IIT Ropar to conduct two-week Induction Programme for new batch

IIT_RoparThe Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar is organising a two-week induction programme for new batch of the academic year 2017-18 from July 25, 2017. Apart from introducing students to the institute, one of the most important reasons for this special extended induction programme is to get the students engaged in extra-curricular activities like sports, yoga and to enhance their social & team skills. The inauguration of the special induction programme will commence with Institute orientation in the presence of Prof. S.K Das, Director, Prof. P.K. Raina, Dean, Academics, Dr. Prabal Banerjee, Associate Dean Student Affairs, IIT Ropar along with the counselling cell and other faculty members.


According to the institute, the inauguration will be followed by motivational talks by guest speakers, human value sessions and interactions with student mentors. The new batch will undergo a detailed departmental orientation and will also be taken on tour of the new campus.


On subsequent days, students will involve in extra-curricular activities with yoga sessions under the supervision of Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar, Department of Computer Science, IIT Ropar. They will also be oriented towards sports and other games. The programme will include an interaction session where the new students can communicate and connect with the Alumni as well as the Counsellors of IIT Ropar. The freshers will also get an opportunity to acquire tips for improve English language skills. Apart from this, the students will also be taken for outings, movies and will also initiate a cleanliness drive by cleaning the nearby areas outside the campus.


Speaking about the induction programme, Prof. Sarit K Das said, “This special induction programme has been envisioned keeping in mind the fact that the students of the new batch have not indulged in a lot of social and extra-curricular activities during their preparation for JEE. In order to get them accustomed to the life on campus, enhance their social skills and introduce them to the departments, fellow students, deans and other faculty members, we have got this extended induction programme for freshers this year. The students will enjoy yoga, sports activities, social welfare activities and also motivational talks by guest speakers. We hope that this two-week induction will be thoroughly enjoyed by all our newcomers.”

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