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In the last week of JEE Main 2015 preparation, as a part of special series of features on JEE Main 2015 Preparation, Careers360 brings you expert interview with Praveen Tyagi, Managing Director,  IIT-ians Pace EducationIn this interview, Mr. Tyagi advises suitable study material and shares tips on last week preparation strategy of JEE Main with the aspirants, who will appear in the most coveted Engineering entrance exam on April 4, 10 and 11, 2015.

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In this interview, Tyagi emphasizes the importance of covering every topic of all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – and suggests that at least one question will be asked from each topic in the exam. He also shares many valuable tips which can help the candidates in JEE Main 2015 preparation before the D-day.


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Praveen-TyagiRead interview below:


Careers360: Only few days are left for JEE Main 2015. What preparation plan and strategy do you suggest to the students in this final phase of preparation?

Praveen Tyagi: I would recommend that in the final days, no student should start a new topic. Rather revise the old topics. Just practice from the previous year JEE Mainand AIEEE papers, to get an idea of what the level of the paper will be.


Careers360: What books would you suggest to the JEE Main aspirants for preparation in the last week?

Praveen Tyagi: NCERT books are the primary books to be used for revision in the last week. The students can also refer to the classroom notes, if any.


Careers360: What are the important topics for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that you think students must focus on to perform well in JEE Main 2015?

Praveen Tyagi: If you analyse the pattern of JEE Main over the years, all chapters are equally important as you will see approximately one question from every topic have been asked. But in the last week, I would advise the students to go through some important chapters, which are usually neglected by all students, like:

Semiconductors, Earth and Magnetism in Physics;

Chemistry in everyday life, Biomolecules, Polymers and Surface chemistry in Chemistry;

Sets and Relation in Mathematics.


Careers360: How sample papers solving helps in the last week preparation?

Praveen Tyagi: It is very important to solve papers in the last few days. More importantly solve these papers from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (the exact timing of the JEE Main paper), so that your body clock gets used to the examination.


Careers360: Time is a criteria in answering the JEE Main exam. Any suggestions on how a candidate should go about answering since negative marking exists and students need to know how best to tackle sure answers & doubtful ones to ensure maximum marks?

Praveen Tyagi: Each student should look to maximize his/her score. Attempt the subject that the candidate is most confident first, followed by others. Do not get stuck on any one question. As per the previous papers, the Mathematics section is relatively lengthy as compared to Physics and Chemistry. So keep the timing required for Mathematics in mind while solving the paper.


Careers360: How should a candidate prepare himself/herself for the D-Day or the exam day, as lot of students get nervous and lose concentration? What would you advise to ensure they feel confident and give their best shot during the exam?

Praveen Tyagi: Don’t think about the result while answering the paper, as it may disrupt your rhythm during the exam. After every 1-hour during examination, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm and composed. Remember, all these competitive examinations are not only a battle of knowledge but also battle of nerves, so a more confident candidate will definitely do better.


Careers360: Any other message you would like to share with the JEE Main 2015 aspirants?

Praveen Tyagi: The amount of effort that goes into the preparation of JEE Main is huge. But your only target is to perform to the best of your potential. Getting through the competitive examination is good, but more important is to understand that no single examination can determine the fate of any student.


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First Published On : 30 Mar 2015 11:02 AM IST
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