in the required effort. Also, when preparing the candidate must focus on improving problem solving ability – sample papers and mock tests can help. It is because simply knowing a theory or concept is not enough.


Q. Where can I get mock tests and practice papers for free to prepare for JEE Advanced?

Ans: The official mock test of JEE Advanced is now available online for all candidates. To practice for the examination, the candidates can use the official mock test. There are also many sites on the Internet that offers mock tests that the candidate may try; in some cases, the candidate may have to get registered first to take the tests. Likewise, the sample papers for the entrance exam are freely available on the Internet.


Q. What kind of problems come in JEE Advanced? How to practise for them?

Ans: Objective type (multiple choice and numerical answer type) questions are asked in the entrance exam. The questions are designed in such a way so as to determine the comprehension, reasoning and analytical ability of the candidate. The question paper thus contains a large number of analytical and concept-based questions.

Also, the questions can be further sub-divided into categories like - One or more correct option (s), Single digit integer – (0-9), Single correct option, and Comprehension.

It must be noted that for the first time the entrance exam will be conducted in online mode in the new session, so there may be some changes in the type and difficulty level of questions asked, and also the exam pattern as well.

To get ready for the entrance exam, the candidate must take mock tests and solve sufficient sample papers. Also, the study shouldn’t be limited to theory based-learning but include solving a good number of problems for each topic.

If the candidate wishes to check FAQs related to other topics, they may click on the link given against the corresponding topic in the table below.


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