Interview with Dr. Ashok K Chitkara, Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab

Established in 2002, Chitkara University has been steadily on the rise to provide quality education to students from all over the country and abroad. Promoting research, innovation and entrepreneurship, Chitkara University focuses on industry-relevant curriculum and has a number of internships and collaborations under its belt. Careers360 presents the interview of Dr. Ashok K Chitkara, Chancellor of Chitkara University in which he delves deeper into the beginnings of the University and how the future looks for them and for the enrolled students. Read the full interview to know more.  

Careers360: Tell us something about the institute; when it was set up, vision and mission.

Dr. A. Chitkara: In the year 2002, Chitkara Educational Trust established its Punjab campus 30km from Chandigarh, on the Chandigarh–Patiala National Highway. In the year 2010, Chitkara University was established by the Punjab State Legislature under “The Chitkara University Act”. Chitkara University is a government-recognized university with the right to confer degrees as per Sections 2(f) and 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956.

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The sprawling campus of the University is equidistant from Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Ambala and Patiala. The University offers multi-disciplinary programs, all of which are designed to be industry-relevant. From business management programs to programs in nursing and medical laboratory technologies; and from computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering programs, to hotel management and architecture—Chitkara University, Punjab provides all educational services.


Curriculum is delivered in spacious, amphitheatre-style classrooms—fitted with modern information and communication technology (ICT) equipment—and in well-equipped, modern laboratories. Additionally, students are encouraged—and provided relevant facilities—to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through various clubs and societies on the campus. It is because of the cumulative effect of an elaborate in-campus academic infrastructure; strong national and international collaborations; and a robust on-campus recruitment record—including regular recruitment by reputed blue-chip companies—that the University finds favor with national as well as international students.


A healthy number of foreign students regularly study at the campus and a number of them also visit on exchange programs, adding to the cultural diversity found on campus. The University in Punjab provides several opportunities for local students, too, to visit foreign universities and institutions on such exchange programs, thereby helping them receive invaluable international exposure. The University has at the centre of its philosophical core the commitment to excellence in education. It is the strong academic heritage of the University, and such firmness on matters of principles that has seen it grow from strength to strength in such a short span of time.



To be a globally recognized organization promoting academic excellence through interdisciplinary applied research and to expand the realm of knowledge through innovation.



  • To carry out the academic process for achieving excellence through active teacher-student-industry participation

  • To promote research, innovation and entrepreneurship in collaboration with industries and laboratories

  • To inculcate high moral, ethical and professional standards amongst our students

  • To contribute to building a skillful society



Careers360: Tell us something about the admission process.

Dr. A. Chitkara: The admission process at Chitkara University is stringent, and the University seeks meritorious students with exceptional scores in entrance exams/school/college. Our MBA students are expected to score well above average in CAT, CET, JMET, XAT, ATMA; and for Engineering in JEE Main, BITSAT, GATE, VITEEE, SRMJEEE to stand a fair chance. Admission is usually offered based on cumulative scores of written test and interviews. In addition, courses such as Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Mass Communication, Art & Design require more than demonstration of a strong academic background, and can include interviews and selection tests.


Following are Chitkara University admission pathways:


  • OPTION 1 - Buy application from Chitkara Information Centers

  • OPTION 2 - Download Application Form / Brochure / Fee Information for offline submission

  • OPTION 3 - Apply Online, Upload Documents & Pay Online



Careers360: What kind of infrastructure can students expect at the institute? Please elaborate.

Dr. A. Chitkara: The University has an extremely modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure that goes a long way in facilitating a number of services for the students as well as the staff members.


The spacious, amphitheatre-style classrooms in the University provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented with integrated audio–visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc. Special sessions and classes are also held on business etiquettes, negotiation skills, effective communication, leadership, teamwork and analytical skills.


Chitkara University provides conference halls with a seating capacity that act as a common ground for students, faculty and corporate personalities for regular interfaces, conferences and other events. At these platforms, you will come across various global thought leaders, academic gurus and corporate heads who will share their corporate experiences with you. For events of a smaller scale, the seminar halls, equipped with advanced presentation tools, are the ideal venue.


High-tech laboratories having equipment with calibrations to ISO 9001-2000 Certifications state of the art workshops and numerous work stations with licensed software play an important as part of your learning experience. Laboratories are fully equipped to meet the academic requirements as per the university curriculum. To name a few; MATLAB and Simulation & Computational labs in Electrical Engineering, Microprocessor & Micro Controller Lab with Keil software, Microelectronics Lab with Cadence software, VLSI with xilinx software, CADAENCE Lab, Embedded System Lab, DAEC Lab, Communication and Texas Instruments Lab and MVI Lab equipped with LabVIEW software in Electronics and Communication Engineering and CAD/CAM and Aauto Synch lab in Mechanical Engineering are have for carrying out different experiments. A Project Lab with ultra-modern facilities has also been established.


All Chitkara campuses are inter-connected through a highly secure virtual private network, where personal computers are inter-connected to the Internet through a broadband connection. All our campuses have state-of-the-art computer centres that provide computing facilities comprising of the latest computer machines linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services. Most campuses are fully wireless and students in many programs are provided with wireless laptops to help them access the Internet anytime, anywhere. Latest software are used to enable work on data analysis, web technologies and software designing. The intranet enables close on-line interaction between faculty and students for online interaction.


The library services are the cornerstone of the education system at Chitkara University. The mission of our library services is to facilitate the creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources. The libraries at each of the campuses have spacious reading halls, periodical centres, group discussion rooms and online database browsing areas. The University libraries offer a wide range of materials in a variety of formats—from traditional books and serials to films, and multimedia and networked information from around the world. Highly skilled staff assists students to use the local collections and find information on specific topics.


Our libraries are a learning space where students are inspired to explore, research and create. Our libraries are not only places to think, but also an informal work area where students gather to collaborate. Our libraries house a collection of more than 57,800 items including books, journals, microfilms, audio–visual material and CD-ROMs. Furthermore, the students have access to more than 10,000 electronic journals available online, apart from daily newspapers.


The University has access to a large number of e-resources, ASCE Journals, ASME Journals, IEL online, Science Direct, EBSCO, EMERALD, SCIFINDER, SAE-Tech Papers, Indian Standards Codes, ACM, ABI / Inform Complete (PRO QUEST), Springer Link and Engineering Referex. Our libraries have a video conferencing facility and also provide classroom teaching through EDUSAT programs and NPTEL video courses in the different fields of education.


All cafeterias have menus that are designed by a team of professional dieticians, and offer nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet. Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams sundaes and even midnight snacks are available in these cafeterias.


 At Chitkara University, you will be among the many students coming from all across the country to live in Chitkara residences. Separate facilities for boys and girls, caring wardens and tight security arrangements ensure a pleasant stay, allowing students to focus on academics. Internet access and subscriber trunk dialing (STD) facilities ensure close contact with family and friends outside. The common rooms are fully equipped with TV, indoor games and other recreation facilities.


In order to ensure your well-being, Chitkara University has tie-ups with renowned hospitals to take care of any kind of emergency. At Chitkara, you will be covered by a comprehensive medical insurance to meet all kinds of exigencies.


There are branches of two nationalized banks—Punjab National Bank (PNB) and UCO Bank—within the campus. These banks offer ATM facilities and locker facilities, besides other regular bank services.



Careers360: Industry interaction is being stressed by the AICTE as well as companies that recruit. What are the steps being taken by the institute in this direction?

Dr. A. Chitkara: Across the Globe, the corporate world works closely with Academia to ensure that the students are imparted skill sets that would fill in the gaps or skill shortages of the industry. The academia designs its programs based on the industry feedback and continues to keep it dynamic as per the industry requirement. An academic institution must continuously prove its credentials to the industry to win its support and faith in their academic excellence and learning outcomes. At Chitkara University, we have built and nurtured our relationships with the industry by preparing our students on the list of skill sets that industry demands of, from time to time. This perseverance has led to a regular academic-industry interface where our students have immensely benefited from corporate mentorship, internships and eventually employment.


With our industry-relevant curriculum, students get in-depth insights into various industry verticals such as marketing, manufacturing, business processes, and environmental concerns. These experiences facilitate their understanding of the workings of the corporate world and help them seamlessly transition into their roles and careers, post their graduation with us.


  • Marquee companies such as ARM, Cadence and NXP Semiconductors are supporting us in terms of supplying state of the art equipment for best hands-on classroom training.

  • nVIDIA which is one of the leading companies in the parallel computing space has granted the status  of "CUDA teaching Centre" to Chitkara University.

  • Infosys Campus Connect and Wipro 10X Mission has provided us an important framework for our Engineering curriculum Strong linkages with Industry leaders such as Dassault Systems, National Instruments & Oracle to develop and deploy industry-relevant curricula on various technologies for our Engineering curriculum.

  • Our program in Mechanical Engineering has been endorsed by leading companies such as Mahindra, Rasco, Dassault Systemes and Tata Technologies.

  • Chitkara Business School is offering a unique 2 year MBA program in Human Resource management with ManpowerGroup which is the leading manpower consultancy in the world.

  • Joint management programs with BSE Institute has helped us initiate academic programs in the realm of financial sector knowledge.

  • Our program in supply chain management works towards bridging the huge skill gap prevalent in the logistics industry through our industry partner, Safexpress, India's largest supply chain & logistics company.

  • The University is also in strategic partnership with Frost & Sullivan, world leading research and consulting organization with huge footprint in Healthcare Informatics consulting projects across India & Asia.

  • The degree programs offered by Chitkara School of Health Sciences are in collaboration with Fortis Healthcare which is one of the leading healthcare providers in Asia.

  • Our Optometry programs are fully endorsed by Sankara Healthcare which is one of the leading eye care chains in the country.

  • The curriculum and program structure for all our Journalism and Mass Communication has been inspired and adapted from the UNESCO Model Curricula for Journalism Education.

  • Marque companies like Honda, Mitsubshi, Fiat Chrysler have established laboratories for our applied engineering programs.

  • Blue chip companies like Virtusa, QuickHeal & Pega have established centres of excellence at our campus.

  • ImaginXP has established centres of excellence for User Experience Design at our campus.



Careers360:Internships are now mandatory as per AICTE guidelines. Does the institute help students with this? If yes how?

Dr. A. Chitkara: Chitkara University offers students comprehensive opportunities to occupy themselves with questions around their career planning right from the beginning of their studies. A broadly diversified choice of career activities accompanies them during their studies through Internship and offers numerous networking opportunities with industry leaders and alumni.


  • Focus on Careers - Chitkara prepares students for the real world and fulfilling careers. With industry representation our course continues to keep pace with real world practice making students work-ready the moment they graduate.

  • Mentoring - Sometimes a little advice and guidance from someone who has “been there and done that” can go a long way. Students have unlimited opportunities to interact with professionals from their field to build contacts and learn about new industry trends.

  • Student Support Services - Our Career Centre provides personal career counselling, extensive career development seminars and invaluable assistance in developing one's resumes that showcase his/her skill and experiences.

  • Networking - Smart graduates require tapping into network of people, technology and information. At Chitkara, you are connected with world-class faculty, leading managers and innovators.  Workshops with guest speakers from the industry are held regularly to acquaint you with the latest happenings.

  • Internships - All students are provided opportunities to pursue internships to gain some real world practical experience. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that students attending the program are placed in rewarding, real-world company assignments that extend the learning experience into areas that are not available at the University. Our programs offer the opportunity for practical, hands-on experience, internships and projects within the local community. This is why our graduates are in demand.



Careers360:Can you please share details if there is any collaboration with universities abroad?

Dr. A. Chitkara: At Chitkara University we aim to provide every student with an opportunity to gain an international experience. The University takes pride in establishing its international partnerships and participates in programs with 150+ universities around the world, which allow students to spend a part of their study time in another country. These high-quality and flexible study pathways with course articulations with leading colleges and universities of the world prepares you for your success overseas, when you start at Chitkara University. We will handhold you to understand the academic rigour and the expectations around studying International curricula, including the nuances of staying in a different country. Not only will it enrich your educational experience, it will prepare you for a career in a competitive and global job market. Please explore a list of our partnerships in countries across the globe.



Chitkara University's robust international exchange program with more than 300+ overseas universities gives you the opportunity to experience living on your own in a different country. The networks you build and experiences you encounter will give you a more global and culturally sensitive perspective.



Summer Programs are short duration programs of 2-4 weeks on various specialisations. It adds to the international exposure of the students.



Chitkara students have option to finish the last half part of their degree programs at our partner Universities. Students visit Partner Universities for six months to one year for completing their semesters abroad.



Overseas study missions bring you right into the heart of multinational organisations around the world, giving you current insights on how they function through site visits. You will also go on a networking journey with prominent industry leaders, opening doors to a world of opportunities.



Experience for yourself how industries and businesses operate, broaden your perspective and apply your skills and knowledge to real-world business operations.



We regularly invite faculty from accredited Institutions across the world and it helps our students to understand diverse cultural and educational contexts.



Careers360: Please share placement statistics with information on the average package, highest and lowest package, number of students placed and details of companies that have recruited.

Dr. A. Chitkara: 



  • 500+ Campus recruiters

  • Rs. 29.63 Lakh highest salary

  • 50+ International offers

  • 75K Highest Internship

  • 150+ Super dream job offers of 10 Lakh+

  • 250+ Dream jobs of 8 Lakh+

  • 5 Crores in Government funded research Projects




  • 150+ Campus recruiters

  • Rs. 32 Lakh highest salary

  • Rs. 6 Lakh average salary

  • 25 Industry sectors

  • 50+ Pre-placement offers

  • 20+ International offers

  • 15K Average internship stipend

  • 75+ Start-Ups

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pls tell me which is better for BTECH CSE in terms of placements,academics etc.-Northern engineering college(IPU) or Chitkara university.

Shivam bhardwaj Student Expert 6th Aug, 2019

Hello Kirti,

IPU is better than Chitkara University in terma of placements, administration and infrastructure. There faculties are also good 

Good luck


Please guide about placements of chitkara university punjab cse Btech 2019

Saksham Selwal Student Expert 2nd Aug, 2019

Hello Arun,

The placements of Chitkara University are very high and most of the students get placed. The average package of Chitkara University is 6 Lacs and the highest package is 32 Lacs. Companies like Cognizant, Amazon, Dell, Infosys, Nvidia, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, etc. visit the campus regularly. So overall the placement scenario is pretty good at Chitkara University.

All The Best.


Is Chitkara University Rajpura a good option for btech in computer science

Kambampati Rohith Student Expert 2nd Aug, 2019

The university brands itself as the best university in North India. The placements, infrastructure and faculty which are required for the institute to have a good rank are great here. You can ofcourse join in this college. It has good student reviews and it has 3.8, 4.2, 4.5 out of 5 rating given by careers360, and college dunia. This means it is a pretty good college.
To know about the facilities and achievements here, go through the link below-
Good Luck!


Please tell about chitkara university placement for year 2019 cse Btech punjab campus.

Sunanda Dhar Student Expert 31st Jul, 2019

CU provides excellent opportunities to their students by inviting all the great players in the Industry

So as far as companies are concerned which come for CS students the list is exhaustive from new startups (Oyorooms, Evive) to MNC’s (Amazon, Directi) and Mass Recruiters like Infosys, TCS. Last year i heard around 400+ companies visited the campus.

The Package can go high upto 22lakhs CTC for a fresher in company like amazon. But most companies give around 7–8lpa CTC.

If a student maintains his/her CGPA above 7.0 he/she is allowed to sit in most of the companies that come for campus placements.

Most companies come for internships in Middle of 6th semester and then it depends upon the student’s skill set to crack the interview of companies.

some students are also placed at the middle of my 6th semester with a very decent package as a software developer 

Placements are excellent for CS students 

Hope you find it helpful

let me know in the comment box if you are having any further doubts


Good Luck!


Which college is best chitkara university or cgc landra for CS Btech according to placement

Gollakota Durga Sirisha Student Expert 30th Jul, 2019

Hello candidate. Both the colleges are better in their own way. But compared to CGC landra, Chitkara university is good for CSE. Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is a branch of Engineering which deals with programming and is completely software side. The College has good infrastructure and facilities. The faculty here are well experienced. The college provides peaceful environment to study. The placement cell is good in the college.Top companies visit the campus for recruitment.

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