GATE 2018 - How to Prepare for Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

GATE - How to Prepare for Computer Science Engineering (CSE)GATE 2018 - How to Prepare for Computer Science Engineering (CSE): Cadidates seeking admission to CSE courses at the IITs, or for that matter a NIT or any other institute, need to be really at the top of their game because CSE is frequently among the top five in-demand subjects. If the institute in question is IIT Bombay, things can get even more complicated as the discipline almost always has the highest cutoff of all disciplines. So, to be able to pursue CSE and from a top institute, the candidate needs to know how to prepare for GATE computer science engineering (CSE). Owing to the large number of applicants, CSE is held is multiple sessions every year. If the candidate manages a good score in GATE CSE, he/she will not only be eligible for M.Tech admission at the various institutes, but they can also apply for lucrative engineering jobs offered by the PSUs.


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The GATE 2018 entrance exam is scheduled for February 3, 4, 10 and 11, 2018. The result of GATE 2018 will be declared on March 17, 2018. IIT Guwahati is the exam conducting body

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GATE 2018 - How to Prepare for Computer Science Engineering (CSE)


The following tips brought to you by Careers360 on how to prepare for GATE computer science engineering (CSE) are designed in a manner to give the candidate the tools to perform to his.her potemtial. Read on.


Learn what is included in the GATE syllabus - It is important that you know what the GATE 2018 syllabus for CS is before starting your preparation for GATE 2018. It will help to know the topics that will feature in the entrance exam. Once you have gone through the syllabus of GATE 2018, break it down in smaller segments to be tackled one at a time. Also, indexing the topics according to their difficulty level will make things easier, especially revision.


According to Ravi Shankar Mishra (AIR 3 CS), some of the important topics candidates can afford to neglect are: Engineering Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Networks, Computer Organization and Architecture, Operating System and Databases.


Practise sample papers: Solving sample papers of GATE will help you in the following ways:

  • Familiarize you with the question paper pattern of GATE

  • Provide details about ype of questions asked

  • Teach you time management and accuracy

  • Help you prepare an effective exam strategy 

Along with practising sample papers, the candidate may also chip in previous years GATE question papers. It will help the candidate get a general idea what the current trend is and also how the question pattern has evolved over the years.


Take Mock Tests: Mock tests are simulations of the real exam and are a great way to approach the entrance exam. Through GATE mock tests, candidates get to learn such things as time management, handling exam pressure, and deciding which questions to tackle first and which to keep for later.


Ravi Shankar also infomed that mock tests and sample papers played a key role in his success. However, he cautions against solving only GATE questions as they have few new questions. His advice is the candidate must also read the topics and learn the concepts.


Important Guidelines to Follow During Preparation:

  • You are the best person to decide what works for you. So chart your own preparation plan and schedule in a way that suits your style.

  • Keep a Handbook containing important formulae for ready reference. This handbook can be pretty useful during the last days before the exam as a quick reckoner for calculations.

  • Also make it a habit to take short notes on all topics that you have been studying. These will be pretty useful when you need to do quick revision during the last days leading up to the exam

  • Make sure you give Mathematics and General Aptitude equal weightage. Apart from contributing 15 % each to the total marks, the sections are scoring. So, if you score well in these two sections it can push up your overall GATE 2018 score.

Previous Year Cutoff Trends of Computer Science Engineering through GATE

























Important Books for GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE)


Good books often lead to good results provided the candidate reads the topics covered in them properly. In the table below, topic-wise books to prepare for GATE 2018 computer science engineering have been given for the benifit of the candidate. Many on the list are used by the toppers themselves and recommended by experts.


GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE): Important Books

GATE Topic

Books and Author

Engineering Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig

Digital Logic

Digital Design by Morris Mano

Digital Electronics by S. Salivahanan & S. Arivazhagan

Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer Architecture – A Quantitative Approach by Hennessy and Patterson

Computer Organization and Embedded systems by Carl Hamacher

Programming and Data Structures

The C Programming language by Dennis Richie

Classic Data Structures by Debasis Samanta


Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen
Data Structures & Algorithms by R.S. Salaria


Theory of Computation

An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata by Peter Linz

NPTEL lectures by Kamala Krithivasan

Compiler Design

Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools by Aho & Ullman

Compiler Design in C by Allen I Holub

Operating System

Operating System Concepts by Galvin

Operating Systems by Stallings


Database System Concepts by Henry. F. Korth

Normalization and indexing by Shamkant B. Navathe

Computer Networks

Data Communications and Networking by Kurose & Ross and Behrouz A. Forouzan

Computer Networks by Peterson & Davie

GATE Computer Science Engineering Syllabus


The syllabus of GATE CSE is divided into 10 sections which are given in the table below along with the topics.






Engineering Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics

Linear Algebra




Digital Logic

Boolean algebra.

Combinational and sequential circuits.


Number representations and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point).


Computer Organization and Architecture

Machine instructions and addressing modes.

ALU, data‐path and control unit.

Instruction pipelining.

Memory hierarchy: cache, main memory and secondary storage;

I/O interface (interrupt and DMA mode).


Programming and Data Structures

Programming in C.


Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, binary search

trees, binary heaps, graphs.



Searching, sorting, hashing.

Asymptotic worst case time and space complexity.

Algorithm design techniques: greedy, dynamic programming and divide‐and‐conquer.

Graph search, minimum spanning trees, shortest paths.


Theory of Computation

Regular expressions and finite automata.

Context-free grammars and push-down


Regular and contex-free languages, pumping lemma. Turing machines and undecidability.


Compiler Design

Lexical analysis, parsing, syntax-directed translation. Runtime environments. Intermediate

code generation.


Operating System

Processes, threads, inter‐process communication, concurrency and synchronization.


CPU scheduling.

Memory management and virtual memory.

File systems.




Relational model: relational algebra, tuple calculus, SQL. Integrity constraints, normal forms.

File organization, indexing (e.g., B and B+ trees). Transactions and concurrency control.


Computer Networks

Concept of layering. LAN technologies (Ethernet).

Flow and error control techniques, switching.

IPv4/IPv6, routers and routing algorithms (distance vector, link state).

TCP/UDP and sockets, congestion control.

Application layer protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP, FTP, HTTP).

Basics of Wi-Fi. Network security: authentication, basics of public key and private key cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, firewalls

Stay tuned to for more news and updates on GATE.

First Published On : 16 Oct 2015 02:48 PM IST

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Saismita 6 hours ago

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SaismitaLast Seen: 6 hours 18 min agoJoined on: 25-Jun-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

I did my B.Tech in EC but i want to do M.Tech in CS. Is it possible to apply GATE in CS topic?

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You can give gate exam for cs.
Good luck

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I am currently doing btech I am in 7 semester my current percentage is just below 60% did I eligible for PSU I am SC candidate .pls tell

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Ram Kumar ChughLast Seen: 7 hours 18 min agoJoined on: 07-Jun-2015Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 12
I am not sure but I think you are just because of the category SC you can think off but usually changes occur each year but majory recruitment is done by GATE score with 60 percentage in 10th,12th and...Read More

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Pawan Kumar 11 hours ago

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Can I gate ECE branch in mmm ?? If I rank 2300 in obc and 6000 in general in met.

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Mohammed Inamul 10 hours ago

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Hii Pawan.Hope you are doing good.Please check with careers360 gate college predictor this helps you.If you have any queries please feel fr...Read More

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I want to know GATE Percentage Marks wise all India ranks

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Hi Anil !Here you can check GATE all India rank, More

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